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Middle-earth is a world created by J.R.R.Tolkien, one of the most complex creations and foundations of classic fantasy. Many artists are inspired by this amazing world, and there are not many events in its history that escaped a painter's brush... I bring you a short (yes, I call this short :)) summary of the events, in a more or less chronological order:  

Before the time:
:thumb157060021::thumb128731053: Ainulindale : The Great Music by noei1984 Ainulindale by vilva73 Ainulindale by kuliszu Birth of Valar by Skullbastard The Music of the Ainur by elegaer The Music of the Ainur 2 by elegaer The Music of the Ainur 3 by elegaer The Music of the Ainur 4 by elegaer

First age:
Silmarillion Genealogical Tree by Berenfox Manwe Sulimo by GustavoMalek Manwe by Nahar-Doa:thumb74497816: The Mother of Stars by fernandocarvalho Silmarillion: Taniquetil by LadyElleth Nienna by RenaSarrabi Namo, the Judge by Maureval Vaire, the Weaver by DanielGovar:thumb166655722: Melkor by Lirulin-yirth The Fallen Angel by morrigann11:thumb123399675: Melkor by Taeri The Dark Vala by ginn-m Illuin by BellaElizabethLarsen:thumb157998410: Cuivienen by losselen Orome Encounters the Elves by Protoguy Early Days by Leliumoj _The Two Trees_ by emmekamalei Earwen by Studio-1901 The Last Look by Breogan Melkor's Release by felegund Mairon and the Shadow by neffinesse Feanor.. estasi e tormento by icy-maiden The making of the Silmarils by kuliszu Morgoth and Ungoliant by Protoguy of the darkening of Valinor 6 by Titita Melkor and the Trees of Light by Gildhartt Arien and Tilion - Finished by swiftfox13 The oath of Feanor by edarlein noldolante by katya-h The Kinslaying by ivoignob The Curse of Mandos by Belegilgalad Noldolante part I.  Losgar by tuuliky:thumb50539141: La Morte di Feanor by randolfo Sons of Feanor by tuuliky:thumb5527340::thumb20562786::thumb137356544: FingonsSong colour by Lomilmandel:thumb4767737::thumb4911740::thumb5455042: Fingolfin by Breogan:thumb151584066: Melkor and Fingolfin by Gildhartt Of Morgoth and Fingolfin by EthalenSkye Fingolfin vs Morgoth by mattleese87:thumb5242822:

The tale of Beren and Lúthien
Luthien - dance 2 by vilva73 Luthien Dancing by Bmosig beren e luthien by icy-maiden Finrod in Nargothrond by tuuliky Songs of Power by Murrauddin

Mature Content

Luthien transforms into a bat by marisoly
The Assault on Tol-in-Gaurhoth by tuuliky Luthien by Sinusirabel Lutien dance in Angband by elende

Mature Content

Luthien dances for Morgoth by marisoly
Carcharoth by Protoguy Beren fighting Carcharoth by Myblack Mortal life, immortal love. by GustavoMalek The Death by tuuliky And Luthien sang to Mandos v.2 by GustavoMalek The choice of Luthien by DappleHack

Narn i Hín Húrin
Aure Entuluva by lomehir Melkor and Hurin by edarlein Narn: Forbidden Love by aautio Amon Rudh by losselen Turin Turambar Sketch by pulyx Glaurung and Turin by Atriedes Nienor meets Glaurung by noei1984

Mature Content

Turambar finds Nienor on Haudh-en-Elleth by peet
The Slaying of Glaurung by Protoguy The end of suffering by noei1984 death of Turin Turambar by aryundomiel

The Fall of Gondolin and the Tale of Eärendil and Elwing
Gondolin by Bmosig:thumb165715881: The Lord of Waters by DappleHack Ecthelion and Gothmog by Cloister to the still earth say: I flow by razimo:thumb158745902: Glorfindel and the Balrog by Galhad Glorfindel and Balrog by Moumou38 family by LiigaKlavina The Escape of Elwing by Bmosig Elwing and Earendil by Isilion72 Earendil by DrawnSeawards Ancalagon attacks the Vingilot by Belegilgalad Earerndil Battles Ancalagon by claraval Dragon of the First Age by rubendevela

The War of Wrath
:thumb104590835: The War of Wrath is coming... by Isilion72 Maedhros by DappleHack Maglor throws Silmaril by Belegilgalad

Second age:
Elenna by Qitian:thumb37192381: Elros Tar minyatur by hunterion The promise by Hemhet Ring King - Nazgul by Geistig:thumb163177826: Annatar Christmas card by Kaaile Sauron comes to Ar-Pharazon by Demi-urgic Leperous Distilment by neffinesse Isildur and the White Tree by Murrauddin:thumb182817030: Khamul by sethariel Drowning of Numenor by mattleese87:thumb161816712: This I will keep by AbePapakhian Gil-Galad Rides into Mordor by Luthianna I Beheld... by AbePapakhian Sauron et Isildur by Baudim

Third age:
Kings of Gondor by Pyzi:thumb113119439: Eorl the Young at Celebrant by Merlkir Celebrian of Lorien by shyangell Imprisoned by LiigaKlavina The Duel by Isilion72 Balins decision by Tulikoura White council by marisoly

The Hobbit:
The Great Adventure by greensap:thumb2339352: Dwarves at Bilbo's house by edarlein 02: The Hobbit - The 3 trolls by ritchat from Frying Pan into the Fire by greensap Revelry in Mirkwood by vilva73 Thranduil-head shot by Cin320 Lake Town - The Hobbit by NateHallinanArt Esgaroth - 'Laketown' by Alanise Smaug destroys Esgaroth by Gaius31duke Esgaroth by MatejCadil Smaug by darklingwoods Smaug by R-Valle Smaug and the Lonely Mountain by Atriedes Bard of Lake Town by Shockbolt Beorn in Battle by book-illustrator The Battle of the Five Armies by Nautilluz Battle of 5 Army's by kormak:thumb132810608:

The Lord of the Rings:
Bilbo's speech by TolmanCotton Halflings by JonHodgson Willow man by gustavocomparim Tom Bombadil by TolmanCotton Hobbits on the Barrow-Downs by shongrek:thumb157338985: Weathertop - after the Nazguls by Shockbolt Nazgul in the Bruinen by Gellihana-art Legolas by Gellihana-art Comssn.:.cncpt::NarsilAnduril by roweny Ascent to the pass of Caradras by Crowsrock The Fellowship brave Caradhras by thrombosis-leopard Approaching Caradhras by Canis-Lupess:thumb171287109: Galadriel portrait, sketch by Pika-la-Cynique The Lady of Lorien by Breogan The Mirror of galadriel by Bmosig The Death of Boromir by Gellihana-art The Funeral Boat of Boromir by peet Ride to Edoras by Canis-Lupess