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Im very late on this bandwagon. The Disney version of her looks exactly like Ariel, yet i never saw Disney do flat hair so i made the safe choice. Hope you all like it. 

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Oh can you do this with Disney Ariel and can one of them be her drawn my hero academia style ❤️❤️❤️

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this is lovely!
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Awesome and inspiring^^
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tim burton kinda resembles don't starve and i love it!
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Lol yes i totally see that. Love that game~
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Wow so cool she looks like Ariel in the Disney one:-)
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This is actually very good! Please do more!!! 
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Okay! In the works!
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Yes! I can't to see what else you can do with the style of Tim Burton!
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GRAVITY FALLS YEE-*ahem* sorry... 

Great job! I love them all! :D 
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Thank you so much XD
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This is awesome
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Welp now I feel inspired to make one of my own XD
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Why is it that when I saw this, I said "I labya" many many time..? Maybe because of Tim Burton? NO doubt it''s Tim Burton!!!!
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