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Isildur and the fruit of Nimloth

For the B2MeM 2013 prompt "Heroism":

"At that time Nimloth was dark and bore no bloom, for it was late in the autumn, and its winter was nigh; and Isildur passed through the guards and took from the Tree a fruit that hung upon it, and turned to go. But the guard was aroused, and he was assailed, and fought his way out, receiving many wounds; and he escaped, and because he was disguised it was not discovered who had laid hands on the Tree. But Isildur came at last hardly back to Rómenna and delivered the fruit to the hands of Amandil, ere his strength failed him."

This is probably a drawing that took me the longest time to finish. I found an unfinished pencil sketch of it in my old notebook from high school, and decided to finish it digitally, when I saw this prompt :) Nimloth is not really dark, but I imagined it having an inner light, as it was a seedling of Celeborn, which was a seedling of Galathilion, which was created by Yavanna in the image of Telperion, one of the Two Trees of Valinor.
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Some versions I've read online even claim Galathilion was grown from a seed from Telperion, so the White Trees glowing has extra meaning.