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By MirachRavaia

This is the special 100th edition of Talks with Tolkien artists, for which I promised you a talk with myself :)
Just as a reminder, you can find the complete list of talks under the link at the top of every interview journal, leading here:
Talks with Tolkien artists - complete listA complete list of all interviews from the "Talks with Tolkien artists" series. It will be updated after each interview posted.
The list featuring a few pictures from the interviewed artists had to be split due to size limit:

Talks with Tolkien artists: part 1
Talks with Tolkien artists: part II
Talks with Tolkien artists: part III

Bullet; Blue 1. with Gold-Seven :iconGold-Seven:

Bullet; Blue 2. with steamey :iconsteamey:
Bullet; Blue 3. with ekuk

So let me introduce myself first. I am :iconmirachravaia: - MirachRavaia on deviantart, and I also post my fanfiction stories under the name Mirach on FFN:…  and Stories of Arda:…
with a full list of them here:
My stories from Middle-earthI usually do not post my fanfiction stories here at dA (and won't until they enable to post multi-chaptered stories as one deviation, otherwise it would make a mess in my gallery...) I post them under my and Stories of Arda account:
Now I got the idea to post at least the links to them here, together with the banners and illustrations. My stories feature mostly Aragorn, and several also Eärendil, but there are a few with other characters as well. I will update this journal when I post a new story.

:icontolkienplz: The Song in the Darkness
- AU. After the battle on Pelennor fields, Aragorn is captured by the Nazgûl and brought to the Dark Tower. His will is the only thing that stand

Not long ago, Laerthel from a hungarian fanzine Lassi Laure did an interview with me when I became one of the moderators of Tolkien Mailing Competition. I'm using a few questions and answers from there, and I will also answer your questions from this journal (sometimes paraphrased, since they have been partially answered under some other question), and add a few of my own which I feel you might be interested in (so I'm going to talk to myself for a bit here :D) But first, allow me a little feature from my Middle-arth gallery folder, since that is how I start all talks:

Mindon Eldalieva by MirachRavaia Yule-tide in Beorn's house by MirachRavaia
I sang of leaves... by MirachRavaia
Beren and Luthien: growing old together by MirachRavaia Tinfang Warble in autumn by MirachRavaia

Aure Entuluva by MirachRavaia
Maedhros: Son of FireHe was the fire
Devouring flame
Wine until bottom
And pain of fame
He was my father
His anger like flood
We sealed our Oath
In fire and blood
The flame extinguished
By Oath we're still bound
Through tears and pain
No rest to be found
The blood on my hands
And my hand in chains
What was it for
When nothing remains?
The Light we sought, burns
So close, yet so far
We are not worthy
To touch a star
Burning flame, take me
And clean the stain
Take the cursed Jewel
And end my pain!
In fire it started
In fire it ends
Just like my father
The fire in my veins
Turin TurambarYou want to be a master of your fate
And believe still that you can win this fight
But anger kills as surely as a blade
And so is dimmed for you Doriath's light
For king's judgement you did not want to wait
But fled instead - fugitive in the night
Wandering lost, you found men of the night
And joined with them, and shared their lonely fate
On Amon Rûdh you will for your friend wait
His love will guide him, make him join your fight
Then Bow and Helm will bring to these lands light
Until the bond is severed by the blade
The sword is black and cruel is its blade
When it cuts flesh in darkness of the night
What you have done, you'll see in flash of light
And understand the evil turn of fate
For it is not an enemy you fight
But Beleg's death that in your hands did wait
For other man the elven maid did wait
But love is as dangerous as a blade
That Gwindor sees, and gives up without fight
Then bridge was build, and dragon came in night
And so is sealed Nargothrond's tragic fate
In Pool o

Laerthel: Please introduce yourself in a few words - who are you, what do you do in life, how did you get into Professor Tolkien and his world, and anything else you find worth mentioning. :)

Hello! My real name is Eva Zahradníková, and I'm from Slovakia. I am a researcher and teacher of botany at a univerity (I study the ageing and longevity of trees), and also a historical fencer and writer (I hope), in the stage of editing my fantasy saga that I hope to publish. I'm married and have a beautiful daughter that was born last year.

I don't really know how old I was when I read the Lord of the Rings for the first time. Before that, I have read the Hobbit when I was about 10 and a few years later I found the books of the trilogy on the shelf. What I remember is their a little torn cover, the way they smelled and how they felt it my hands. I remember getting up earlier in the morning to read a chapter or two before going to school, because the story I had to abandon in the evening did not let me rest, I needed to know what happens next. I remember the feeling of finishing one book, and immediately opening the next one, and the feeling of reading the last words of the story and walking like in a dream for the rest of the day. That was how I first experienced Tolkien. 

Then, when I was 15, I got the Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales, and I reread the trilogy before getting to them. With that reading, I started to write down all poems from the books, and learn them by heart. I still remember most of Tolkien's poems that have ever been translated into Czech (because Slovak translation did not exist yet in that time). The Slovak translation did not do them justice, so I started working on my own. I have translated all the poems in the trilogy and almost all in the Hobbit. The Slovak publisher of Tolkien's books is not planning a new edition, so I just share them with other fans. But when Beren and Lúthien came out, I started translating the parts in verses right away (exactly 3 235 verses) and I just finished it and sent it to the publisher, so I hope they will consider it. (Note: I wrote this 6 months ago. Still no word from them...)

Hemhet: I read the interview with you in the Lassi Laurië and found it interesting, that you're working as a botanist. Can you tell more about it?

Deep love for trees is what I have in common with Tolkien. They have fascinated me since I was a teenager, especially the old and big ones. I wanted to know how they can grow to such size, and why years don't seem to touch them. That's what gave direction to my studies and following scientific career. They are really fascinating creatures! I also love teaching and sharing my knowledge with students - I teach botany of higher plants, crop plants and dendrology.

What brought you to deviatArt and how did you pick your username?

I joined dA almost 9 years ago. (There were no groups back then!) I hesitated at first, because my pictures weren't very good, and I encountered only beautiful art when I randomly encountered the site in some search, but a friend from convinced me. I usually go by the name of Mirach, which is a star of Andromeda and also the name of a character from my story (not that I would see myself as that character, I just like the name). But Mirach was already taken here, do I added the name of another my character - Ravaia. What I didn't take into account is the different pronounciation of "Mirach" in Slovak and English, so you are probably saying it wrong :D It's something like "meerrach" with "ch" making a sound like in latin words, for example "chiral".

ZauriArt: Why did you decide to start with these interviews?

Looking at the Talks with Tolkien artists - complete list, it's almost five years ago when I did the first one with goldseven :o. Some time before that, I inherited managing a rather big Tolkien-themed group, :iconthelotrclub:. I felt that this is a great platform to reach out to Tolkien fans and share beautiful art that I find on deviantart, and is often under-appreciated. I'm still doing that - I'm sure that many of you recently got a submission request from TheLotRClub. I regularly browse the newest art with the tag "tolkien" to discover new pictures and artists, and invite them into the group's gallery. So, you can say I am an art collector. You can browse my Middle-earth favourites collection, if you dare! ;) (it currently has almost 25 000 works). But people often overlook group submissions in their notifications, so I got the idea to bring even more spotlight to the artists who depict Tolkien's world, and start this interview series. I try to cover all areas of fanart, including fanfiction, poetry and artisan crafts, although traditional and digital artists are most numerous.

saphir93: How I can be interviewed?

This was a joke question, but it is actually a good one. If you create Tolkien-related art regularly and post it on deviantart, there is a very big chance that you already are on my "people to interview" list. (Yes, you are there as well, saphir93 ;)) There are around 40 artists currently in this list, so it might take a while before I get to you. I don't approach people systematically in the order of the list, but just ask those I feel like talking to at the moment... Your art doesn't have to be professional, I'm also looking for inspiring topics and orignality. Also, sometimes I notice an artist, but I want to give them more time to develop before asking for a talk, if I see that their gallery might be even more interesting with time. The variety with which different people perceive Middle-earth never stops fascinating me. I'm trying to give space to all those various ideas and opinions. But it is also possible that I don't notice someone - I always welcome suggestions, and if you want to increase the chance that I notice your art, submit it to TheLotRClub, or at least tag your Tolkien related artworks with the #tolkien tag.

So how does the interview process look like?

At first, I did all interviews through notes: I send the interviewed person a note with questions, they send me their answers. Then I got another idea, and started giving the people a choice to either use notes or comments under a stash document. That takes longer, but feels more spontaneous, since they only answer one question at a time and I can react and adjust my questions to what they already said. I prefer this way, but I understand that notes are more suitable for many people, especially those who don't get online that often. You can recognize a talk that was done by a note by numbered questions :) I have a set of questions that I usually ask everyone (about their first encounter with Tolkien's works, how they perceive the books vs. movies, about their art...), and to these I add several special questions based on the person whom I interview. I carefully browse their profile and gallery to get inspiration for these. It takes time and effort, and I never get a response from some people that I approached and that agreeed to the interview (in about 1 of 6 cases). Before posting the talk, I do a very slight grammar check (I only correct the most obvious mistakes, since I am not a native speaker either) if I have time for it, and pick a few pictures for a feature. I try to post the talks regularly, but sometimes I'm too busy or it takes a long time for people to respond, so there might be a hiatus of a few weeks, or even months sometimes.

Will you tell us about the back ground of the interview journal? Is it Luthien and maybe Huan?

Indeed :) I comissioned this journal skin especially for the interviews, and my friend ebe-kastein allowed me to use her art for it. It's this picture of Lúthien and Huan. Since Huan was famous for being allowed to talk thrice, and he is just talking with Lúthien here, it seemed to me a fitting picture for the talks :)

Huan's Promise by ebe-kastein

Laerthel: In what other Tolkien-related events, gatherings or challenges do you participate?

I am a member of the Slovak Tolkien Society, but I am more active online. Here are a few of my activities:
- I'm  a moderator of the fanfiction and fanart contest Teitho, which provides new prompts for authors in a competitive form every month,
- last year I became a moderator of Tolkien Mailing Competiton (or TLV, by its hungarian acronym), after winning it 3 years in a row,
- I used to help with organising, and now I at least try to take part in Back to Middle-earth Month in March,
- and my November usually belongs to
NaNoWriMo (a writing challenge to reach 50.000 words in a month).

snowmonster: What drew you to Professor Tolkien's work and which of his characters are your favorites?

the-evil-legacy:  Why do you love Tolkien's universe? What inspires you?

Something just touched me very deeply while reading Tolkien's books - the beauty of language, the bittersweetness and nobility of the story, the depth of the world, the mosaic of light and darkness, peacefull valleys where one can rest after great perils and toil... This world feel like home to my mind now, and its stories and characters are a great inspiration for me.

My favourite character since my first reading on the books was Aragorn. But not in a way of "teenage crush" (despite I was a teenager) - a fate that a lot of characters suffered after the movies (especially him and Legolas). It is rather that I can identify with him, and his character resonates with me. I understand him, and I dare to say I know how he would behave in different situation - that's why a big portion of my fanfiction stories features him. Through fanfiction (both mine and from others), I later also started to discover and take a liking to the character of Eärendil and Eonwe.
And also Finrod - I have another account here, :icondreams-of-arda: that I used to roleplay him in the "Noldorin icon family" :iconnoldorinfamilystore:, which is not that active anymore, but we are still friends. Speaking about project, I also did one here - I made the icons from polymer clay, and sent them around the world: Finrod's Travels - diary. Sadly, they got lost :(

FrerinHagsolb: Which of Tolkien's works do you take most inspiration from?

I would say all of them - I love finding the connections between them, linking them into one magnificent whole. In the last panel of this comics, you can see my "Tolkien shelf". I still didn't read all parts of the History of Middle-earth (I'm on part 4 right now), but besides that I have read almost everything that there is to read. Even in my stories, I often like to discover the paralleles between past (the Silmarillion timeline) and present (LotR timeline), and occasionally throw in some even more obscure characters, like Tinfang Warble or Mewlips :)

Mini Silmarillion: Ainulindale by MirachRavaia

Laerthel: To what extent do you think it is important for a fanfiction writer or fan artist to follow and respect the original author's work and concepts?

There is a gradual spectrum in every fandom, with "purists" on on side of the scale, and diverging more and more from the author's orginal image on the other one. Here we can find slash, alternative universes, crossovers and much more. The extremes from each side often resent each other. I understand the point of both sides - the "purists" are considerate to what Tolkien himself would want and approve, while the other side wants to have more freedom in the world he created. If it would be my story, I probably wouldn't be happy if people turned it to something I didn't want, either, but I dare to say that I would accept and tolerate it. The beauty of human mind is how everybody is different, and likes different interpretations and sides of one story. For examle, there is a published russian fanfiction, "the Black Book of Arda", depicting the Silmarillion from the dark side's perspective, blurring the lines between good and evil. It caused much controversy, but personally, I find such a view fascinating, and I can understand it, while in the same time keeping in mind Tolkien's original intentions. In my own art, I once try to be completely true to the description of a scene from the Silmarillion and some other time I don't hesitate to draw Gandalf on a motorcycle, because if you love something, you need to be able to make fun of it.

Laerthel: What do you think about people sharing artworks without the permission of the author or artist?

There is a big difference between sharing and stealing. The optimal case is non-commercional sharing with proper credits. I have nothing against that - you want to share my picture with your friends or followers and give a link to the original artwork? Go ahead. Then there is sharing without credit. I'm glad you like my picture enough to share it, but I would really like the people who view it to know who the artist is, so they can look at my other works if they like it. So I'm not happy about it, but I tolerate it. What I don't tolerate is art theft when someone claims a work they didn't create and use it to make money, like selling t-shirts or prints, thinking " I found it on google so it's free". No, it's not.

Laerthel: Which was the most unexpected occasion, the most unusual platform where you have ever encountered one of your artworks?

One of my artworks got featured in the appendices of the extended edition of the 3rd Hobbit movie. I didn't like the movies that much, but it was still an honour.

Telperion and Laurelin by MirachRavaia

And about my fanfiction, some of my stories were translated to Russian, German and also Chinese.

But I think the most "curious" was the case of the "One Donut to rule them all", which I also created for one of the TLV tasks. Somehow, it got famous overnight. I never really understood how it happened, but it spread all over the internet, gaining popularity in many social media where it was shared, sometimes with credit, sometimes not. You can still encounter it popping out sometimes. It got made into memes, and there was also one fanfiction story written about it.

One Donut to rule them all by MirachRavaia

Lyriel-MoonShadow: Which one of your drawings is more special to you and why.

I think that would be the one above that got featured in the Hobbit movie. But not for this reason. It was actually drawn as my wedding announcement, complete with the verses about "two rings to find them both and in a marriage bind them" :) - that's what makes it special to me.

Lyriel-MoonShadow: If you would have lived in Tolkien's world, which race would you be?

People that know me sometimes compare me to an Elf (my wedding dress could have something to do with that too :D), but my heart actually belongs to the Dúnedain. I would be a Ranger, and I'm actually training to be a good one :D As a historical fencer, I can wield a sword quite well (although we are taught to not actually kill the opponent, just make the fight look good on stage, so I might need some lessons on that, lol), and I took some riding lessons as well. I am also skilled in the wilderness, and have walked across many mountains carrying a tent to sleep in and all provision on my back. I just need to find out where do I sign in :D

About my art (since this is among the questions I ask everyone):

I am a 100 % hobbyist, and I dabble in pretty much every artform besides music. Actually, my total lack of musical hearing might be the reason I seek other artforms to express the melody in my mind:

Melody in My MindShhh...
Do you hear it?
rustling trees,
buzzying bees,
summer breeze
someone's sneeze...
voice of street,
hearts that beat
people breathe,
then repeat
Rhythm set free:
one two three
one two three
hear the song
dance with me
There's melody in my mind
Magical melody, murmuring, moody
Musical mystical moving melody
There's melody in my mind
But shh....
I'll tell you a secret.
I cannot sing.
Imagine that feeling.
Those tones frozen between your mind and mouth, that melody you can't express.
Imagine one of those songs that give you goosebumps, that clutch your heart and make you cry "Yes! Yes, that's it!"
Imagine you want to share it with everyone... but can't.
When you try to repeat the melody, it is off and quavers and screeches like nails on the board.
There's melody in my mind, and it wants to be heard, to be set free.
And so I paint.
The colors are my symphony.
I sound the violins of sky-blue, the lutes of green and drums of violet.
And so I write.
The words on pape

About trying new techniques, I actually ask this because I am a total experimentator in this, and I'm a bit surprised to learn that most people just stick to what they are most comfortable with... Yes, the downside is mastering everything a little, and nothing completely, but I am fine with that. I try to be as good as I can in everything I do, though. For me, it is the idea that is in the first place, and technique is something that I choose as a tool to express this idea best. If I have to learn something new for that, then I do. And so you can find a variety of things in my gallery, like for example:

Colorful like a vietnamese towel by MirachRavaia Fall falls by MirachRavaia Lava stones by MirachRavaia

Poetry and prose
The Heart of the Mountain - synopsisA man knelt on the blood-soaked battlefield. He was the last one. The last of the Ar-Venui, the Swords of Death: Nothing to live for, just looking for something to die for. A sword was hanging above his head. The last rays of the dying sun were like a road to the oblivion…
And the sword did not fall.
I am your only faithful one:
the lover of your pains
And when fate rides a chariot
them I'm holding the reins
A song beats in your veins

Once, long ago, Ar-Tenil had a wife, and a son that had to be born soon. Then the Lowlanders came to conquer the Mountains and discover the place of a great power from an old legend – The Heart of the Mountain. He never heard of that place. The chaos of fight, one moment, one decision. He saved many lives that day – but for them, his wife died. Now he is looking for the sons of the women he saved, to take them as a repayment of their debt, and train them as the new Ar-Venui. But a surprise awaits him - not all of them
PoetreeNOTE: The poem should have the shape of a tree. If it looks messy, your monitor is too narrow. Press "Ctrl" and "-" until it fits into your monitor, or follow the link in the author's comments. Thank you!
                                         In darkness sweet I dream I sleep; my fate to wait till time is ripe
                                      A tender leaf curled in the seed,               an idea that would be freed
                                  I dream of bra
Crossroads of Light and ShadowSummary: In a rainy night, Aragorn walks through the Midgewater marshes. But not all paths lead to good ends, and dark things lurk at the crossroads… A story with sound and visual effects :)
Rating: T
Disclaimer: If you recognize it, it is not mine. If you don't recognize it, it's probably not mine, either. Not even the Neekerbreekers…
My thanks to openmeadow for an inspiring chat about senses =)
Dedicated to all my friends that walked with me through mud and rain, and that were lost with me until we found ourselves again.
Crossroads of Light and Shadow
Squelch. With effort he pulled his boot from the mud. It left a deep footprint.
Squirsh. Murky water began to soak through the mud and fill it.
Blub.The surface closed. Besides a few bubbles on the dark surface, there was no trace of his passing.
Squish. Another step. A waft of something foul and rotten

(the synopsis is of my fantasy saga)

Different kinds of artisan crafts
Arwen's cap by MirachRavaia Little fennec foxie by MirachRavaia
Hobbit locket by MirachRavaia
LotR skirt by MirachRavaia
Hobbit door by MirachRavaia Apple tree by MirachRavaia

Traditional art
I Sang of Leaves by MirachRavaia Reuniting in Valinor by MirachRavaia As a father you shall be to me by MirachRavaia

Digital art

Varda Elentari by MirachRavaia Under the surface by MirachRavaia First look at Varda and the Trees by MirachRavaia


Ainulindale - animation by MirachRavaia Out of Darkness - animation by MirachRavaia Shades of shadows - animation by MirachRavaia

And I would also like to mention my Mini Silmarillion project, because I'm quite fond of it :) It began with a single photo of mini Ungoliant and dandelion trees of light, and it would have stayed at that, if not for another TLV task to create a miniature photo depicting a scene from Tolkien. I picked the burning of swanships, but I had so many other ideas that I later decided to make a whole comic series :)

There, I think I featured myself enough :D So now I will do another part that I always ask in the talks: Could you give us a link or thumbnail from your gallery of... but with the interviews. So, let's see...

- an interview I am most fond of?

Talks with Tolkien artists: ebe-kasteinFor this issue of "Talks with Tolkien artists" I had the pleasure to interview Ebe Kastein ebe-kastein, whose work I admired long before she joined deviantArt. I'm bringing you her art and answers to enjoy:

1. Hello! For the beginning, could you tell us something about yourself?

Hello to you, too! :-)
As to myself, I have studied art for 12 years and have worked as a professional artist for about 11 years. At the university I majored in English language and literature, which lead me straight to the translation work. I have worked for various translation bureaus and several publishing houses. Translating filled my world already during my studies, and again in the las

The talk with :iconebe-kastein:. Not many people add something like "and you?" to their answer, because they are genuinely interested in the person that interviews them and their opinions. We continued the talk privately long after it was posted, and became good friends. I even visited her in Estonia not that long ago, and had great time with her.

- an interview that was hardest to make?

Talks with Tolkien artists: breathing2004This is another interview that was rather hard to accomplish. :iconbreathing2004: - breath-art is a well known Chinese artist with a clearly recognizeable style, but he does not speak English well, so at first he declined the interview, but then we found a way through translators. My thanks for the translation belongs to Norloth who translated the questions to Chinese, and to fish-in-fridge who translated the answers back to English.

1. Hello! For the beginning, could you tell us something about yourself? 

I am an architect and subway building designer. I am also a freelance part-time artist; I usually do cover art for books and journals during my spare time.

2. When did you read Tolkien

The talk with a chinese artist :iconbreath-art: Sometimes I interview people who don't speak English well, and rely on friends or google translator, and some even decline the talk because of the language barriere. This was the case here as well - but then I did a talk with another chinese artist, and she was willing to translate the interview questions for me. I approached him again with the offer of a talk with a translator, and he agreed. I got a wall of chinese text I didn't understand, and my translator was busy and didn't respond to me. A month or so later, I encountered (and interviewed) another chinese artist, who finally translated breath-art's answer to English for me :D

- an interview that took longest?

:iconpeet: holds the first place here, but that's only because nobody else whom I asked for a talk long ago answered yet :) I hope after the following question, someone will :D

"Is there some artist(s) at dA you know, who doesn't have as much attention as they would deserve?"

- that's what I always ask, too, to allow people to "pay it forward" and feature someone else as well. But since I'm already doing these talks to feature artists I think deserve more attention, I will now list those who didn't get a talk, because they are no longer active or didn't respond to me for some other reason, but their galleries are really worth taking a look:

:iconatriedes: :icondalomacchi: :iconilxwing: :iconeilian: :iconpika-la-cynique: :iconcanis-lupess: :iconlenika86: :iconkakomicly: :iconairyyn: :iconakato3:  :icondracarysdrekkar7: :iconinfinumn: :icondaviddeb: :iconcephenix: :iconkinko-white: :iconsouzou-en-ciel: :iconesquitor: :icon2bdubious: :iconkibbitzer: :icontomashijo: :iconvelamir: :iconedarlein: :iconphobs: :icongellihana-art: :icongerwell: :icondapplehack: :iconmoumou38: :iconwavesheep: :iconkazuki-mendou:
(If you are in this group, and overlooked or lost my note asking for the talk, let me know!)

And those who agreed to the talk and got my questions, but didn't answer them. Some might not be active anymore, either, or maybe got busy or forgot. If you are in this group and find the time to complete the talk, I would be really happy! :)
:iconmomofukuu: :iconthe-alef: :iconsirielle: :iconmerlkir: :iconveveco: :iconmeraclitus: :iconidahl: :iconlenoragewandungen:  :iconaegeri: :iconrina-from-shire: :iconnachocastro: :iconrighon: :iconnoei1984: :iconalarie-tano: :icontuuliky: :iconzdrava: :iconmatejcadil: :iconmeneldil-elda: :iconmerrinou: :iconminkulul:

What key people in your life, (on or off of dA) have been inspirations to you, or has supported you, as an artist? You can also tell us why, if you want - another question I use to ask:

For me it's my family: my husband and now also my one year old daughter. Also my sister :iconsnowberenika:
I also have some great and inspiring friends at dA, that I met either here or somewhere else online.
:iconlirulin-yirth: and :icondanaanderson: have inspired me much with their stories and characters, and have always been very supportive and great friends.
:iconvisanastasis: is also a great friend and roleplaying partner (we play in the world of my original story). I have also visted her in Montenegro, and she came to visit me in Slovakia together with our common friend :iconninquetari: (from the noldorin icon family :D (Big Grin)) and then even spent half a year here in a student exchange program.
:iconjankalateckova: - I also met her in person, she lives just an hour of driving from me :) (Smile) She's an amazing artist, and even having seen her works in real, I don't really understand how she can create something so beautiful. (I did an interview with her as well)
:iconteaphotography: is also one of the most positive, helpful and inspiring persons I know on this site, despite her health problems.
And I already mentioned :iconebe-kastein: whom I got to know through these interviews :)

If you have any other questions, you can ask me in the comments :)

Coding by Felizias Drawings by ebe-kastein Borders by PhoenixWildfire
© 2018 - 2021 MirachRavaia
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Great interview, and about time!

And I have to give a dubious thanks too for the mention here :lol: :oops:
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You are an amazing person. I highly admire your activeness, creation and modesty.
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I don't know what to say to that :D Thank you!
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Thank you for this interview! I have discovered many great Tolkien artists thanks to your interviews. They're such a cool initiative! Thank you so much for everything you do for the Tolkien community on deviantart :)
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I'm glad the talks are fulfilling their purpose! Thank you for the kind words!
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You are so the Oprah/Jimmy Kimmel/Ellen/Whomever the Slovak equivalent is of the queen of bringing out the most interesting parts of other people, so it was pretty cool to learn about your process. And I love your art too! Every piece is a little different and spontaneous. Thanks for doing all that you do. That's so cool that you're a professor of botany... Your daughter is super cute also :3
MirachRavaia's avatar
Irsanna's avatar
Perfect interview! Thank you very much for this story about yourself. I'm very glad that you did it. I'm happy to imagine more the person who does so much for the Tolkien fans community.
Your relationship with the trees is great!
MirachRavaia's avatar
Thank you very much!
saphir93's avatar
Thanks! And sorry if you have must repeat something...Sweating a little... Hug Love 
MirachRavaia's avatar
I didn't have to repeat, I just omitted the parts of questions that were repeating themselves :)
EPH-SAN1634's avatar
Someone worked very hard on this :)
MirachRavaia's avatar
I said I try to be as good as I can in everything I do :)
EPH-SAN1634's avatar
JankaLateckova's avatar
Gratulujem k "stovke" . :rose: ... a ďakujem za krásne slová.:iconhug1plz:
spicedwinefanfic's avatar
This is a lovely interview and very interesting Thank you for all the amazing work you’ve done over the years.

You and your baby look absolutely gorgeous, by the way :) 

I’ve communicated with Eve for many years too, and she’s such a lovely person. :) 
MirachRavaia's avatar
Thank you very much!
Ebe is really a wonderful person :)
Lyriel-MoonShadow's avatar
It is awesome to learn more about you and your passion. I think is great that you brought the passion from art to life (by your Ranger training). It was a pleasure to read this interview!
MirachRavaia's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad to hear that! It is hard to tell if it's bringing passion from art to life or the other way round, though :)
fish-in-fridge's avatar
It's really nice to learn so much about your works and inspirations from this interview! Thanks for such a long and informative talk ~ And look forward to what other artists wish to share:heart:
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