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Sea Under

By mioree-art

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Commission for :icondeviationaddict:
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© 2012 - 2021 mioree-art
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so beautiful Red Link Luv 
Kryseis-Art's avatar
Hello dear,

Your beautiful work is featured here : [link]

:huggle: :heart: :love:
mioree-art's avatar
Thank you so much >.<
deviationaddict's avatar
Wow, I think she turned out awesome! Thank you so much.
mioree-art's avatar
AnnaSasha's avatar
Wow. This is stunning! (:
Lintu47's avatar
Hello :wave:
You have been featured in my weekly dA love for everyone! article.
Have a nice day :huggle:
Fawness's avatar
I love how the girl doesn't have the typical anatomy and facial structure you see here on DA. It's a very unique kind of beautiful.
Meema's avatar
Lovely piece. Well done.
Scarrrr's avatar
this is adorableeeee
Tsukiyuno's avatar
Stunning work!
I like the colors and the way you shade.
The mini little octopi are cute, too!

Although, hate is a strong word. So I don't necessarily agree with the person who mentioned hating how the girl was drawn.
I honestly don't mind how the girl looks. Everything in art doesn't always need to be perfect and proportional; it's up to the artist after all.

Again, this is a lovely piece of work. :)
BenyiHS's avatar
hahah I love this!! Is super nice! The colors of the octopus! And those little ones! :aww: Just lovely!
SoraNamae's avatar
I dont agree with the anatomy comments... I hate how people on this site think everything has to have realistic proportions and whatnot
I think it looks great... By looking at your other drawings its obvious the long neck etc is just part of your style, so why not stick to it?

Plus, the coloring and mood of the drawing are awesome, so Id take this over any "perfect" anatomy drawing with no "soul" any day
Toxic-Muffins-Studio's avatar
I personally am glad the artist takes everyone's opinions well and wants to improve themselves.
Toxic-Muffins-Studio's avatar
I like the colors and textures used, but I really hate how the girl is drawn, as someone already said the anatomy is really off. Her neck is too long, her head is turned in a very unnatural and impossible way, and her arms and legs look odd.
mioree-art's avatar
XD true. i'll try to fix it ^^
Alleby's avatar
I've seen too much hentai to know how is gonna end this.... xDD

NICE!! great job!! the big octopus looks so badass!! ><
stkbayfield's avatar
This is absolutely stunning. The anatomy is a bit weird but I love the coloring/shading and composition. Superb work!

Hope you don't mind me adding this to my commission contact portfolio?
mioree-art's avatar
lol. not at all XD
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