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Blood Diamond - Danny Archer

Okay guys - just to get things straight:

1) I've never been particularly fond of Leonardo DiCaprio...

2) ... right until the day I saw "Blood Diamond".

So, it's been some weeks now that I tried to get the layout of the citation right. Today I came up with something I can live with.
Considering fanart at large, my wallpaper is not very spectacular or innovative. But I like the still of DiCaprio and the citation comes from one of the most intense dialogues the movie has to offer.

Don't laugh but enjoy,

Miou B-)

"Blood Diamond" graphical material (c) 2006 Warner Bros. Entertainment
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I wasn't DiCaprio's fan either. I didn't like him after watching Titanic... until I saw "The Departed".
And when I saw this outstanding movie I actually became his fan Love

I think you did really great job with the wp deviantART
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I actually saw this film in Global Issues class, and I liked the film, it was a bit slow at times, but it was still good.
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Hey, :wave:

Thanks a lot for the comment and your :+fav:. It's both highly appreciated! :hug:

I am always astonished when people write me that they saw the film in class. Perhaps because I think it's a tough film for pupils and because it deploys a lot of action/violence that has nothing to do with didactics but everything with entertainment. Nevertheless, I think the "lesson" behind it is a rather good one: It raises awareness of ethnic/political conflict and dependencies allover the world and deals with questions of morale and decency. Hm ... but whether to show it in class ... Having had teaching-training myself, I really cannot decide.

However, it's cool that you like the movie. :-) In my opinion it is one of the bests out there and DiCaprios and Hounsous performance were spectacular.
Also - imo - it has the perfect pacing. Can't say there are any lengths. :shrugh:

Take care & greetings to Canada
Miou Q. B-)
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I saw it in a grade 12 class about Global Issue, we were learning about conflicts. It's not my most favourite DiCaprio movie (that's J.Edgar,) but I still like Blood Diamond. A interesting story actually, I was searching online to see if slash fanfic exist, I actually found 1, it was just that one... Yeah, slash fanfics is sorta my addiction :blush: ^^; and the scary thing is that the pairing is starting to grow on me :blush:, ya can probably already guess the pairing. :facepalm:
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:O_o: ... Yeah, well ... definitely not my kind of drug. Honestly, I can't see the point. Really! :no:
I guess, it's different with "J. Edgar", though, where it actually is the point.
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Uh huh, cool. With me it's sorta my forte, but I understand it's not for everyone. I loved J.Edgar, and I was like :squee: during the scene with the kiss. But again I get it's not for everyone and I'm totally cool with that. I just you don't think less of me.
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Oh, it's okay, hon! I don't think less of you, that's for sure! :hug: I know that there are a lot of people out there that are into this kind of stuff, and I am totally cool with the matter itself. :-)

Care for a little discussion?

My concern is more about the quality of fan art in general: I think it's strange when fans - like - "reinvent" rather well established characters (may it be from movies, novels, comics etc.) with this new trait when there is no indication in the original. Makes the whole thing unfunded.
In my opinion, (good) fan art/fan fiction should explore and develop the characters or motives of the subject as given and not turn them into something they were never intended to be by the original artist.

To be clear: I'm not a hater and I will not dismiss the fanart that serves LGBT culture per se. I would be much happier if, instead, film writers started to recognize today's many forms of partnership and granted them more screen time! Then there would not be the need for so many - let's say - "strange" fan art/fan fiction out there.

I hope you understand my point of view? Like you said: It's just not for everyone ... :hmm:

Ps.: There's a fan fiction written by ~greeneyesandglasses here on dA that I liked well, even if it's rather far fetched. You'll find it here, in case you're interested. (But sorry: no slash! ;-))
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Well thanks for not thinking less of me :hug: So we cool?
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In every great movie, theres always one line that sums everything up.

This is pretty much it, and it was wonderfully said. :work:
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Thanks a lot for your :+fav:. It's very much appreciated and I am glad you like my fan art. :-)

Yes, the quote alone stands for the one thing almost every characters in this movie longs for: redemption! Great line, great acting, great movie.

CU & greetings to the US
Miou Q. B-)
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I love your fanart, it really captured the emotion of DiCaprio.

If you have any more movie fanart, I'd love to see it! I've become quite the fan :giggle:
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Oh my! Thank you so very much, dear! :hug:

I still hope I'll get the inspiration to make a fanart for "Inception" (I'm a little bit Leo-centred there :blush:), but right now, as you may have noticed, I am a little behind with my uploads to dA, as well with my original photography as my fanarts. I try to make time for it, but work and exhaustion in the evening keep me away from my computer ... It's rather sad. :-(

I personally hope you'll see something from me soon.

CU & stay safe, Miou B-)
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Guess what I wanted to check it out again- and during this year- he hasn't changed on this photo^^the same handsome guy...=)And I love this work of yours really! He is looking here the best, from all other scenes in the film...
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Sorry for the late reply ... :blushes:

Thanks for reviewing my picture. ;-) But I think the still it completely unattached to what's going on in the movie, because I still can't find the scene where it is taken. Although the set is clear, I can't remember Danny Archer holding some shells in his hand, looking thoughtful like that. Neverthelesse, it's absolutely clear that it represents the turning point for this character ... :shrug:

I can't wait for the next DiCaprio-movie. "Inception" was great, but from a professional point of view, Leo is a far more better actor. I'm curious as for what he's up to next! :-)

CU & all the best, Miou B-)
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Well yeah, I don''t really remember where the scene was, but the look on his face, and the background are really matching everything in the film I think=)
Yeeees,i'm so curious too!He is a great actor and a handsome guy=)
blood diamond - one of favourite movies :)
..and then i realised, god left this place a long time ago...
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Thanks a lot for the comment. My picture gets many favs, but after some time, the people stopped commenting ... :crying: ;-)

The quote is one of my personal favourites in the movie (which is wonderful, powerful and absolutely breathtaking because of its topic/message and the actors). I know that it reaches its climax with the "... and then I realized ..."-part, but this one question is very sophisticated in itsself. I think I chose it because of this timeless quality.

CU & greetings, Miou B-)
its definately one of my fave quotes too lol :)
i believe in it too in someway! i just borrowed the movie yesterday (though ive seen it before) leonardo and his accent - amazing job
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Yes, Leonardo did a great job and his accent is just stunning ... and rather cute! :blushes:

"Blood diamond" is on my personal short list of the most impressing movies ever. I still can't believe I missed it while it was running. I only saw it afterwards on DVD.

CU & greetings, Miou B-)
hehehe it is very impressing! it really got me to realise you know what its like for those people.
before i had watched it i didnt really think much of it and that you know, but then when it said there are still like 200 000 child soldiers out there i started crying :(
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oh yeah,Leo^^gosh fan-club,ya know=)
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