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One Donut to rule them all

The Donut of Power :P

I don't believe nobody thought of this before, probably it just didn't get this popular on the internet. But your response is really awesome, and many of your comments made me laugh! My inbox is overwhelmed and I can't answer them all, but thank you for every comment and :+fav:!

I really didn't expect this, it's probably the proof of the dark and tempting power of the One Donut... Which makes me a little bit nervous, because I ate it... with my Gardener :D My fiancee's name means "gardener" in my language, and I split it in half with him...

For those who don't get it:
The One Ring by todd587

Its story by DaelaeyniAnne :

The Frying of the Great Dough of Power by DaelaeyniAnne

Edit: People, this is crazy! THIS gets more favs than both of my DDs combined??? It was just a silly idea for the picture of my medieval and Middle-earth-ish costumes:

The Fellowship of the Donut by MirachRavaia

and an animation of it ruling the 9 donuts for mortal men by cos-tam :

donut animation dump?? by cos-tam
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That's pure genius. I can't stop laughing at it. Great job.
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this is sickeninggggg~ i dont often feel bad about eating fancy cakes cos.. theyre meant to be eaten yknow? but this. whipping the icing into obedience like this
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I'll tell you a secret - both the donut and the icing were store-bought. I just applied one to another :D Just had an idea and wanted to make it quickly...
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haha this is amazing :D (Big Grin) 

....does it change size to fit on your finger?
MirachRavaia's avatar
Yes, as you eat it :D
Hyperbo-llama's avatar
Ahaha this is beautiful!!! :D (Big Grin) 
It must be taken deep into your kitchen and cast back into the oven from whence it came
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Uh... I'm afraid I ate it... :D
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Giggle ... my preeeecioooouuuuuus!
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I´m not into this fandom but this is genius! xD
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One donut to rule them all.

A určitě chutnal skvěle.
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Woah, this travelled really far, first time i saw was shared on facebook by a japanese cook in brazil 😂😂😂 had  no idea what was the source, so nice to stumble by this all of a sudden
MirachRavaia's avatar
lol, yes, it's crazy how this thing spread all over the internet
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thought food could be so sexy 
Blu-Oltremare's avatar
That's the cause of their power over people! :D (Big Grin) 
hittatandblekning's avatar
My mouth keep on showering when I saw this donut :) .
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You can't have it, it's my Precious!
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