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Totalbiscuit / John Bain

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One of the most influential people in my life when it comes to which games i consume and an all around intelligent, frank, good person.
I admire him a great deal and suggest anyone who loves games watch him. 

Subscribe to his channel here!

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Rest well, you magnificent bastard.
The gaming world has grown a bit dimmer now... 
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Rest easy, Mr. Bain. You fought hard, there is no shame in losing this battle. I'm glad I got to enjoy your content for as long as I did! And I am also happy many people appreciate what you did through the years. Your passing has made quite the ripple....

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He didn't lose. I mean, hell. The doctors gave him 2 years, initially.
He beat those odds by a solid half year, I'd say ultimately he was a winner. Or at least I want to remember him as such.
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John was always frank about something, he admitted he knew this was not going to be beaten by him. He was an outlier, for that he achieved much, but he lost the battle like he knew he would.

For what it is worth, he won in life because of what he managed to build, did with it, and inspired others by it. By who he was, what he stood for, and how candid he was with his successes and his own failures. Many people I watch now wouldn't be here without his influence. And all the stuff he did behind the scenes, from his beginnings as a Game employee and his time in law school,to his WoW Radio days,  to dealing with American Citizenship to be with his wife, and the many controversies he had to deal with from publishers and devs all the same. Through it all he stuck to his guns and his morals, and kept doing his thing.  And some of this was WITH his cancer diagnosis. This right here is why he is a winner to me.

And losing this caliber of person is hard, we really need more people like him...
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I can't believe he died
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Yeah, i cried a lot. He was a phenomenal, way too modest person. ; _ ; 
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I would love to them use this on something official of his. I seen that Genna loves it too. So awesome for you! :D  <3
mioree-art's avatar
Yeah, whoa Genna likes it! Thank you ; v ; 
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Holy crap! hahahahaha! Man, this is the most awesome thing I've seen on the internet in awhile.  
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I love his stuff, this is a lovely piece! Do you like Dodger and Jesse as well?
mioree-art's avatar
Yes, i love them all. Next i'll do Jesse and the trio will be complete \o/
Ainiayo's avatar
Heh, :D I look forward to seeing it.
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His face looks so smooth. How incredible. Nice job. Teach me lol
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Im honored you like it so much, thank you!!
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Wow! this made my day. captures his personality so much. awesome work, TB is great.
mioree-art's avatar
That means a lot. I am happy you like it that much <3
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I like TotalBiscuit, his reviews cover quite a bit. They're not super fun, but that's fine cos I want information. I'm kinda stingy with my money.

It's a pity he gets so much abuse for, y'know, having opinions. The internet is a cruel place.
mioree-art's avatar
He is great in my opinion, so im happy i got the opportunity to make this \o/
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I should add that this portrait is really good--looks just like the photo--and yet it is recognisable as art. The colours are appealing as well.
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I don't always agree with TB. But I still like listening to him.

Although it still makes me sad to remember his health :(
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I see,  i almost always agree with him. Which is surprising to me but i like him more the more i hear his reasoning.
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