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The Real Me

By Miokomata
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I really enjoyed drawing this one, I even going make there own portrait soon  like my deviant id
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Persona 4 reference?

It does remind me of giant Teddy boss battle when he say "Real me? Such foolishness" with his dark spooky voice.
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I really like how her evil version came out in this one.
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Yep, it checks out. I totally love this, nice work.
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sweet :) love it :3
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I'm actually still into the fact Fluttershy is a batpony/vampire now am i the only one?
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strange, it looks familiar :iconmy-little-brony-writ:
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Wow... THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
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Love it love it. Watched!
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Much appreciated!
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what program did you ue???!!!!this is AMAZING!
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oh i see!great job!
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Very nice drawing!~ :)
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What's this pic about, Flutters coming to terms w/ her fangs and other changes?
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Was originally two different pictures just combined to one. The evil one and the good one simply put.
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You're welcome!~ :)
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I'm very proud of you, Mio! You keep getting better and better. This is great.
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So nice :) 
Now all thats needed is a picture of her in Flutterbat form cuddling her Rainbow Dash who may or may not be enjoying the new Fluttershy. (...or not. Up to you.)
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