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I'VE BEEN DYING so i haven't been posting but i also haven't been Drawing to begin with so
i have severely messed up teeth like think of really bad teeth & then 10 times that & i have this infection that never REALLY leaves but it fluctuates from i can manage this pain to oh this pain is so bad that i'm 10 seconds away from bashing my head into the ground to make it stop & it's not just all my teeth but there's poison going to my brain & the pain is all in my face & head so i also get very sickly from it IT'S ALL REALLY JUST LESSON FOR YOU TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH EVEN IF YOU'RE DEPRESSED LIKE ME & IT'S HARD TO DO TINY THINGS but at that note i have antibiotics now so i Probably won't die for the 10 days i'm taking this
anyways i got some stuff to upload soon not much since i haven't been able to draw but like a few things..
i'll also be working harder for that cash because i'll likely be moving soon to a better environment & i'll need a LOT more than i have now so if you want me to like draw your pet cat in a shark suit or some shit @ me $20
i updated here, tumblr, & weasyl i mostly cared about updating here, i got very behind after my computer broke & needed to fix that
i got into a bad slump & i'm also dealing with a ton of electronic issues so i got a bit behind, but the mass upload should only take a second! if we found the issue to my computer it will likely happen next week

Sorry for not uploading recent stuff

Sat Oct 7, 2017, 11:12 AM
I'm a little behind on uploading it's not too much but I got really fucked up so uploading everywhere was the last thing on my mind since I haven't been able to draw to begin with except for days where I'm on top of things I'll start uploading everything I missed soon though, thankfully dan also gave me 3 month core again for a drawing so I didn't have to deal with editing my deviantart while I was in pain & shit since I was dreading that

New Tablet

Tue Sep 12, 2017, 5:46 PM
Thanks to dan I have a brand new tablet that came 2 days early I thought I'd need adjusting to the size because it's much smaller but it's just fine! so I should be back in action after I finish a few things.

Tablet Update

Sun Sep 10, 2017, 5:37 AM
my tablet broke a while ago & i've been stuck only being able to do mouse pixel icons but thanks to my too generous friend a new tablet should get here this week or latest next week i have a lot to draw
also it's my birthday i guess


Fri Aug 18, 2017, 11:05 AM
You probably noticed I haven't been as active lately & it's because I met my best friend of 8 years in real life for the first time last week which was great it was the first time in a long time I didn't feel depressed. The week before that I was very stressed because of the person I live with so I didn't draw that week much either. & obviously after Olive left I was pretty upset about it because I enjoy being with her very much but that just means I'll need to see her as soon as I can again. The night she left I got very depressed & the day after that I got into a big fight which is hard to explain how bad it was unless you know me so just know it was bad. It surprisingly got settled last night so I don't have to worry about that now but this morning my cat broke my drawing tablet & the pepsi cup I've used for years now. I'm obviously more upset that my drawing tablet is now broken though. When it fell it fell into pepsi & it was pretty soaked I thought it would be fine because it's fallen a few times before. When I got to it to see if it worked fine I noticed the area where the cord goes into was opened up (the top cover of the tablet & the bottom cover of the tablet that are connected in the middle/the sides of the tablet wasn't together where the cord area was) so I snapped that back together it didn't look like too big of a deal but now it won't connect to my laptop. I can jiggle the wire around a lot but there's no placement i can put it in that's reliable that I can just tape & be fine. The spot it worked could not work the next minute. I'm still very upset & angry that this happened my cat is ripping at my door all night to get out so I'm losing sleep & can't have the door open for her to wander or let her stay out of my room all night. I had a break down this morning as well & it's just getting worse so in terms of art I don't know how much I'll be active but don't take that as a reason not to commission me since I do need the money but I won't have as quick of a turn around as I usually do.


Tue Jun 20, 2017, 4:46 PM
HELLO i got some new watchers while i was uploading hopefully yall saw i was mass uploading but it's done now & normalcy shall return i'm officially moved to this account i would do a giveaway to get started but the last push killed my wrists & hands which were ALREADY HURTING before doing all this & i already have giveaway prizes to draw from my twitter giveaway so... enjoy not having 100 deviations in your inbox from me now
theres still things i need to do i need to put the prices on some adopts uploaded here & upload my base & ychs but... i need a break