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Anne With An E




I am personally loving the Netflix Original series "Anne With An E" and this is a tribute to the main character. Shes absolutely amazing, brave, strong  & inspiring. 
The actress also happens to have a stunning look so i based this on that. That being said, this is not meant to be 100% accurate, i wanted to capture some likeness and then add my own twist.

I hope you enjoy it!

Photoshop CC - Wacom Intuos Pro M - PureRef

© Mioree

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The title is amazing <3

vya's avatar
This is soooo lovely. :heart:
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I still adore this, honestly! So beautiful.
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Thats simply amazing artwork. Can you please give the link of this picture in full resolution for wallpaper. Thanks.
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I love Anne. She is inspiring. Make me want to associate with people.-:)
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I binged the first season and loved it. The actress for Anne is better than I imagined her in the books
and makes Anne so very relatable to girls everywhere 
ThanatosIruga's avatar
three weeks ago, i saw this series with my mom and i can't wait for season 2 <\3
Beautiful portrait, I wish Anne would see how beautiful she is inside and out.
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I enjoyed the series as well. Good drawing  of her. 
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This is simply beautiful! I'm enjoying it very much, thank you! Cannot wait for the next season.
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Anne from anne of green gables and Alice from Alice in wonderland were the people I felt most connected to. so when this series came up I binged and when I saw this I almost fell over in love in  my chair.
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IKR its so good! Im glad ppl love it like i do <3
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I want the next season already.
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I loved this show! Anne is so inspiring Heart and this is just wonderful!
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that's absolutely stunning and wonderful!!! Your style is just GOALS ♥ I love everything in your art.
Anne with an E is a series I keep my eye on and I am planning to watch and I think you did an amazing job Mio in this portrait. It does keep this outstanding feeling.  Awesome job :la:
mioree-art's avatar
aWWW such a lovely comment ; 0 ; 
thank you!!
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I'm in love with this and with the show. The books were a favorite of mine when I was young. 
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this is stunning. Amazing job
mannysmyname's avatar
I just started this show. I like it so far. This piece is awesome!
skonenblades's avatar
Very alive. Excellent work.
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I just finished the season myself and I just love the bits of the story they "fleshed out." And I love the look of Anne herself, just the way I always imagined her! This is so lovely, great job!
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This is beautiful! :iconluvluvplz:
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