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Halloween Dempen

By mioree-art
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Ok, this is my second illustration for Halloween this year, i hope you enjoy it. It features my character Dempen who is originally a mermaid, but legs are sexy. The starfish on her mouth is ..HER. The original owner for the body died, this fantastical type of starfish accidentally took over the body. Not with any malice though. 

I really like this outfit tho... id love to make it one day!

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Your painting technique is so precious!
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She is just so adorable.
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3rd eye Jack o lantern.
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This may be an odd equation to you're work; but your psychedelia elements mixed with macabre elements begins to remind of some of what The Legendary Pink Dots were doing in music.
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This is so great!!! but... I don't get the star on her mouth... Cluck 
But I really really love it anywayy!!! you're sooo great :)
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Lol the star is a .. symbiotic organism keeping the body alive. The person who previously owned the body is dead. <3
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... that's so cool Luffy Anime Emoji (Blinking) [V5] ... anyway, great work again! :D
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aW Luffy!
One Piece is my favorite anime <3
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hahahhah mine too!! okay I'm sorry but it's done: you and me, best friends forever Inside out - Disgust is done (emote) :excited: 
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This one is great. I like the color scheme you choose.
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So beautiful, I love how the cloth feels thin and delicate, but still has volume.
Missed the ending stream, but it's okay cause I get to watch the vids! 
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Aw Zinn <3 Thank you so much!
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Your painting style is so gorgeous! I really enjoyed the stream :)
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Thank you so so much! Im happy you stopped by <3
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great job mioree, insane lighting :)
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I watched you paint this one from scratch but still it is magic to me how you did this <3
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Aw, you are too kind, im such a slowpoke. Thank you for the support!
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