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South Korea - Stamp by ArgentinaAPH:thumb321455803: APH: Nerdy Korea by paraniva South Korea by alindicollection smile by temiji APH: Happy Birthday, daze by ToysAndChocolate Conventions- Korea by Maracuyass
:thumb325111434::thumb343553195: Chibi Series - South Korea by say0ran
aph: i sarang you by dupyo APH-Happy Birthday, Korea by LittleCiela Da-zeeeee by IcySky APH: Happy Birthday, daze by ToysAndChocolate South Korea by Cioccolatodorima Blinky Blink Korea by Choco-Ruu
:iconchibikoreaplz:~Hello, da-ze~!

Korea's Marukiate Chikyuu (Fanmade, but sounds real!)…
:iconmv1plz::iconmv2plz::iconmv3plz::iconmv4plz::iconmv5plz::iconmv6plz::iconmv7plz:What Eevee Evolution Are You?
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
Hosted By AnimeWhich My Little Pony Are You?
Which My Little Pony Are You?
Hosted By Anime
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by Web5teR

Just seeing the tiny emote dancing while doing this critique and while listening to Gentlemen cracks me up so much. I really like the a...

Ah, when we look back on old drawings we've done as a kid, we sometimes tear up and look back to our childhood. I say this is really sw...

Wow.... You did outstanding. It feels magical just looking at this. The detail you put into this is excellent. From the rainbow falls t...

Oh, pardon? Did you do what I thought you just did? Yes! You! You have done an outstanding job on hotarumoee and Luigi! You have captur...

Hey, sis :icongirlofhearts101:, DO YOU MIC MIC BUNGEE?

1. Who is your favorite artist/s and why?

Musical wise, at the moment (and will be for a while) BTS, because they are relatable, funny, perfect, and werid! :)

Artist wise, KAWACY~ His works are sooo heavenly and amazing. He's like my artist idol~

2: Favorite Dessert?

Boy, can't cut me slack onto this huh? I honestly have a lot.

3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Singapore. It has been a childhood dream of mine to go there. Oh, amd South Korea, so I can meet with my bias Jimin.... :iconheplz:

4. What was the most dumbest thing you remember that had happened in your life?

I really can not choose one, but the most utterly stupid thing I have recently experinced was a girl who thought and sounded like her art was better than mine because it was more "structured".

5. Vent.

This girl (or should I say woman because she looks in her early 20s) was acting like her art was so much better than mine because her art was much "structured". I told her that I like to draw cartoony things and she told me to go get an anatomy book because her art teacher told her. Oh, and let me state that I had only met this woman twice and this was my second time meeting her. Her face looked disappointed when I didn't get her name or nickname right and she had a slight attiude to her tone (JUST BECAUSE I DIDN'T GET HER NAME RIGHT). She also looked surprised that I got her name right the thrid time I met her. Back to her art, she really acts like she's a better artist than me every time we meet. Don't bash on an art style, even if there is vast difderences.

6. Rain or Shine?

I prefer rain because I can dance and play with the rain. Plus, I get to play Paul Kim's Bad Boy Remix and Lim Kim's Rain. :)

7. Meat or Veggies?

Both, they bring a good combination together. :>

8. What do you do when you can't sleep?

Watch BTS videos, sometimes admiring Jimin via pictures, play Tactile Wars, or just draw. ;p

9. What is one of your pet peeves?

People asking me to do something for them while I do something artsy. LIKE, COME ON, YOU'RE RUINING MY CONCENTRATION.

10. How are you today? 

Plain dandy. Actually, I got turnt up by Mic Drop by BTS. Wanna listen to it?

So I got questions for you all...


2. Do you know anneyeonghanseyo?

3. What is your favorite song to listen to?

4. Can you surivive the BTS Can Can Remix without laughing?

5. Would you consider getting a huge cupcake or a small cake?

6. What art from my gallery do you like the most? (Just curious)

7. Roller coaster or bungee jump?

8. J-Hope or Jimin?

9. Rather have a Hobi flower smiling at you or Hobi sunshine shining on you?

10. Would you consider checking oit BTS?

girlofhearts101 princessofDisney27 FluffyPuppy19 MinionPox
Some might probably know, and probably won't care.. But I'm making a series called Scout's Wish! ^^…
Not a lotta of ya don't care but...

But here's what I got in mind:

Which one of these comics would you want a comeback for?

Just Perfect (Haha, that's a work in progress)

Celeste and Bobtail (LOL Last time I updated this was when January?)

We Bare Bears: Ice Flower (Don't make me laugh, this one was DEFINETLY a test run. May consider a redraw)

As for projects:

BTS themed drawings



First Love





What projects would you like to s.e in the future?

Stay Ever- Starring my character Aurora Boreal

Dulcimer's Return

Seincourt's Memories

Run, Jester, Run-involves my original story arc for Andosuna and the rest of the jesters back from October of 2016.

Two halves, one whole

The Alive and the Mysterious World

Eun(sol) and (Yoon)Bi- stars two of my Orikero Eunsol and Yoonbi

Elemental's Call- stars my character Airalye Wang

What do all of you think?

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Hello, everyone! I am Mirabelle Kowakura! I am the third member of the Wonder Quintet! I admire Michelle Kwan, the amazing, graceful ice skater!
Cure Light's Birthday-April 28 Astrology Series - Taurus by feiyan
Mirabelle Kowakura's birthday-May 16 Astrology Series - Taurus by feiyan
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