Talks with Tolkien artists: part I

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Due to the size limit, I was not able to continue the complete list of interviews with featuring a few pictures from the interviewed aartists. I will keep only links in the complete list, and feature the pictures in these partial lists.

The complete list without pictures: Talks with Tolkien artists - complete list

Part II: Talks with Tolkien artists: part II

Bullet; Blue 1. with Gold-Seven :icongold-seven:

Bullet; Blue 2. with steamey :iconsteamey:

Bullet; Blue 3. with ekukanova :iconekukanova:

Bullet; Blue 4. with Tulikoura :icontulikoura:

Bullet; Blue 5. with AbePapakhian :iconabepapakhian:

Bullet; Blue 6. with kimberly80 :iconkimberly80:

Bullet; Blue 7. with jankolas (nowJankaLateckova) :iconjankalateckova:

Bullet; Blue 8. with gilronan :icongilronan:

Bullet; Blue 9. with ebe-kastein :iconebe-kastein:

Bullet; Blue 10.with MatsumotoSensei :iconmatsumotosensei:

Bullet; Blue 11. with TurnerMohan :iconturnermohan:

Bullet; Blue 12. with ullakko :iconullathynell:

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Bullet; Blue 13. with batwinged-squirrel :iconbatwinged-squirrel:

Beren and LuthienIn Doriath an elven-king
Took to himself a Maia queen:
Strange was that love, not spoken of
Ere then; its like was never seen.
Queen Melian a magic ring
Wove 'round their land, to shield it well
From orcish spies and prying eyes
And all who would its secrets tell.
As love had bound, so passion shaped,
And life there grew in Melian:
The elven-child grew strong and wild,
Her parents named her Lúthien.
Lúthien walked where snow yet draped
The woods, and when she'd dance and sing,
Ice warmed and broke, the river spoke,
And winter's chill gave way to spring.
When many years had come and gone
She danced as ever 'neath the trees.
Her sapphire gown blew out around,
And raven hair streamed in the breeze.
Her song brought spring with that pale dawn;
When from the air the chill had passed,
As deft and light as blossoms white
Her feet skimmed fleetly o'er the grass.
Not far from where she danced alone
Beren roamed lost within the wood.
He heard her song and followed long,
And finding her
Elwing's LullabySleep in peace, my gentle children:
Though there seems no end to night,
Every day which falls in shadow
In its time will dawn in light.
See the Moon dressed all in silver,
Chasing stars across the sky.
He will keep your fears away
And leave sweet dreams for you and I.
Now the stars above are shining,
Calling you to peaceful rest.
By the shores the sea is singing,
Telling stories of the West.
When the chains of Night are broken
And the Light at last is free,
Then the world shall know the blessings
Waiting far beyond the sea.
Dream of hope, my stars, my darlings,
'Till the morning comes anew.
I will stay beside your beds
And keep a vigil over you.
Weaver of TimeMandos sees
Every one a new day
Webs of time
Craft sublime
Woven all by Vairë.
Birth to death
Every breath
Down throughout the ages
Take a look –
Like a book
She writes history's pages.
Peace and pain
Sun and rain
Dark and Light together
What we see
Things to be
Ever and forever.
On her loom
Hope and doom
Loss and vict'ry blending
Weaving e'er
Ceasing ne'er
So is Time unending.

Bullet; Blue 14. with wolfanita :iconwolfanita:

LotR: Gondor Humour by wolfanita The Hobbit: Telepathy by wolfanita LotR: Rise and Shine by wolfanita

Bullet; Blue 15. with marisoly :iconmarisoly:

Aqualonde by marisoly The burning by marisoly White council by marisoly

Bullet; Blue 16. with kaijukid :iconkaijukid:

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Bullet; Blue 17. with faQy :iconfaqy:

gardening by faQy Gondolin by faQy Yavanna and Aule by faQy

Bullet; Blue 18. with hitogata / kittykatkanie :iconhitogata::iconkittykatkanie:

Lord of the Lights by kittykatkanie Secret Hideout by kittykatkanie '---yes.' by kittykatkanie

Bullet; Blue 19. with spiegelscherben :iconspiegelscherben:

Silmarillion: The Good Parts Version 4 by spiegelscherben Silmarillion: The Good Parts Version 5 by spiegelscherben The Woman in the Woods by spiegelscherben

Bullet; Blue 20. with The-Black-Panther :iconthe-black-panther:

Meet the Nazgul by The-Black-Panther Meet the Nazgul .14 by The-Black-Panther Meet the Nazgul .5 by The-Black-Panther

Bullet; Blue 21. with SceithAilm :iconsceith-a:

Tarot: The Devil by Sceith-A Is that the treasure thou dost seek? by Sceith-A Tarot: The Lovers by Sceith-A

Bullet; Blue 22. with Candra :iconcandra: Talks with Tolkien artists: Candra

Mature Content

The Kings Jewel by Candra
The Time Of Spells by Candra So heavy is your crown by Candra

Bullet; Blue 23. with evankart :iconevankart: Talks with Tolkien artists: evankart

the Company of Thorin Oakenshield by evankart Thorin and Thranduil by evankart Thranduil for mirkwood event by evankart

Bullet; Blue 24. with greensap :icongreensap: Talks with Tolkien artists: greensap

Journey into the Shadows by greensap from Frying Pan into the Fire by greensap The Great Adventure by greensap

Bullet; Blue 25. with DonatoArts :icondonatoarts: Talks with Tolkien artists: DonatoArts

  Nienor and Glaurung by DonatoArts Huor and Hurin Approaching Gondolin by DonatoArts 'I threw down my enemy' - Gandalf on Zirak-zigil by DonatoArts

Bullet; Blue 26. with RobleskaZeppelin :iconsarkaskorpikova: Talks with Tolkien artists: RobleskaZeppelin

The two trees of Valinor IV by SarkaSkorpikova Orome hunting beasts by SarkaSkorpikovaI hate him by SarkaSkorpikova

Bullet; Blue 27. with Brunild :iconbrunild: Talks with Tolkien artists: Brunild

Namo By Brunild Da9u3bj-fullview by MirachRavaia Glaurung by MirachRavaia Dark Vala And His Dragon by MirachRavaia

Bullet; Blue 28. with TolmanCotton :icontolmancotton: Talks with Tolkien artists: TolmanCotton

Mormegil- color by TolmanCotton Ori by TolmanCotton Rauros by TolmanCotton

Bullet; Blue 29. with vigshane (now Norloth) :iconnorloth: Talks with Tolkien artists: vigshane

Mirkwood by Norloth Galadriel - Lady of Light by Norloth Sam's Song in Cirith Ungol by Norloth

Bullet; Blue 30. with icy-maiden :iconicy-maiden: Talks with Tolkien artists: icy-maiden

Feanor.. estasi e tormento by icy-maiden merry e pipino by icy-maiden undomiel by icy-maiden

Bullet; Blue 31. with annoulaki :iconannoulaki: Talks with Tolkien artists: annoulaki

Estel by annoulaki Arwen and Eldarion by annoulaki Coronation by annoulaki

Bullet; Blue 32. with jubah :iconjubah: Talks with Tolkien artists: jubah

Bullet; Blue 33. with erynlasgalenphotoart :iconaw-landscapes: Talks with Tolkien artists: erynlasgalenphotoart

Bullet; Blue 34. with RivkaZ :iconrivkaz: Talks with Tolkien artists: RivkaZ

Bullet; Blue 35. with shyangell :iconshyangell: Talks with Tolkien artists: shyangell

Bullet; Blue 36. with SaigaTokihito :iconsaigatokihito: Talks with Tolkien artists: SaigaTokihito

Bullet; Blue 37. with s-u-w-i :icons-u-w-i: Talks with Tolkien artists: s-u-w-i

Bullet; Blue 38. with AlasseaEarello (now kuliszu) :iconkuliszu: Talks with Tolkien artists: AlasseaEarello

Midgewater Marshes by kuliszu A Ranger of the North by kuliszu To Minas Tirith by kuliszu

Bullet; Blue 39. with Breogan :iconbreogan: Talks with Tolkien artists: Breogan

In Safe Arms by Breogan TFoF - Ered Wethrin and Hithlum Pass by Breogan The Last Look by Breogan

Bullet; Blue 40. with dejan-delic :icondejan-delic: Talks with Tolkien artists: dejan-delic

Hasufel by dejan-delic The Flood Of Bruinen by dejan-delic The Black Riders horses by dejan-delic

Bullet; Blue 41. with sassynails :iconsassynails: Talks with Tolkien artists: sassynails

Curufin by sassynails The dance by sassynails Celegorm the Fair by sassynails

Bullet; Blue 42. with ivanalekseich :iconivanalekseich: Talks with Tolkien artists: ivanalekseich

Hurin by ivanalekseich Morgoth In Valimar by ivanalekseich Nirnaeth Arnoediad.Turgon and Glorfindel by ivanalekseich

Bullet; Blue 43. with fish-in-fridge :iconfish-in-fridge: Talks with Tolkien artists: fish-in-fridge

The Ring of Barahir by fish-in-fridge Elessar the farewell gift by fish-in-fridge Elros, Elrond and Maglor by fish-in-fridge

Bullet; Blue 44. with breathing2004 :iconbreath-art: Talks with Tolkien artists: breathing2004

Tolkien:Lord of the middle earth by breath-art I am no man by breath-art the birth of two trees by breath-art

Bullet; Blue 45. with AngelaRizza :iconangelarizza: Talks with Tolkien artists: AngelaRizza

  I Am No Man by AngelaRizza Greetings by AngelaRizza The Hoard by AngelaRizza

Bullet; Blue 46. with Venlian :iconvenlian: Talks with Tolkien artists: Venlian

Glorfindel. Before The Storm. by Venlian Feanor Noldor King by Venlian Idril Light by Venlian

Bullet; Blue 47. with PeckishOwl :iconpeckishowl: Talks with Tolkien artists: PeckishOwl

Oakenstill #32: (Dis)appearence by PeckishOwl TGD #51: A kingly gift by PeckishOwl Oakencrossover #46: Dwarf Tales by PeckishOwl

Bullet; Blue 48. with NOLANOS :iconnolanos: Talks with Tolkien artists: NOLANOS

<da:thumb id="529110293"/><da:thumb id="302468168"/><da:thumb id="552197029"/>

Bullet; Blue 49. with Lamorien :iconlamorien: Talks with Tolkien artists: Lamorien

Eowyn and the Witch King by Lamorien Galadriel's Farewell by Lamorien Star Bringer by Lamorien

Bullet; Blue 50. with DanPilla (now DanielPillaArt) :icondanielpillaart: Talks with Tolkien artists: DanPilla

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Bullet; Blue 51. with peet :iconpeet: Talks with Tolkien artists: peet