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JARVIS was acting weird lately, from heating the coffee way too hot or overfilling the shower as if to drown ____. _____ knew that Tony may be an cocky ass but he was clever and he knew what he was doing...right?
The morning started as a blur, one of Tony's suits hovering above her, the soulless eyes piercing into her soul, well if she had a soul of a human it would be cowering right now but being a demon, she was unfazed but curious and mad.
"T-Tony, what the fuck?!" She yelled, panicking as the robot grabbed her neck and threw her into the wall, the glass window (that showed the front room, not pummelling her thirty feet onto the concrete.) shattered and cut her skin to ribbons.
"You wanna play like that, fucker. I'm a demon Stark?" She growled, her eyes melting a obsidian black before the robot was cascaded by shadows and as the shadows filled with light, the robot was gone, it's remaining's a scrap of metal with a little, red light on it.
"What happened?!" Tony panicked, looking at the room which was destroyed.

Wait, Tony?
B-but the suit was there and he...wasn' it.

"Your bloody tin minion tried to murder me!" She yelled, the realization hitting her like a wet cloth slapped her in the face.
The touch screen which allowed you to tell JARVIS what to do around the tower was buzzing, the screen was glitching insanely.
"Tony...what's that?" Sceptically, Tony strolled to the screen and tapped the command button, instead a strand of electricity hit him on his arc reactor, the jumpscare pushing him to the floor.
"Dude are you okay?!" She panicked, helping him up.
"What's going on, it's like eight in the morning?" Clint complained, cutting off as soon as he saw the room.
"Tony's suits got possessed at threw me to the wall, Tony got electrocuted and JARVIS is fucked." She put it briefly, climbing into her black catsuit and strapping her mouth mask on, the metal clinging to her skin. She pulled her yellow lens goggles onto her eyes and put on a pair of Natasha's 'special' gloves.
"I'm gonna find out what's going on with JARVIS." They could hear the grin as she spokem and it was silent.
"Guys, why is that scrap of metal glowing?" She pressed.
"Oh my god."
"What is it?" Steve and Thor piled in, getting in on the mystery.
"It's a track and hack, a little fucker is tracking us and hacking into JARVIS."

With out backs to the wall, the darkness would fall
Never quite thought we could loose it all
Ready aim fire, Ready aim fire

"Where'd that come from?" Steve said, watching as you inspected the piece.
"The suit that tried to kill me...but how would it get there in the first place?" She sighed, picking up a plastic case and handing it to Tony.
"Tony you go to Bruce and both of you try to work out where this came from and who put it there. Steve and Thor, you get Natasha and Bucky and tell them to search the tower with the two of you but remember to split up into two pairs it'll cover more ground, Clint?"
He nodded, watching everyone leave the room.
"You're with me, suit up."
Clint followed her out the room until she cramped over in pain.
"You okay?" He asked.
"Just a stomach ache, probably the shock."
Loki heard about the news and so he began helping Bruce, so Tony could be able to search up addresses with an search image of the track-hack.

An empire's falling just one day
You close your eyes and the glory fades
Ready aim fire, Ready aim fire away (fire! )
Ready aim fire, Ready aim fire away

"Hawkeye, you copy?" She spoke into her ear piece, which was attached to her mouth mask.
"I copy, Sylence" He spoke clear, deep in the vents.
"Am I close?" She asked, not knowing where to find the control panel. She was in the lab where Tony held all his suits. She had to pull the metal off a wall and creep through the hole that could be compared to a catacomb.
"Turn left and you'll see a white door, press the number five with your nail and it will open."
"Bingo, go and see what Bruce and Tony have got." She said, switching off her communications.
"Let's see what you contain eh?"
She held the number and it popped open, the room was lit dimly with green lights and had security screens everywhere, only difference was that they were black.
Above the screens was a strip of plastic which was hanging off, so being the OCD freak she was, ____ ripped if off and saw four letters engraved into the wall, FIVE.
"What the-"

Off in the distance, staring's resistant
Bottling up and festering
Hey Mr Motion, make me a potion
Shake it all up with your mystery

Bruce and Loki were inspecting the tracker, using tweezers to pull apart each layer until they found the source of the light and five letters engraved into it and an address.
"Hey Loki, jot down the words erase in the top corner and write down the address."
"Got it."
A buzzing alarmed them, Tony's phone popped up with a message.
"Tony, take a look at this." Bruce yelled, his eyes not leaving the screen. The man sauntered over, curiousity wiping the smirk off of his face.
"3 in, the number three and the word In from an unknown number."
"Loki jot it down." Loki gave him a thumbs up as he wrote out the number.
"We found the word Erase written in the exact font, maybe they're linked?" Bruce suggested.
Tony shrugged, suggesting it for a second.
"We found an address by the way, have you tried searching it up on that electronic book of yours?" Loki asked, pushing his glasses up on his nose.
"On the laptop, what's the address?"
Loki handed him the paper and Tony got back to it.

How come I've never seen your face 'round here?
I know every single face 'round here
A man on a mission, changing the vision
I was never welcome here

Meanwhile with The House Searchers~
"See anything suspicious?" Steve muttered to Nat, who shook her head.
She felt the carpet which was oddly wet, maybe Tony spilt beer again, that'd explain the god awful smell.
They'd rummaged through EVERYTHING. Thor and Bucky returned with gloomy faces.
"Nothing, absolutely nothing." Bucky said, yet not putting his guard down.
"We'll just have to keep an eye out for unwanted guests.
Everyone was silent until the song Numb by Linkin Park rang, alerting him of a text.
"You brought your phone?" Steve eyed Bucky who put his hands up in mock surrender.
He typed in his password and his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
"It literally just says the word Letter in a weird font." He was puzzled, and he didn't like it.
"Let's get back to the others, see what they got.

The others were reunited with Bruce, Loki, Tony and Clint.
"We didn't find anything but Bucky got a text saying Letter." Steve said.
"You got a phone?" Tony asked, shocked.
"Tony." Natasha pressed, as if to say 'focus on the task at hand or I'll gouge your eyes out with a spoon'.
"Anyway, we were wondering if you have found anything peculiar like this?" Thor boomed, handing the device to Loki.
"Banner, it's in the same font as the other words, I'll write it down." He put all the collected words together and rearrganged them until they seemed to almost make sense.
"We have Erase Letter 3 In...that's it." Loki was baffled, he was usually able to solve things like this but he was confused.
Clint's phone buzzed, phone call from:___."
"Hey Birdboy, so I managed to find a word written in a weird way, it's the word Five. I got mind message from Loki telling me so I thought that'd be help, bye."
"Five! That's the missing number." Clint said, urging Loki to write it down.
"Erase Letter 3 In Five, and we get...Fie."
"____ keep looking for clues!" And he hung up.

Everyone followed Tony into his Chevy Impala and they sped off to catch whoever was trying to kill ____ and hack the suits.
____ was looking through  files that had been thrown on the floor, seeing an identical picture to the track hack.
"R...oh no."

We don't have a choice to stay
We'd rather die than do it your way

Looking around the room, she saw two things in the room; a phone and a Butane lighter.
Picking up the phone, a obviously autotuned voice made her body shiver.
"____ ____, read the instructions I've sent  closely, time to be a hero, ring the number when you get a text from me."

With our backs to the wall, the darkness would fall
We never quite thought we could loose it all
Ready aim fire, Ready aim fire
An empire's falling just one day
You close your eyes and the glory fades
Ready aim fire, Ready aim fire away (fire! )
Ready aim fire, Ready aim fire away

The rest of the Avengers were outside of an worn down house, and they kicked down the door.
A man, in his thirties sat he had; ginger hair, a stereo typical nerd look to him other than the fact he had blood splatters over his clothing and a maniac smile on his face.
"Avengers, have you solved my puzzle yet?"
"What do you want?" Tony growled.
"Love, nah. Money, maybe. Power, no. I want that girl dead. I'm the king!"
He casually whipped out his phone, texting random digits before the phone rang.
"Speakerphone dear, you might give away my plans...fine." He pressed the speaker and the group had chills run over them.
"Um, guys?" A familiar voice made them curious.
"____, WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Tony yelled.
"You know how you've always told me I can be a hero and how I always disagree, well guess what?"
"____?" Natasha snatched the phone and felt something bad about to occur.
"I'm going to actually do it, I hope you're proud of me." She sobbed happily.

Back in the casing, shaking and pacing
This is the tunnel's light
Blood in the writing, stuck in the fighting
Look through the riffle's sight
How come I've never seen your face 'round here?
I know every single face 'round here
Here in the heckle, holding the shackle
I was never welcome here

Her side~
She sat down on the floor, flicking the lighter.
"And it's taking me so long to figure it out. How to be someone's rolemodel or a saviour." She chuckled.
"____!" She pleaded.
"STARK Tower has been drenched in gasoline, everything is soaked in it and I figured out the puzzle and the guy's name. He calls himself the Riddle Replace, Use the surname Replace and add the letter R that I found."
Back to their POV~
The colour in Loki's face drained as he wrote the answer down.
"Erase Letter Three in Five...Replace with R."
He gulped.
"NO _____ NO!" Tony yelled, running out the door into the car along with the others. Natasha returned to the room and shot the fucker down.
"King my ass."
Arriving outside of STARK tower within seconds.
He tried to pry the doors open but to no avail, they were sealed shut.
"I've locked the doors, the glass in impenetrable and I've shut JARVIS and the suits down. Even if you could get in here and get me out I have spies on my ass who will kill me in an instant." She cried through the phone.
"We can kill them."
"Tony there is a bomb inside my fucking stomach!" She yelled.
Numb, pure numbness.

We don't have a choice to stay
We'd rather die than do it your way

"That robot who attacked me this morning, he put a bomb in my stomach and sealed it up and I can't get it out nor can I stop it, those spies will kill you all as well as me if they find me alive either way." She sighed.
"So, I'm going to light the house on fire, I'm scarifying myself, I'm going to be a hero for once." She cringed as she heard Bruce hulking out and Thor attempting to smash the glass with his hammer.
"____, please don't do this."
"Tony you're going to have to trust me."
"Goodbye Tony, I...I love you." She hung up.
"____!" He yelled into the palms of his hands, tears falling down his cheeks.
Her POV~
She lit the lighter on the carpet, it immediately caught alight around the whole house, as she fell to the wall behind her, smiling.
The flames were closing in on her, the stream of tears burning her skin. She closed her eyes...

With our backs to the wall, the darkness would fall
We never quite thought we could loose it all
Ready aim fire, Ready aim fire
An empire's falling just one day
You close your eyes and the glory fades
Ready aim fire, Ready aim fire away (fire! )

She opened her eyes and instead of the black pools of a demon, they were pure white.
The flames consumed her, her body pulled into death.

Ready aim fire, Ready aim fire away


This took two hours to write and it was worth it, this is one of my favourite stories I've written, this has slight TonyxReader because they were close friends, and now she's deadLoki'd La 
I hope you enjoy c: Ironman emote 

Avengers Copyright Marvel and Stan Lee
Song : Ready Aim Fire CopyrightImagine Dragons

Ehehe: Guess what Avenger had a recent movie with this song in it?
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Inkknight13 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Why didn't she just kill herself another way and not burn down Tony's house. I'm also rather sick of the 'misunderstood demon' trope. It's not original anymore :/
Minxif Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Student Writer
Well, its my story and it doesn't have to be original, i mean have you watched Supernatural? But if you didn't like it that's your opinion, maybe next time you could portray it a little less rude and blunt.
Inkknight13 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Overall it was good. Also you do need to learn to deal with non-sugar coated criticism if you want to make the writing a career. I think you could do it, but like everyone's stuff, it needs work. There were some spelling errors but I don't hold those against you because if I'm being honest I make a fair share myself, and you explained them. You are good. Fanfic is good practice because you really have to think about keeping someone in character and you did do a good job.
Minxif Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014  Student Writer
Thanks again, I'm sorry for being rude myself. Thanks, there are probably alot of mistakes because of how shitty my phone is down to auto correct but others were probably my fault too. This was written quite a while ago before publishing so it would need alot of tweaking <3 thank you though
Inkknight13 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
No problem. I was feeling a bit annoyed that day and I apologize for any offense.
Minxif Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014  Student Writer
None taken 💜
apsenarent Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
please make a part two
omg ahhftaaahah I'm going to die if there is n part 2
BlackSilverTooth Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student
............I need to huddle up in a corner and contemplate on why I live........T~T

Minxif Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student Writer
Alright when I typed this up it was four in the morning and i hadn't ate nor slept so there are MAJOR spelling mistakes and mixing up words such as word for letter and letter for word.
sorry bout that.
IvanTheRussianB Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
OMFG please make par 2 (if you have time) I really like it *^*
I cry T^T
Minxif Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student Writer
ehehbeh, we'll see. :icondoctorthumbsupplz:
Sorry for my outburst... but this was incredible the feels 

Could you please make a part two?
Minxif Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student Writer
huehuehue......we'll see Sherlock Wink 
PhoenixCrescendo Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
Thank you human Kitty Dance 
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