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You can Stop It, this Hurricane, cause you're a Warrior and you've got the Power
Like a Badman you have No Mercy, you Never Give Up even after a Crash, you'll stand up, and with One Shot you will kill and say Goodbye to your black thoughts, like if you were quietly leaving a Coffee Shop, while listening to the Rain Sound.

MinYeon <3
bunny-to lovely 
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Hi everybody!
I'm writing a story (maybe I can describe it as a fantastic story), and I will start to upload some parts of the story.
For the moment, I have only 4 chapters (and a prologue) including 18 pages. 
That's not a lot, but I'll continue to write it when I'll have free time.
So, as I'm originally french, I'll upload it in french, BUT! I will also upload it in english! Buttermarshmallow clap clap (hoping that I won't do a lot of mistakes^^")
I will upload the first part (the prologue) and if you want more, I'll continue to upload it and the fact that someone wants to read more about my story will give me more strength to write it!
Thank you ^^

MinYeon <3
Hi there!
I'm MinYeon and I new on deviantART!
I'll upload drawings, especially Manga drawings, but sometimes I will upload other kinds of drawing.
I hope that you'll like my deviations! :)

MinYeon <3