Talks with Tolkien artists - complete list
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Published: January 14, 2015

A complete list of all interviews from the "Talks with Tolkien artists" series. It will be updated after each interview posted.

The list featuring a few pictures from the interviewed artists had to be split due to size limit:

Bullet; Blue 1. with Gold-Seven :icongold-seven:

Bullet; Blue 2. with steamey :iconsteamey:

Bullet; Blue 3. with ekukanova :iconekukanova:

Bullet; Blue 4. with Tulikoura :icontulikoura:

Bullet; Blue 5. with AbePapakhian :iconabepapakhian:

Bullet; Blue 6. with kimberly80 :iconkimberly80:

Bullet; Blue 7. with jankolas (now JankaLateckova) :iconjankalateckova:

Bullet; Blue 8. with gilronan :icongilronan:

Bullet; Blue 9. with ebe-kastein :iconebe-kastein:

Bullet; Blue 10.with MatsumotoSensei :iconmatsumotosensei:

Bullet; Blue 11. with TurnerMohan :iconturnermohan:

Bullet; Blue 12. with ullakko :iconullathynell:

Bullet; Blue 13. with batwinged-squirrel :iconbatwinged-squirrel:

Bullet; Blue 14. with wolfanita :iconwolfanita:

Bullet; Blue 15. with marisoly :iconmarisoly:

Bullet; Blue 16. with kaijukid :iconkaijukid:

Bullet; Blue 17. with faQy :iconfaqy:

Bullet; Blue 18. with hitogata / kittykatkanie :iconhitogata::iconkittykatkanie:

Bullet; Blue 19. with spiegelscherben :iconspiegelscherben:

Bullet; Blue 20. with The-Black-Panther :iconthe-black-panther:

Bullet; Blue 21. with SceithAilm :iconsceith-a:

Bullet; Blue 22. with Candra :iconcandra: Talks with Tolkien artists: Candra

Bullet; Blue 23. with evankart :iconevankart: Talks with Tolkien artists: evankart

Bullet; Blue 24. with greensap :icongreensap: Talks with Tolkien artists: greensap

Bullet; Blue 25. with DonatoArts :icondonatoarts: Talks with Tolkien artists: DonatoArts

Bullet; Blue 26. with RobleskaZeppelin :iconsarkaskorpikova: Talks with Tolkien artists: RobleskaZeppelin

Bullet; Blue 27. with Brunild :iconbrunild: Talks with Tolkien artists: Brunild

Bullet; Blue 28. with TolmanCotton :icontolmancotton: Talks with Tolkien artists: TolmanCotton

Bullet; Blue 29. with vigshane (now Norloth) :iconnorloth: Talks with Tolkien artists: vigshane

Bullet; Blue 30. with icy-maiden :iconicy-maiden: Talks with Tolkien artists: icy-maiden

Bullet; Blue 31. with annoulaki :iconannoulaki: Talks with Tolkien artists: annoulaki

Bullet; Blue 32. with jubah :iconjubah: Talks with Tolkien artists: jubah

Bullet; Blue 33. with erynlasgalenphotoart :iconaw-landscapes: Talks with Tolkien artists: erynlasgalenphotoart

Bullet; Blue 34. with RivkaZ :iconrivkaz: Talks with Tolkien artists: RivkaZ

Bullet; Blue 35. with shyangell :iconshyangell: Talks with Tolkien artists: shyangell

Bullet; Blue 36. with SaigaTokihito :iconsaigatokihito: Talks with Tolkien artists: SaigaTokihito

Bullet; Blue 37. with s-u-w-i :icons-u-w-i: Talks with Tolkien artists: s-u-w-i

Bullet; Blue 38. with AlasseaEarello (now kuliszu) :iconkuliszu: Talks with Tolkien artists: AlasseaEarello

Bullet; Blue 39. with Breogan :iconbreogan: Talks with Tolkien artists: Breogan

Bullet; Blue 40. with dejan-delic :icondejan-delic: Talks with Tolkien artists: dejan-delic

Bullet; Blue 41. with sassynails :iconsassynails: Talks with Tolkien artists: sassynails

Bullet; Blue 42. with ivanalekseich :iconivanalekseich: Talks with Tolkien artists: ivanalekseich

Bullet; Blue 43. with fish-in-fridge :iconfish-in-fridge: Talks with Tolkien artists: fish-in-fridge

Bullet; Blue 44. with breathing2004 (now breath-art) :iconbreath-art: Talks with Tolkien artists: breathing2004

Bullet; Blue 45. with AngelaRizza :iconangelarizza: Talks with Tolkien artists: AngelaRizza

Bullet; Blue 46. with Venlian :iconvenlian: Talks with Tolkien artists: Venlian

Bullet; Blue 47. with PeckishOwl :iconpeckishowl: Talks with Tolkien artists: PeckishOwl

Bullet; Blue 48. with NOLANOS :iconnolanos: Talks with Tolkien artists: NOLANOS

Bullet; Blue 49. with Lamorien :iconlamorien: Talks with Tolkien artists: Lamorien

Bullet; Blue 50. with DanPilla (now DanielPillaArt) :icondanielpillaart: Talks with Tolkien artists: DanPilla

Bullet; Blue 51. with peet :iconpeet: Talks with Tolkien artists: peet

Bullet; Blue 52. with frecklesordirt :iconfrecklesordirt: Talks with Tolkien artists: frecklesordirt

Bullet; Blue 53. with BohemianWeasel :iconbohemianweasel: Talks with Tolkien artists: BohemianWeasel

Bullet; Blue 54. with Lyriel-MoonShadow :iconlyriel-moonshadow: Talks with Tolkien artists: Lyriel-MoonShadow

Bullet; Blue 55. with Houkakyou :iconhoukakyou: Talks with Tolkien artists: Houkakyou

Bullet; Blue 56. with Gypsy-Rae :icongypsy-rae: Talks with Tolkien artists: Gypsy-Rae

Bullet; Blue 57. with Aegileif :iconaegileif: Talks with Tolkien artists: Aegileif

Bullet; Blue 58. with Ffey :iconffey: Talks with Tolkien artists: Ffey

Bullet; Blue 59. with S-Shanshan :icons-shanshan: Talks with Tolkien artists: S-Shanshan

Bullet; Blue 60. with MellorianJ :iconmellorianj: Talks with Tolkien artists: MellorianJ

Bullet; Blue 61. with ForeverMedhok :iconforevermedhok: Talks with Tolkien artists: ForeverMedhok


Bullet; Blue 62. with Qitian :iconqitian: Talks with Tolkien artists: Qitian

Bullet; Blue 63. with KipRasmussen :iconkiprasmussen: Talks with Tolkien artists: KipRasmussen


Bullet; Blue 64. with kallielef :iconkallielef: Talks with Tolkien artists: kallielef

Bullet; Blue 65. with Doodemoiidesu  :icondoodemoiidesu: Talks with Tolkien artists: Doodemoiidesu

Bullet; Blue 66. with Murrauddin  :iconmurrauddin: Talks with Tolkien artists: Murrauddin

Bullet; Blue 67. with ElbenherzArt  :iconelbenherzart: Talks with Tolkien artists: ElbenherzArt

Bullet; Blue 68. with Ephaistien :iconmaraemerald: Talks with Tolkien artists: Ephaistien

Bullet; Blue 69. with Gwillieth :icongwillieth: Talks with Tolkien artists: Gwillieth

Bullet; Blue 70. with FlorideCuts :iconfloridecuts: Talks with Tolkien artists: FlorideCuts

Bullet; Blue 71. with Ladyoftheflower (now SaMo-art) :iconsamo-art: Talks with Tolkien artists: Ladyoftheflower

Bullet; Blue 72. with Tottor :icontottor: Talks with Tolkien artists: Tottor

Bullet; Blue 73. with skinnyuann :iconskinnyuann: Talks with Tolkien artists: skinnyuann

Bullet; Blue 74. with Filat :iconfilat: Talks with Tolkien artists: Filat

Bullet; Blue 75. with WisesnailArt :iconwisesnailart: Talks with Tolkien artists: WisesnailArt

Bullet; Blue 76. with ralphdamiani :iconralphdamiani: Talks with Tolkien artists: ralphdamiani

Bullet; Blue 77. with annamare :iconannamare: Talks with Tolkien artists: annamare

Bullet; Blue 78. with Belegilgalad :iconbelegilgalad: Talks with Tolkien artists: Belegilgalad

Bullet; Blue 79. with IngvildSchageArt :iconingvildschageart: Talks with Tolkien artists: IngvildSchageArt

Bullet; Blue 80. with Hemhet :iconhemhet: Talks with Tolkien artists: Hemhet

Bullet; Blue 81. with Leone-art :iconleone-art: Talks with Tolkien artists: Leone-art

Bullet; Blue 82. with fluffypallas :iconfluffypallas: Talks with Tolkien artists: fluffypallas

Bullet; Blue 83. with LePtitSuisse1912  :iconleptitsuisse1912: Talks with Tolkien artists: LePtitSuisse1912

Bullet; Blue 84. with greenapplefreak  :icongreenapplefreak: Talks with Tolkien artists: greenapplefreak

Bullet; Blue 85. with Irjikor  :iconirjikor: Talks with Tolkien artists: Irjikor

Bullet; Blue 86. with 7hot-feanorians  :iconscoutdoodles: Talks with Tolkien artists: 7hot-feanorians

Bullet; Blue 87. with EcJetko  :iconecjetko: Talks with Tolkien artists: EcJetko

Bullet; Blue 88. with cylindric :iconcylindric: Talks with Tolkien artists: cylindric

Bullet; Blue 89. with Mallorn85 :iconmallorn85: Talks withTolkien artists: Mallorn85

Bullet; Blue 90. with noleme :iconnoleme: Talks with Tolkien artists: noleme

Bullet; Blue 91. with Riana-art :iconriana-art: Talks with Tolkien artists: Riana-art

Coding by Felizias Drawings by ebe-kastein Borders by PhoenixWildfire
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hwaetmereHobbyist General Artist
it's very cool to read the thoughts and the stories of people whose creativity you follow Porylove Emote 
MirachRavaia's avatar
MirachRavaiaHobbyist General Artist
I'm glad you are enjoying these!
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Snow-MonsterHobbyist Traditional Artist
These are great to read. It's always fun when there's a new interview. Getting to see how others envision Middle-earth is fascinating. Keep up the good work.
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MirachRavaiaHobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much!
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lotrfanforlifeHobbyist Traditional Artist
who do i get onto talks with Tolkien?
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MirachRavaiaHobbyist General Artist
Sorry, I don't understand your question.
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lotrfanforlifeHobbyist Traditional Artist
how do i be featured on it?
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MirachRavaiaHobbyist General Artist
I pick the most inspiring artists to be featured. You are not on that level yet, but if you keep drawing and improving, you might be featured here once.
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lotrfanforlifeHobbyist Traditional Artist
cool thank u!
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Wow! What a marvel! I'll finally be able to do a research on Tolkien-artists - thank you author!
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MirachRavaiaHobbyist General Artist
I'm glad to hear that!
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Malintra-ShadowmoonHobbyist General Artist
Your Tolkien artist interview list has been featured here: Pimps and Whoas - March 18, 2016
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MirachRavaiaHobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
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Malintra-ShadowmoonHobbyist General Artist
You are very welcome :)
Malintra-Shadowmoon's avatar
Malintra-ShadowmoonHobbyist General Artist
Great and informative. I like it :heart:
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MirachRavaiaHobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
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Malintra-ShadowmoonHobbyist General Artist
You are very welcome :)
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valloriaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for making these interviews. It's always a pleasure to know more about fellow Tolkien fans and see their beautiful artworks. Really appreciate what you've done! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:
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MirachRavaiaHobbyist General Artist
Thank you, I'm glad to know it's appreciated! :)
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