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In March and April, we are having a picture challenge, and this time we would like to try a different kind of picture. We hope that this children's drawing will be inspiring to you:

You can write a story about the child who drew this, or about the characters in picture. You can also use the picture in any other way that inspires you, since fantasy has no limits, especially when it comes to children!

Here are the stories for this month:

Children of the Kindly West
Forging Old Links Into New
Lost in Memories
Of Starlight and Earthlight

And the winners are:

Children of the Kindly West by Altariel 1st place :trophy:
Forging Old Links Into New by Eschscholzia 2nd place :trophy:
Lost in Memories by Carawyn 3rd place :trophy:
Of Starlight and Earthlight by Karri

If you would like to illustrate any of these stories, you can take part in our special all-year-round artistic challenge!

The Teitho archive does not allow reviews, but as soon as the stories are posted somewhere else online, we will update the stories with a link. Follow us on facebook, tumblr or twitter to get a notification about this!

And this is the winner and participation banner for this challenge:

Happy reading and congratulations to the winners!

Your Teitho-moderators,

Banner 02 by MirachRavaia
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