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Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!| 18 | Sagittarius

Where To Contact/My REAL Accounts

Find Me Here - Wilderness Typeface (white) by HinaTheBlue

Important Information / FAQ

Art/Collab done by :iconminxthecheetah::iconsal7-wa73r:

Do I have rules about my art and characters? Yes I most certainly do.
✭ ✮
Art/OC's I Strictly Own


✘ I possess full proprietorship all through my entire gallery. I OWN my characters, they're not for you to take and RP with your "sex-buddies". It's totally sickening to RP with a stolen character your "claim" that belongs to you, when you can't think of a unique design. For hell's sake, some of you declare to be an "artist" yet you're only an art-thief, desiring consideration from envy or simply trolling "for the sake of entertainment".

✘ Do not inquire me if you can use my characters for RP my answer is “No”.

✘ If my art/characters is posted onto another site/online networking as in (Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, Google +, Fan Fiction, Wattpad, Kik, e621, Furaffinity, Inkbunny) or any other site used for pointless things other than RP it's STOLEN. On the off chance that you ARE the original owner of a character drawn by me: If you redistribute my art, you MUST credit me, else I'll need to request that you take it down. On the off chance that isn't done, I'll make a move for documenting a DCMA takedown form, and no one needs to have their account strike once or twice.

✘Same thing goes to tracing and recoloring. I DON'T permit my content to be recolored, traced over, made into bases or referenced off of. In case I'm a inspiration of yours I absolutely understand- I'm sorry but my answer is no. I would ONLY permit my companions to do these things only if he/she asked WITH MY PERMISSION first before doing as such.

✘If you do RP as Minx or whatever other characters I have bought from a commission, art trade, collaborations, requests, gifts from others or MY content. Be prepared I'm not reluctant to request that you pleasantly to take it down. If denied as I specified above I will file a DCMA take down form.

✘ Do NOT sell my characters to anyone, it's not for sale I'm forever keeping them. I live with them and I RP with them only.

✘ I don't allow nsfw drawn of my characters or any kind of fetishes like; foot fetish, bloating, farting, vore, age-play, dungeon master, pony play, wax play etc. I don't allow it, it's sicking and heart breaking to see something drawn with my characters like that.

✭ ✮

Fake Profiles

✘ If there's a media that I don't have in my “To Find Me” box , with an account impersonating me anywhere it's fake.

✘ The links I provided above are my REAL accounts. It's pretty obvious if someone is pretending to be another based on what they post and their reaction. Keep in mind that I do announce fake profiles, until deleted. Which is why I'm going to list them below just to show. {Even on my G+ it's impossible to impersonate me, I'm the real Wave Da Swallow/Minx The Cheetah with over 2,000 followers. There's no point of doing so.}

Fake Accounts

𝟙.… (𝘋𝘦𝘢𝘥)
𝟚.… (𝘋𝘦𝘢𝘥)
𝟛.… (𝘋𝘦𝘢𝘥)
𝟜.… (𝘋𝘦𝘢𝘥)
𝟝.… (𝙎𝙡𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩𝙡𝙮 𝘼𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚)
𝟞.… (𝘋𝘦𝘢𝘥)
𝟟.… (𝘋𝘦𝘢𝘥)
𝟠.… (𝘋𝘦𝘢𝘥)
𝟡.… (𝘋𝘦𝘢𝘥)
𝟙𝟘.… (𝘋𝘦𝘢𝘥)
𝟙𝟙.… (𝘋𝘦𝘢𝘥)
𝟙𝟚.… (𝘋𝘦𝘢𝘥)
𝟙𝟛.… (𝘋𝘦𝘢𝘥)
𝟙𝟜.… (𝘋𝘦𝘢𝘥)
✭ ✮

Commissions, Art-Trades, Requests etc.

✘ I am very known to be slow and lazy when it comes to this. I do in fact, try to keep track of who's order of the such. Do not rush me or give me a due date for completion, that's rude and stressful to artists. Besides putting pressure and for the content may not look so good if done so, please let me take my time. I will not always work on one thing, I'll work on another as well. If I'm fully motivated on a certain day I will draw. If not I'll call it a day to work on something else.

✘ Please, be mindful that I can refund you and cancel your order. If I already started on something, but asking for a refund at a late time- it's not happening.



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Do any of you have Instagram? (Last time to ask around.) [If you do, note me] 

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About Me

Welcome - Wilderness Typeface (white) by HinaTheBlue

(Credit to :iconkagescupcake195: for this gorgeous piece.)

About Me - Wilderness Typeface (white) by HinaTheBlue

Hello everyone my name is Wave Da Swallow or just Minx The Cheetah personally by far. It's nice to meet you all on my glorious and junky profile; nothing but artwork and journals. Come on take a look around and explore by all means if you have any questions or concerns come ask me and I'll try to answer you asap.

Love Sonic, My Little Pony, Anime, Art, Music etc? You've came to the right profile.

Likes: :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock Sonic :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock Amazing art :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock Singing :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock Music :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock Gaming :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock Cheesecake and Poptarts :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock Roleplay :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock Bunnies

Dislikes: :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock Art thieves/ Re-colors :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock Ripoffs :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock Immaturity :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock Pedophiles :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock Anti-Sonic/Furry haters :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock Trolls

Don't expect me to be nice because I'm not at times, you can't change me or my attitude I'm the one who has the power and potential to do so. I'm not perfect as you're expecting me to be, I'm being myself so there's no need to play the fake game. You may not like some of the things as I do but we're all different and have different opinions depending on the subject.

Don't like my art? Good there's no need for you to be on my profile if you're going to tempt me to suicide or call me a "furfag". But congrats you just played yourself you're a furfag too since were all descended from "monkeys". It's simple science people pay attention.



Fanart & Friends

Space A by Snow-Arrows Friends - Wilderness Typeface (white) by HinaTheBlue

Check Them Out - Wilderness Typeface (white) by HinaTheBlue

Squishy donut by Maarui:iconxx-kitty-star-xx: Squishy donut by Maarui
"She's my kitty baby, my role model and most of all my best friend. When I first met her I honestly didn't know she was going to be this important to me. Our adventure has just begun even if we have been through the hard times of ours lives, nothing can't break us apart. With that adventure slowly turns into memories, sharing our laughter and joy with the creation of art. I'll always be there for her when she's in trouble or feeling down. And if you hurt her I will not only tell you off I'll break your face with my fist."

knife icon(f2u) by Cimsos:icontomaskiroshi: jagged knife(f2u) by Cimsos
"How in the flippin' hell did we go from enemies to lovable squeakers? Well, both of us most have a soft spot for something that seems unique. This dummy here proclaims his art to be shitty. 'Cuse me you, flipping baked potato? Your art is the most amazing thing I've seen even when you drew me for the first time. There are a few inhuman monsters in the world, you're not dangerous or a monster."

teeny tiny fire divider by luxidoptera:iconkardiamente: teeny tiny fire divider by luxidoptera
"This nasty hoe keeps feeding off Truffle Butter's crystals because he claims it tastes like candy. He even uses a stepping stool to reach Truffle's height, she's 13 feet tall, while he's about 8 feet tall. It makes sense because Truffle is a Grizzly bear and he's a mutant fire cat. What's even worse, he tries to seduce her with fuckin' memes. I almost forgot he even sleeps on her stomach every now and then. Lmao gotta love this bastard here, really can't tell if I even motivated him to be here today."

Peachy Lips by King-Lulu-Deer:iconxxmintycrystalxx: Peachy Lips by King-Lulu-Deer
"This tiny motherfucker right here makes the most adorable art. Why doesn't enough people notice her on DA compared to Google +? How? Why? When the fuck did people decide to become Anti-social, Nazi Grammar Faggots, Pedophiles and Trolls? That's almost as if white people didn't have any other choice but to buttfuck Donald Trump to become President. Type of shit is this? Go watch her, praise the girl and shower her in money she needs it. Seriously touch her and I will end you in one go." (Don't take me seriously made some jokes, thanks. Not about the touching her part, I do roast people.)

Memes made by her:
.:Commission 19:. by xXMintyCrystalXx

Cake For Artists with candle 50x50 icon by RiverKpoccWeirdo Artists Cake For Artists with candle 50x50 icon by RiverKpocc


And I have daddio officer :iconraz0reyes: constantly on my ass.
Space A by Snow-Arrows

Free Icon - Ginzuishou by dnya Fanart Free Icon - Ginzuishou by dnya

Minx The Human (GIFT) by KagesCupcake195 ~.A Cheetaaaaah~. by xX-Kitty-Star-Xx

Free Watermark by Sassy-Zombie

Overwatch Defense Stamp by Fruitily Overwatch stamp logo Widowmaker by SamThePenetrator
widowmaker stamp by sorrystamps [STAMP] WidowMaker Player by friedakohler Overwatch Widowmaker by SamThePenetrator

Overwatch stamp by Genesismax Overwatch stamp Widowmaker by SamThePenetrator Widowmaker Kin Stamp by ToeBeanKing OW: Biromantic Demisexual Widowmaker | Headcanon by Reykholtz Overwatch: Widowmaker by pulsebomb


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