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Lesson to be learned

By Miokomata
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Since from an anime i saw so i quickly drew it up.
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I am unsure if I should add it to my "tiny Twilight" collection folder since it seems as if Twilight imagined Celestia being so big instead of her being small.
Celestia has one size, bigger than you.
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Celestia: Twilight! I need to tell you a lesson I learned..... the hard way...
Twilight: Uh..... Princess?
C: Please! Let me finish.... You have to know that whatever you try.... wherever you go and whenever you do it... *sigh* There is no such thing as a sliming cake...
T: What?
C: I tasted all of them... and none worked that way.
T: No kidding... err... I mean... Really?
C: It's true. Whatever the cake I eat.... I gain weight. And I... Where are going?
T: Pinkie Pie asked me to help her prepare a cake testing contest for a Ponyville celebration.
C: Uh.... Wait for me!
T: What about what you just told me?
C: Oh! Screw that, I will work to lose the weight later... much later...
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Never make Celestia mad. In the show she was only ever irritated or slightly angry. In the comics you got to see her blow her fuse and it was terrifying for everyone involved.
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i am guessing KILL LA KILL =D if so very nice work 
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Yes. Funny scene it was.
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Dark Souls reference?
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remember who are you simba
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