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"Though I know I should be wary,
Still I venture someplace scary;
Ghostly haunting I turn loose ...
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!"

Hello guys and girls, meet my version of 'the ghost with the most' and his best friend Lydia.
I have been intending to make this for a long time now... finally did!

This cartoon is great! Not the level of Daria but i was obsessed with it as a child. Tim Burton FTW!
It only aired in my country for a very short time yet it left a big impression on me and i never forgot it.
Unfortunately no one knows of its existence here ; v ; ... just the movie.

This is to show my appreciation for the coolness of the series.

This is a fanart of the cartoon/animated series, NOT the movie.
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Morticiapetals's avatar
Love this show since i was a kid the cartoon was freaking awesome and the movie too.
CreativeProblemChild's avatar
emo bettlejuice love this!!!! way to go!
tangerinn's avatar
This one is so perfect! <3 Love it ><
mioree-art's avatar
Im happy you like it ; v ; 
carlgookins's avatar
Oh...I love this one too. :D
mioree-art's avatar
Fidae's avatar
Omg you drew Lydia, she was, for the longest time, my most favorite female cartoon chara
love your style
artofdroth's avatar
I remember that cartoon from when I was a kid...

Great interpretation!
LongHairLover's avatar
lovely characterization. they certainly have the feel cept the B-man looks far to tidy. not even a bug on him?
mioree-art's avatar
Oh, you are right lol. In the original sketch there were bugs over him but i painted over them and forgot. Thats embarrassing. 
Thank you for pointing it out. My bad ^^ " 
Dvool's avatar
seoc-w's avatar
yeah it's really sad that no one remembers the show or even know about it. I didn't even watch the movie.your style is cool and your version of them too
mioree-art's avatar
Thank you soo much xD i agree its sad no one remembers the series.
seoc-w's avatar
you're welcome :D yeah...
PankakeCarnivor's avatar
You deserve thousands of comments for this beautiful piece! I remember this cartoon...I was born in 1996 but I saw it a few times when it aired here and there and of course I've watched the movie. I just love how you drew them. Gosh, this is perfection:heart: I never expected to find something so lovely when I searched "Beetlejuice" on a whim.
BaconPUNCH's avatar
everything you do is pretty amazing : ) I would hang this on a wall for sure
shadamy20's avatar
Love the style
eklekt's avatar
Look up why his fingers are red.

I'ven't thought of of this show in some time. Wonder how it holds up.

We're enjoying your redesigns and such. Envious.
XocoWilde's avatar
I KNOW! So little people in my country too is like "Eh? a cartoon? no no, it was a movie" I remember those times where they began to make cartoons of movies haha and this one was one of my favs :D
Thanks for making me remember all this!
mioree-art's avatar
That is exactly what i got everytime. xD So lonely when only you know how cool something is.
Movie was great but cartoon was also awesome. IF only more people knew ^^
YBourykina's avatar
this is awesome, great job on their clothes, especially beetlejuice's suit :D
i now want to rewatch the show XD
ZacharyTC's avatar
Oh, the memories! This is awesome!
anonymous's avatar
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