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Just a quick note, The Fort Point Open Studios will be May 15th, 16th and 17th, 2015.…
My illustration projects are piling up!

I have a comic book project I'm working on, my Tarot deck and a painting for a show this Summer.

My graphic design internship has ended, it was great experience and a lot of fun. It made me realize that I would like working 9-5 in a office :)
As long as I have some time to do illustration stuff as well. Although I'm sort-of sad it is over I do need the time to finish some art projects, and classes are very time consuming this semester.

Anyway, these next few months I'm going to try and take a big chunk out of the Tarot project.

I have also set up a Patreon account, if you want to check that out. You can follow my progress without pledging as well. Eventually I plan on turning this page into a limited edition sticker/print club.

Thanks for your support
Sometime soon-ish I'm going to stop selling prints through Deviantart.
If you want to purchase any prints here now is the time.

I found a company in Providence that makes gorgeous prints on very fancy paper, they cost more, but it is worth it.
You can find my prints and work for sale here….
So circumstances presented themselves and I ended up getting a internship a little earlier than I had planned,
It is working out well so far. It is so strange working a 9-5ish job.

Here is a quick list of my August shows.

Art Walk
August 24th
University Park at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology…

Boston Arts Festival
August 30 - August 31, 2014
Christopher Columbus Park Boston, MA.…

Hope you can make it.
I'm taking the summer off from Graphic Design classes to work on a new body of work and some more free-lance jobs. It will be an awesome summer of mystical inspirations long interupted painting sessions and hopefully a little bit of time to hang out with friends and visit a few museums. My new paintings will be focusing on Grimm Fairy Tales and aspects of fortune.

For this new series I will be working on some larger pieces 8" to 20" (large for me). These paintings take a looong time because I work so detailed but hopefully they will be stunning. As usual I will also have a handful of smaller pieces as well. I've been collecting an amazing array of hand carved black forest frames old German books and fortune telling trinkets.

This Fall I will be showing at a few happenings including the Boston Arts Festival and open studios.

After the Fall craziness I'm planning on searching for a part time graphic design internship.

Off to paint.
I'm trying very hard to finish up my homework before the end of the semester, but I'm also preparing for the spring open studios.

May 9th 10th and 11th…

I hope (fingers crossed) to have some exciting new announcements at this point.

Over the winter break I ended up finishing one of the two illustration projects I was working on.
I have not posted images yet on Deviant art, because it is a commercial print project with copyrights legal stuff to keep an eye on. I did post some sneak-peek images on my Facebook.
I'm really excited about this project and hopefully the rest of the process goes smoothly.

Looks like my second project will have to be put on the back burner for a bit, but I will try and get a little work done on it during this semester.

As of last week I'm headed back to school. It looks like this class (intermediate portfolio) is going to be tons of work, but a lot of fun!

With my busy schedule I will not be visiting Deviant art for the next three months but you can find me on:


Classes are ending in a week and I'm about to seriously buckle down and finish the beginning of some major illustration projects.

I'm dedicating a few days this week to finish a few personal projects.

This holiday season I will be sending out a little Snail Mail gift envelope of little stickers and such to those of you on my (mail Chimp) mailing list.

Just add your self to my (E-mail Signup) with your address before 12/14/2013.
(I will only ship to US mailing addresses)

I may even have some fancy new stickers printed by then!

Snow, Snow, Snow

Hope everyone had a fantastic Fall.
A big thanks to all of you that made it out to my shows!

This holiday season you can find my paintings, prints and other bits on:

Etsy and at the Fort Point store.

Desert Bus for Hope

My most exciting announcement is the auctioning-off of the Marceline painting I donated to the Desert Bus charity.
I was working on this fancy oil painting for the majority of the Summer and am really happy with the final piece.
Desert Bus for Hope combines video games and tedium to benefit charity. Desert Bus started in 2007 by internet sketch comedy group
LoadingReadyRun. This year they will auction off and giveaway about 300 prize lots. These items are nerdy-game related and crafty items. I have spent the last few years following their live video stream and auctions and I'm so happy to be participating in the auction this year.
The photos just went live yesterday!

Check out the painting here…
The auction Starts:
06:00PM PST, Nov 19th


If you would like to be added to my mailing list:

Wishing you snow warm cookies and hot chocolate
The Paper Trail show is now online and will be up until August 11th…

I now have a tiny sneak of my zine-ish/comic book collaboration with Tomas Swift.
The finished compilations will be available at my Fall art sales.…

And my Fall sales will be:

The Boston Arts festival ( Aug 31 to Sep1st )…

The RISD Alumni Sale ( Oct 12 )…

Fort Point Open Studios ( Oct 18th to the 20th )

I can feel the fall chill in the air
I'm now in the midst of some big projects.

In the mean time I will be having a piece (or two)
In this show:…


Classes are out for the summer.
Time to work some more on my own art.
I have a lot of plans, we will see what I can actually finish.

1. I want to work on a comic with my husband to have at the fall art sales I will be participating in.
2. Work a little bit in oils, paint over some old paintings and finish my coffee series, started in 2003.
3. Update my website.
4. Print new stickers and buttons.

(and some other top secret projects)

Enjoy the Summer and create something.

If you are in the Boston area,
The FPAC Open Studios are
May 10th 11th and 12th 2013…

Hope to see you there,
I will have cookies and art!

I've been neglecting my Deviant Art account.
Here is a feature recently posted on Paint Pens in Purses:…

I now have some prints up on Society6.

I will also be adding new work to my Etsy site in a few weeks.…

I'm continuing to work on the rewards for my Kickstarter, I will be sending out the prints in a few days.
After the prints get mailed out I will finish up the 11 frog and robot sketches,, then I'm on to the custom pieces.…

Hello all,

I just got these new stickers printed:…

To celebrate I will be giving away some

If you send me a note with your mailing address I will send out a few FREE! stickers to the first
5 that reply.

My Kickstarter has been doing splendidly.
Thank you everyone for supporting my artistic endeavors!

We have done so well that I have added new rewards:
Very low priced original art, more robots and frogs, and more stickers!…

Also, if any of you guys have ideas for rewards you would like to see available please comment below,
I have some more things up my sleeve, but your input would be most appreciated.

Only 9 more days to go.
The final countdown begins!

Once again,
Thank you!
I just launched a kickstarter to (potentially, with your help) get a fancy 6" square limited edition print of my painting "Robot" made.

Check it out:…

There are a bunch of incentives and cool prizes.
(Provides and opportunity for commissioned work.. yippee!)
The FPAC open studios were crazy busy this year, I sold out of almost all my prints. Time to re-stock.

My Graphic Design classes are picking up a bit, so I have a little less time to paint these days.
I'm planning on setting some time aside during winter break to get some projects done.

The new Fort Point store opened a few weeks ago, the space is beautiful. If you are in the Boston ares stop on buy. I will be restocking my prints shortly and will be continuously showing and selling a selection of my work there. The Made in Fort Point store is a great place for all your holiday shopping.…

Looking forward to the chilly weather,
mulled cider and home cooking.

My next event will be The Boston Arts Festival…

If you are in the area check it out Sep 8th and 9th,
Music art and fun.