Talks with Tolkien artists: part II

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Due to the size limit, I was not able to continue the complete list of interviews with featuring a few pictures from the interviewed artists. I will keep only links in the complete list, and feature the pictures in these partial lists.

The complete list without pictures: Talks with Tolkien artists - complete list

Part I: Talks with Tolkien artists: part 1

Bullet; Blue 68. with Ephaistien :iconmarysmirages: Talks with Tolkien artists: Ephaistien

Laer cu Beleg. by MarysMirages River warriors by MarysMirages Don't leave me now by MarysMirages

Bullet; Blue 69. with Gwillieth :icongwillieth: Talks with Tolkien artists: Gwillieth

Lady of the Galadhrim by Gwillieth<da:thumb id="469428533"/> Stars Of Elbereth necklace by Gwillieth

Bullet; Blue 70. with FlorideCuts :iconfloridecuts: Talks with Tolkien artists: FlorideCuts

The Dragon Archer by FlorideCuts Dragon Sickness 'Re-'draw by FlorideCuts The Dragon Prince by FlorideCuts

Bullet; Blue 71. with Ladyoftheflower (now SaMo-art) :iconsamo-art: Talks with Tolkien artists: Ladyoftheflower

Helcaraxe - Death of Elenwe by SaMo-art Tarnin Austa - Age of Gondolin by SaMo-art

Bullet; Blue 72. with Tottor :icontottor: Talks with Tolkien artists: Tottor

Thingol by Tottor Beleg Strongbow by Tottor Finrod  The first winter of exile by Tottor

Bullet; Blue 73. with skinnyuann :iconskinnyuann: Talks with Tolkien artists: skinnyuann

Maiden of Sunlight by skinnyuann Poison of Death by skinnyuann Siesta by skinnyuann

Bullet; Blue 74. with Filat :iconfilat: Talks with Tolkien artists: Filat

Dagor Bragollach by Filat Arakano by Filat Luthien by Filat

Bullet; Blue 75. with WisesnailArt :iconwisesnailart: Talks with Tolkien artists: WisesnailArt

Fingolfin challenges Morgoth by WisesnailArt The King by WisesnailArt Finrod crossing the Helcaraxe by WisesnailArt

Bullet; Blue 76. with ralphdamiani :iconralphdamiani: Talks with Tolkien artists: ralphdamiani

Kementari by ralphdamiani Taniquetil by ralphdamiani Before the Storm by ralphdamiani

Bullet; Blue 77. with annamare :iconalystraeaart: Talks with Tolkien artists: annamare

In the Halls of Mandos: Glorfindel and Maeglin by AlystraeaArt The First Elves - Cuivienyarna by AlystraeaArt And the King Had No Wife by AlystraeaArt

Bullet; Blue 78. with Belegilgalad :iconbelegilgalad: Talks with Tolkien artists: Belegilgalad

The Wrath of Smaug by Belegilgalad King Thranduil by Belegilgalad Ancalagon attacks the Vingilot by Belegilgalad

Bullet; Blue 79. with IngvildSchageArt :iconingvildschageart: Talks with Tolkien artists: IngvildSchageArt

Daughter of Stars and Stones - Part 6The start of something new
«Ouch! What are you trying to do? Tear my hair out one handful at the time?» Kíli exclaimed and flinched away as his daughter tried her best to loosen his worst tangles with a fine comb. It was made of silver, forged by himself as one of the wedding gifts for his wife. And now their forty year old daughter tormented him with it.
«If you would only sit still it would go a lot quicker and painless,» Kíliel sighed exasperated as he moved away again, and the last bit of the tangle she'd been working on slipped from her fingers. She held the comb between her teeth and tried to find the knot with both hands again. Her father's hair was a mess to work through, thick and wild as her own.
«You sound more like your mother every day,» Kíli rolled his eyes, and suppressed a grin. Luckily for him Tauriel did not hear. She was still inside the bathing house with Éira, Thekk's mother. The two had grown close during th
Maedhros - The Fires of his Heart by IngvildSchageArt Arien and Tilion - Lovers in the Sky by IngvildSchageArt

Bullet; Blue 80. with Hemhet :iconhemhet: Talks with Tolkien artists: Hemhet

An old story... by Hemhet Brotherly love I by Hemhet House of Feanor- the book by Hemhet

Bullet; Blue 81. with Leone-art :iconleone-art: Talks with Tolkien artists: Leone-art

<da:thumb id="370014762"/> The Aftermath by Leone-art Luthien's gaze by Leone-art

Bullet; Blue 82. with fluffypallas :iconfluffypallas: Talks with Tolkien artists: fluffypallas

<da:thumb id="625296899"/><da:thumb id="619460767"/><da:thumb id="669315520"/>

Bullet; Blue 83. with LePtitSuisse1912  :iconleptitsuisse1912: Talks with Tolkien artists: LePtitSuisse1912

The Prancing Pony / Poney Fringant by LePtitSuisse1912 Cirith Ungol in Begining of the Third Age. by LePtitSuisse1912 Minas Morgul The Dead City, Front View by LePtitSuisse1912

Bullet; Blue 84. with greenapplefreak  :icongreenapplefreak: Talks with Tolkien artists: greenapplefreak

the same fire inside by greenapplefreak my clique by greenapplefreak waiting hall by greenapplefreak

Bullet; Blue 85. with Irjikor  :iconirjikor: Talks with Tolkien artists: Irjikor

LotR riddle #16Sing a song, o thought of mine
Let tunes and theme now intertwine
In endless void, let song take shape
You who’ll choose, now behold scape.
LotR riddle #17Light and darkness rule off and on
Disputed since the founders have gone
A haven for strife ever since
A training ground for forgotten prince.
LotR riddle #21Here were made remaining scars
Home of the Greatest of three North-stars
Source of strife in land divided
Left in ruin when time decided.

Bullet; Blue 86. with 7hot-feanorians  :iconscoutdoodles: Talks with Tolkien artists: 7hot-feanorians

Master of Disguise by ScoutDoodles To The Last by ScoutDoodles Horrible Realization by ScoutDoodles

Bullet; Blue 87. with EcJetko  :iconecjetko: Talks with Tolkien artists: EcJetko

A45d34dd68c14926563990bba5c9697a by MirachRavaia F4109ae29c3048fe0d74b9a97276a3bb by MirachRavaia 2cfdec6e54b67a857987d4feb9f51ac8 by MirachRavaia

Bullet; Blue 88. with cylindric :iconcylindric: Talks with Tolkien artists: cylindric

Sauron Repenting To Eonwe By Cylindric-d9ozle2 by MirachRavaia Finrod And Galadriel By Cylindric-d9ho4mh by MirachRavaia Nienor And Turin By Cylindric-d9r5553 by MirachRavaia

Bullet; Blue 89. with Mallorn85 :iconmallorn85: Talks withTolkien artists: Mallorn85

Glorfindel's ride by Mallorn85 Walking into a Dream by Mallorn85 What an interesting name by Mallorn85

Bullet; Blue 90. with noleme :iconnoleme: Talks with Tolkien artists: noleme

Lost in Translation by noleme Recovery in Mithrim - cookie by noleme From Morgoth with Love by noleme

Bullet; Blue 91. with Riana-art :iconriana-art: Talks with Tolkien artists: Riana-art

Leaf by Niggle I by Riana-art Farmer Giles of Ham - A Dragon' s Tail by Riana-art The Hobbit - Out of the frying-pan by Riana-art

Varda Queen of the Valar (greek mythology style) by EPH-SAN1634 Finrod portrait by EPH-SAN1634 Maedhros and Fingon_Wake me up when September ends by EPH-SAN1634

Bullet; Blue 97. with Skullbastard :iconskullbastard: Talks with Tolkien artists: Skullbastard

Sauron the Deceiver by Skullbastard Morgoth the Thief by Skullbastard Ar Pharazon And Tar Miriel by Skullbastard

Bullet; Blue 98. with AncksiestasInh :iconancksiestasinh: Talks with Tolkien artists: AncksiestasInh

Sauron after the War of Wrath by AncksiestasInh Mairon and Melkor at the beginning of Arda by AncksiestasInh      by AncksiestasInh

Bullet; Blue 99. with elencarnil :iconlin-0w0: Talks with Tolkien artists: elencarnil

Silmarillion. 01 Valaquenta PAG 11 by Lin-0w0 Silmarillion pages 01-02 by Lin-0w0 Inktober dia 28 FALL by Lin-0w0

Bullet; Blue 100. with MirachRavaia :iconmirachravaia: Talks with Tolkien artists: the interviewer

Yule-tide in Beorn's house by MirachRavaia Aure Entuluva by MirachRavaia Maedhros: Son of FireHe was the fire
Devouring flame
Wine until bottom
And pain of fame
He was my father
His anger like flood
We sealed our Oath
In fire and blood
The flame extinguished
By Oath we're still bound
Through tears and pain
No rest to be found
The blood on my hands
And my hand in chains
What was it for
When nothing remains?
The Light we sought, burns
So close, yet so far
We are not worthy
To touch a star
Burning flame, take me
And clean the stain
Take the cursed Jewel
And end my pain!
In fire it started
In fire it ends
Just like my father
The fire in my veins

Bullet; Blue 101. with Sumeria :iconsumeria: Talks with Tolkien artists: Sumeria

Melian by Sumeria Elrond by Sumeria Elwing by Sumeria

Bullet; Blue 102. with Irsanna :iconirsanna: Talks with Tolkien artists: Irsanna

holiday of thanksgiving horses by Irsanna the dance-deceit by Irsanna problems of education by Irsanna

Bullet; Blue 103. with NimwenHabareth :iconnimwenhabareth: Talks with Tolkien artists: NimwenHabareth

Eowyn by NimwenHabareth karty-Tuor K by NimwenHabareth Pippin by NimwenHabareth

Bullet; Blue 104. with Yeldabon :iconyeldabon: Talks with Tolkien artists: Yeldabon

Waters Edge: Hobbits Fishing at Girdley island by Yeldabon The Road to Dol Guldur by Yeldabon Mighty Erebor - The Heart of Dwarven Pride by Yeldabon

Bullet; Blue 105. with the-evil-legacy :iconthe-evil-legacy: Talks with Tolkien artists: the-evil-legacy

LOTR - You Failed by the-evil-legacy LOTR - dragon's fire by the-evil-legacy LOTR - You look terrible! by the-evil-legacy