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1. Hello! For the beginning, could you tell us something about yourself?

My name is Saiga Tokihito. I'm Japanese artist / freelance illustrator.

2. When did you read Tolkien's books for the first time, and what impression did they leave in you?

I've only read the Hobbit. (The Lord of the Rings series and The Silmarillion not yet.) This story is filled with beautiful "words". I love this world.

3. How extensive is your knowledge of Middle-earth? Do you consider yourself Tolkien expert?

I think... No. But I study many words of Middle-earth.

4. Did you read the books, or see the movies first?

I saw the PJ's movies first. These experience was so wonderful! I will never forget the gratitude for the staff of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings movies. If they didn't make these movies, I would have never met Tolkien's world.

5. Now, could you tell us something about you and art? Are you a professional artist, or is art just your hobby? When did you start doing it, and who or what influenced your style?

I'm professional artist since seven years ago. But Tolkien's fan art is my life work rather than hobby, I think. A lot of artists (of course, including John Howe and Alan Lee) influence my style.

6. How do you choose which scenes and characters to illustrate?

A moving sight, or attractive characters makes me draw them.

7. What art technique is your favourite? Do you rather keep to the art techniques and styles you are familiar with, or do you experiment with new ones as well?

I enjoy studying new or classic techniques everyday. I think both is important.

8. Do you have some tips and tricks you would like to share with the other artists?

I have. I'll share someday.

9. Could you give us a link or thumbnail from your gallery of

- a Tolkien illustration you are most proud of?

Let me think...It is hard to choose but, maybe this one:

EREBOR by SaigaTokihito
This art is my first Tolkien fanart.

- a picture from other fandom or original picture you are most proud of?

The story needs the story by SaigaTokihito
Cherry blossom is one of my favorite flower.

- a picture that fits your current mood?

Sea of Shadow / Twelve Kingdoms by SaigaTokihito
This coloring fits my current mood.

- a picture that was hardest to paint?
The Chamber of the Old Lady by SaigaTokihito
I took 2 weeks.

- any other picture you would like to share with us and why?

Azel by SaigaTokihito
From Japanese Comic "Young Bride's Story / Otoyomegatari"
That's why I love and recommend this comic. Stories and characters are so amazing.

10. What key people in your life, (on or off of dA) have been inspirations to you, or has supported you, as an artist? You can also tell us why, if you want.

Nick Keller, who is WETA's artist. His work is cool and stylish, especially dwarf's armor design. My favorite art is concept art for Bard.

11. Is there some artist(s) at dA you know, who doesn't have as much attention as they would deserve? If yes, could you give us some thumbnails from their gallery?

I introduce U.S. artist : :iconnewihsus: - newihsus . She has beautiful style, I love her arts.

Happy Chinese New Year of Goat! by newihsus sesshoumaru vs rin1 by newihsus less cold by newihsus

12. Is there something else you would like to tell to the fans of Tolkien and your art?

I'm deeply grateful to fans! I want to draw more scenes and characters of Middle-earth in the future.

Saiga Tokihito

Thank you for your time and answers!

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lovely style! Really enjoyed it! thanks for sharing!