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Hello everyone,

I’m extremely inactive on deviantart the last few years :/
I don’t know why I don’t upload any art on here anymore.

If you want to see art from me I recently made, you can follow me on my Instagram:…
I’m not very active on there as well, but I upload some small fast drawings I made.
hope to see you there!

~love Mio
Hey everyone, I have some very sad news to announce, I normally never do this but maybe someone in  the same situation can give some advice...?

Sunday evening my mom passed away, she was very sick for already 5 years. But the last 3 years were the worst. She had a lot of pain, even in the end. It's sad the doctors didn't give her a strong painkiller sooner, but oh...
Right now I prepare everything for her funeral friday. It's very busy, everyone is jumping in and out the house, see if they can help. It's nice they do that, but I'm sooo tired atm.

Anyway, I don't know how everything will go the next few weeks, months... but I hope everything will be fine. Let's just hope.

Thanks for reading <3

Hey everyone!

I decided to do traditional pet commissions like this one:  Cat Badge by Miosita
I'm saving some money for school so I'd appreciate it a lot! I'm still doubting to buy a cintiq 13HD because that's what we can do in school (if not it would be traditional paper animation). I could buy the cintiq already but the problem is that I'd need a laptop too then and that would be around €1000 xD So I still need... well... €1000 xD So it'd be great if you could help me with that :heart: It's also a good exercise for practicing animals :)


:bademoticon: Send a note when you're interested.

:bademoticon: I need a good photo(s) from your pet to use as reference.

:bademoticon: These will be drawn on Bristol paper, A4 size. 

:bademoticon: It will be done in colored pencils, white gel pen and some acrylic paint.

:bademoticon: There's no background.

:bademoticon: If you have a nice idea for the name tag, let me know. (ex. A favourite toy from your pet or something related,...) Or if you don't want one, let me know too.

:bademoticon: It will cost €25-30/$28-33. Depends on how complicated your pet is: more markings, colors,... (shipping not included). I spend a lot of hours on these and materials aren't very cheap too, so I think that's a very fair price.)

:bademoticon: Shipping will cost around €3/$3 (because I have to ship it in an A4 envelope it's more expensive). But I'll give you the correct price once I know where and how etc.
:bademoticon: It can be any pet: dog, cat, horse, parrot,...  P1090711 Bewerkt by Miosita P1090736 Bewerkt by Miosita
:bademoticon: Once you've paid, I sent you a photo of the sketch so you can approve it. It will looks something like this:  P1090729 Bewerkt by Miosita 
   Update photo's might follow on my FB page.

:bademoticon: Payement with PayPal only.

:bademoticon: If you have questions, please let me know.

Thank you! :heart:
I finished my entrance exam today at the School Of Arts in Brussels and passed it :dummy:
So I'll start the education Animationfilm next schoolyear whooowh Happy dance 
I thought I'd share with you since that's gonna change my life for 2000% xD
Anyone with experience or who follows the same course, feel free to share your thoughts, I'd like to know them (:

~Love Mio <3
First one who gives a comment with a reference sheet has it C:
I just want to draw something but don't know what, haha xD
Ok, I'm so late with this >u> But I wanted to share anyway c:
I hope you have some time... x)

I'm on Deviantart for 5 years now (3 years on this account).

The first time I uploaded my drawings on the internet was TLKFAA, I never heard of Deviantart before. I drew a lot of traditional at that time because I didn't know how to draw digital. But I never upload those drawings on the internet, in fact the first upload ever was digital:  ( but the sketch was traditional. 
(Here's my account of TLKFAA for some very old drawings:…)

So while wandering around TLKFAA I saw some awesome artists who made great drawings of lions and fanart of The Lion King but also links to a site called Deviantart. I'm very curious so I decided to take a look and it overwhelmed me really xD it probably took 6 months before I dared to make an account here. But I finally did. I was 14 at the time I guess. I joined deviantart on June 29, 2009.

My name on TLKFAA is SynCa ("Sy" for the first 2 letters of my first name and "Ca" for the first 2 letters of my Last Name and the "N" for combining them) So when I wanted to make an account on dA SynCa was already taken >.< So I changed the "N" for an "R" and it actually worked.

So now the adventure could begin. I uploaded the drawings from TLKFAA on dA what I didn't realise was that fanart on Deviantart made you popular. 
When I uploaded this picture:  (  from Simba and Mufasa I suddenly became more reconized as artist.
I got a lot more watchers, pageviews and views on my drawings. I didn't really care at the time (and was also unaware of the consiquences). People liked my TLK fanart so I keep drawing them, also because I liked it and it was easier then drawing humans.


I also was very active at that time. I drew every day, sometimes 2 or 3 drawings a day xD I had a lot of time back then x)

Then I saw  that a lot of artist have a "character" or "fursona" I had no idea what that was but it became clear quite soon. So I decided to make one too. I had several characters already, without knowing it, but I created something that's more likely to be me and I took my favourite animal for it: a tiger. So Chenga was born.

and later Lana came in the picture:

They became more as one since I started to draw them together and doing silly things xD


Its a bit the same like what I do with Mio and Lune now.
Mah Cookie by Miosita Bwaaahh by Miosita Let's Go For A Walk by Miosita Now We Go For A Walk by Miosita Pretty Lune by Miosita

I just keep doing what I did, drawing TLK and my characters, until some people started to ask for Trades. Since English isn't my first language I had no idea what a "trade" was (I also didn't know what commissions, requests,... were xD) So I got thrown myself into world I never heard of which was pretty scary actually xD But I get to know the terms and so I started doing trades with people and I learned drawing other things than just lions or big cats. I really loved doing trades (and I still do!) because the variaty of characters and creatures are great to draw. 

AT: Ashmira by SyrCa AT with ilujiri by SyrCa AT: Lekysha by SyrCa AT: Kaleka by SyrCa Dance with fireflies by SyrCa AT: Skiddermon by SyrCa

But then the dark times came on the SyrCa account. People think I left the account because of some trolls, but that's not the case. I got to famous (in my opinion) and I started to get an attitude. I was so arrogant on the internet, and that's totally not me! I started to feel bad about it. Until one day I said, now it's enough. I'm leaving this account. I also had it very busy with a lot of messages, I just couldn't handle it anymore.
When I look back on that account I also realised that I was an overated artist. I wasn't good at drawing at all, my drawings never deserved to have so much attention xD Like this is a drawing that had more then 3.000 views and more then 200 comments xD

Also this one had over 2.000 views and 200 comments.
Unfortunatly I don't know how many favourites they had, but it was also a lot more then they deserved x)

After 2 years I moved to this account, on May 11, 2011. I really wanted a character called Mio, because I like that name. I added "sita" because Mio as username would be just too short xD I saw the opportunity for this account to start whole over again and I didn't regret it for 1 second (!)

This time the character I chose is a lynx and my favourite color blue. I didn't really had a design in my head I just drew something and this came out:
...Mio... by Miosita 
The very first picture of Mio. She still had wings and sparkles and all those silly things xD But this will be a character I would love like I never loved a character before. As you may, or may not, noticed, I kept some features of Chenga in her. Like the fluffs on her ears, the tiger stripes on her paws, the fluffy tail,... Mio is only more complex since she has more markings and colours than Chenga had.
MioDoll by Miosita Chibi Mio by Miosita Summer where are you by Miosita Strawberry Nom by Miosita
She slightly started to change, like I didn't want the wings and sparkles anymore, untill at one point I decided to change her compeletly x)

LaLaLaLa by Miosita Mother's Day by Miosita so much cuteness by Miosita (I do forget some markings sometimes >u>)

I did make some deviantart friends in those 5 years I'm here, but I lost track of a lot of them. The only dA friends to me right now are LuneTheTiger and SweetLhuna
They inspired me to draw a lot of drawings of this epic trio x)

But that's not the end... by Miosita Those good old days by Miosita Got Ya by Miosita Aha Aha Aha by Miosita Creepy Three by Miosita Hair Madness by Miosita Got Ya Again by Miosita

Deviantart really improved my art. I always watched drawings of other artists (try to copy some poses) and so learn more about anatomy, poses and stuff. I also like having positive feedback on my work, which is a drive to keep on drawing. Critiques are welcome as well, because you learn from it!
Without dA I probably wouldn't be where I am now. But I probably wouldn't be who I am without YOU! So thanks a lot!

Also thanks for reading (: (if you made it this far >w>)

~Love Mio

(PS.: I'm not responsible for any typos in this journal, my brain just doesn't know how to write them)


My Art Story
(never uploaded/seen drawings)

Like most people I draw already my whole life, doing little silly drawings, making cartoons and stories but I started (serious) drawing with Manga. I bought such a "how to draw manga" book when I was about 13 years old and was just scribbling around.

But I found out that drawing humans is very difficult xD I had some little Disney books from all movies and extra stories, which included The Lion King. I decided to copy some drawings that were in those books. I liked drawing animals much more than drawing humans. So I kept drawing them and the rest is history... C:

I also tried to draw without references, but that didn't go so well xD

When I started drawing lions, I just had to draw tigers, and other animals too... Right? xD


All these drawing date back from 2007-2008.

But oh well... without these drawings I would never be where I am now and I also wouldn't draw at all c:
Everyone has to start somewhere and also everyone will be a great artist as long as you work for it and keep drawing and practicing!
Art trades are closed!

First one with a cute nice character will be picked :)

I just want to draw something but I don't know what, so Here Have an Art Trade :D
Leave the link or thumb to your character in a comment and I'll let you know when I picked you.
(probably only 1 person)

Good luck :dummy:

~Love Mio
Just send a link with your character in this journal :)
I don't know how many people I chose yet, depends on how many character can inspire me to draw x)
I also don't know what kind of background I should draw xD probably a simple one (:

well... good luck C:


Discussion Time -Mermaids-

Journal Entry: Wed May 29, 2013, 8:49 AM

I just saw these video's from Animal Planet:…

They make it look realistic when they say early humans evolved to creatures of the sea and they found some tools like spears and cave drawings... but I have my doubts. I don't think mermaids exist, otherwise you can say fairy's, unicorns, dragons... can exist too. They are just creatures from our imagination. Some people wanted us to believe aliens exist too, but scientists proved that they've never been on our planet. So now that's proved they want to come up with something else... mermaids o.O

In one of those video's you'll see they found spears in fish and sharks. But humans can make these things too. Who says these photo's and video's are real? All foto's and video's from aliens and UFO's were fake too and now it's easier to animate something because everyone can buy an animation program.

They say dolphins help people to catch fish and they think it's weird for a marine animal to help humans, so they should be familiar with human beings like mermaids. But I think dolphins are just sweet animals who like to help, it's just in there nature.

I read that the scientist in the video's should be an actor... I don't know if this is true, but it proves that a lot of people have doubts about this. You shouldn't make a documentary that is based on tales, foto's and video's. You should have real evidence like a real skull or skeleton and not drawings. And like I said before those spears aren't really evidence because humans can make them. If humans can build cars, houses, computers, ... than why not a simple spear?

So that's my opinion about mermaids, they don't exist.
What do you think?

A letter to Heaven

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 28, 2012, 8:57 AM

My dear friend

Why did you have to go? Now in this period? Christmas and New Year won't be same anymore without you.
You knew you could tell your problems to me, but you didn't. You kept all your problems for yourself and this is the result...
There are just no words to describe how it feels to lose you.
I don't know why you left us but I hope you're happy now up there in Heaven.
Know I will always love you and rest in peace dear <3

Little update

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 21, 2012, 5:59 AM

I normally don't say a lot about my personal life but you probably noticed that I'm not so active this time... well I'm just really busy with school and I absolutly don't have time to draw or being on internet or do anything, only learning, learning, learning...
So I don't do commissions, trades or anything of these things.... for the next 3 years? o.O at least I hope because highschool is not easy and I don't want to fail in school x)
Ofcourse I miss drawing but I like animals too and I want to do everything that's possible to become an animal keeper <3

*must learn anatomy now!*

hope you understand but you'll probably see some personal work from me like Mio and Lune doing crazy stuff. I just don't gonna draw for other people anymore because I already have enough stress x)

~Greets Mio :heart:

Sticker trades -Closed-

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 14, 2012, 11:58 AM

<UPDATE> Just watch the title (not the comments) if the title says it's open, then it is open :) plz leave a comment here with a link to your character

First come - first serve
The first 2 got one (: (I probably will do this more in the holidays, so don't be sad you were to late ;))

:iconsachmet-chan: with…
:iconfynigan: with…

It will be something like this Mio And Mitsuki by Miosita but more beautiful of course xD
Just write a comment with a link to your character in this blog.

You may chose who you draw for your part… Refsheet Mio by Miosita Refsheet Ina by Miosita :thumb228099942: Refsheet Mitsuki by Miosita

~Greets Mio

Who has the fluffiest and cutest character?Closed

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 1, 2012, 11:14 AM

Send me a link to that character in this journal and you get a free drawing from me C:
I want to draw cute and fluffyyyyy !!! >:U

I'll chose one tomorrow or two
or three
or four o.o

I'll see how much time I have xD


Art Trade! -Closed-

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 3, 2012, 5:32 AM

First come, first serve (: With link to your character !!
cause I'm bored :U

for my part you may draw Mio: Refsheet Mio by Miosita

Chibi Art Trade -closed-

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 25, 2012, 5:30 AM

First come first serve !!
I take 2 trades, just comment here with a link of your character c:

Art Trade?

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 26, 2011, 11:22 AM

I know I don't have much time but I really want to do one xD
anyone who's interesed send me a link to your character and I chose 1.

I let you know something in a note when I like your charrie.

Which type of drawing depends on how much time I have x)
but you certainly get a full body picture with shading, without background
and maybe with background... you'll see x)

For my part you can chose which character…
You can find the refsheets on the left side.

I chose :iconzemg: with Sunami Reference 2011 by Zemg :3

Anyone doing point commissions?

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 24, 2011, 6:08 AM

Hi there, it's been a long time D:
first of all I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 8)

Are there people who want to draw Mitsuki for a point commission?
Refsheet Mitsuki by Miosita

I want more pictures from her but because I don't have time to draw her myself I want to commission other people x)

let me know something :santa:

I already have enough people, no comments anymore plz x)
thanks to all of you <3

~Greets Mio

Sketch trades -Closed-

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 25, 2011, 8:26 AM

Hello there :3

I'm really bored xD so I thought I take some trades
it will be similar like this: Ohaai by Miosita

it's not first come first serve!!

just send me a link to your character and I chose some characters I like :3
I let you know something by note if I chose you to trade with (:

for my part you may chose which character:…

1. :iconskyanchor:
2. :iconpooniefox:
3. :iconfeuerblitz:

Creepy fan meme

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 6, 2011, 4:00 AM

stolen from :iconcrispych0colate:

Post 5 things fans does that creeps you out

1. When people ask if we can be friends.... o-O if they ask it we never become friends.. only people who never ask(ed) it there's a chance we can be friends x33 but hey, this is still internet

2. When people always ask for art trades >n< while I say they're closed... or only for friends... it really can piss me off xD then I can reply very short with a simple no >w< I know it can be rude but yeah x3

3. When people post short comments on pictures like emoticons or just 1 word xD

4. If I say in journals that people must send a note but they give a comment or when I say in their comments there must be a link with their character for example and they only send something like: I want one, without a link that can be annoying too >w< cause then you have to say things twice -.- while it is already written....

5. Overrated artists... I don't have something against these artists but it's not fair to artists who are good and don't have so many watchers and stuff =/ I'll feature some artists who deserve more love ;)

King Midas by Kelii
Old School by 1skylight1 Pink Skies by 1skylight1 Happy Ending by 1skylight1
Teamwork by Zilla-Hearted She'll be a True Love of Mine by Zilla-Hearted Night by Zilla-Hearted
Little duck family by MoaWallin Vinterdrake by MoaWallin
Happy one by RoughLady Everything I do I do it for u by RoughLady
daisy by lembuk lighting forrest by lembuk lembuky by lembuk
Save the Lion King by FelisGlacialis World of Warcraft Vaelastrasz by FelisGlacialis Darcia from Wolf's Rain by FelisGlacialis

Chibi Point Commissions -Closed-

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 26, 2011, 3:53 AM

I'll take 5 chibi point commissions in this style: Chibi Mio by Miosita ...Quietclaw... by Miosita
it costs 80 :points:
Comment here or note me when you want one


1. :iconzombiekitties: -done-
2. :iconiimpulsee: -done-
3. :iconvollylikeschocolate: -done-
4. :iconseelenkaetzchen: -done-
5. :iconxzannirax:

Normal commissions can be found here:…

Also check out LuneTheTiger's point commissions plz, she's great ♥…