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fluttershy balancing on pole sticking out of water.

Update: Wanted to be on cover art of Equestria daily at least once. My life is complete.…
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Fluttershy: Rainbow Dash? What is this for again?
Rainbow Dash: For training your balance.
F: B-but I have good pony weight for my height.
RD: No Fluttershy. Balance. You ability to stay straight when walking.
F: I know what balance is but... I don't see why I would need to do this.
RD: Well... I remember back that you were training for the race, so...
F: Rainbow Dash. That was moons ago. I stopped since.
RD: What? And the next race in the next Equestria Games? You know we'll need you.
F: But I don't see why I would need this for flying.
RD: Uh... Well... It... it would hurt, in case of... trying to stay.. straight when you help your critters?
F: Were you reading again one of those martial arts manga?
RD: Uh.... N-no?
F: I'm going then.
RD: Hey! Wait!
F: Was it it Rainbow?
RD: C-can... can you call me sensei?
F: ..... No.
RD: Please? Just once?
F: .... My critters must be waiting for me for dinner. Bye Rainbow Dash.
RD: Awww....
F: Why you don't try to train Derpy instead? I'm sure she would love your attention.
RD: Derpy? That's the first one I asked.
F: What happened?
RD: She was constantly falling!
F: Well, as a sensei I'm disappointed that you gave up on her so quickly.
RD: Yeah. Maybe you're right. I probably should.... Wait!
F: What?
RD: Were you referring me or you as sensei?
F: Oh. Um. I was talking about me.
RD: Huh? Since when you are one?
F: *giggle* I'm the sensei of cuteness.
RD: Wha?
F: And my best technique is the "Too cute for your heart".
RD: ..... You are serious.
F: Yes. And if you want, I can take you under my w-
She flew away.
RD: Sorry Flutters. Gotta go.
F: Awww.... That's too bad. She has just the right amount of cuteness for my tech-
F: Oh! Thank you Rainbow! I think I just found a new variant of it! The technique "Too cute for your heart: Dashie version".
RD: ARGH!!!!
F: *smile* I'll be at my house if you want to learn it.
RD: *snort* Yeah, right.
Fluttershy took off and flew in the direction of her house while Dash hovered and look at her leaving. She stayed there for moment, meditating.
RD: *sigh* Wait for me, sens, er I mean Fluttershy.

Wonderful work
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FLuttershy is afreakin ninja !
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Amazing work! <3
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Thank you, this was fun to draw.
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You're welcome :)
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You art is so perfect <3
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:) it could be better.
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I think its fantastic!! Dont say that ^-^
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Very nicely done! Also, Fluttershy is absolutely adorable in this!! :D
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I know you probably don't reply but thank you.
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No, thank YOU! Keep up the incredible work! 
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Ohmygod this is so pretty! The background looks really stunning. ^u^
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As always... very GORGEOUS background and very beautiful overall. ^^
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You're very welcome.
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Beautifully amazing!
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This is brilliant, absolutely beautiful<3
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This is amazingly done! The colors used here are so vibrant! Keep up the good work!
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