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Here are the girls! (from left to right) BUTTERCUP, BLOSSOM and BUBBLES.

My take on the old cartoon The Powerpuff Girls.

A remake of this series will apparently air in 2016 >v<... I still love cartoons, so im exited.
Also they were originally called The Whoopass Girls. I was tempted to use that as the title but i didnt want it to get too confusing.

EDIT: It was kindly pointed out to me that The show was originally called 'Whoopass Stew'.…
At least thats where they made their first appearance ^^b ..the more you know.
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Hey just wanted to let you know that your art was stolen it can be found here powerpuff girls 3 by quewisorest
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Thank you so much for letting me know <3
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Hi, I just wanted to let you know that i'm going to be cosplaying Bubbles and I've used your design as inspiration. Just the basics of the dress, the rest is like the original cartoon. I just thought it was so cute and perfect . I will actually be done very soon with the dress. I will probably finish tomorrow. So i will send you some pictures if you'd like to see.   turquoise heart {big} 
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Okay im so excited to see the pictures that come out of it! Be sure to keep me posted <3 good luck
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I ended up sewing the whole thing on Monday. :D (Big Grin)…
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amazing rendition ^^
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I love the simplicity of their outfits. Its so perfect
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the blue girl I feel doesn't quite match her ditzy character in the cartoon
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If only the remake was as good as this
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To me, blossom is looking the best out of three, followed closely by bubbles and lastly buttercup. But in the end, all three of them are looking...pretty, hot and everything else! 😊😀
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I kinda agree. Or at least see what you mean ^^ I love buttercup too tho. over bubbles
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Omg I would love to turn this into cosplay with your permission
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This is so sick, I can't handle how awesome it is! Kudos to you!
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Thank you so much > v < 
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is Bubbles blowing a spit bubble? Sweat Drop revamp
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I was thinking she was chewing gun and making bubbles, but that works too XD
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I love their outfits, their poses, the hair! Your style is incredible! :heart:
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