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Oil Spill
Oil Spill
Excuse me but do you mind if I speak for myself for a while
Do you mind letting me explain my messy internal term oil
Baby's got a secret, but she doesn't dare tell a soul
Baby feels wrong, from the hearts she's stole
baby's got a guilty pleasure and a heavy heart
baby wants to rewind the world and finish at the start
There was a magical place, that she promised to take you,
With a smile and a hop out the window, away she flew
you watched her soar through an overcast starless sky
but you just couldn't, and wouldn't remember how to fly
Oh my darling, the suns coming up I think its time for you to go
Oh my darling, the clocks ticking and I think its time for you to know
She can not save you from mediocrity, She can not wipe away your normality
She can not teach you how to take a fall, when she can scarcely grasp reality
what if she thought so, but just didn't say so
There was a magical place, that she promised to take you,
With a smile and a hop out window, away she flew
you wa
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Lucifer Morningstar by Minusonereject Lucifer Morningstar :iconminusonereject:Minusonereject 1 1 Fallen by Minusonereject Fallen :iconminusonereject:Minusonereject 0 1
A (very) short fiction story written by Mya Hardman 2004
I've only ever loved three men in my short life. Of course there has been infatuations and sheer lusts, but love? Only three;
NEIL, now he was something so inexplicitly useless and so beautiful. We could lose ourselves in a cloud of sex and dreams, carelessly throwing away our friends and responsibilities.
Money was never an issue.
Just go. If we were broke, we would walk. If our feet got tired we would jump a freight train.
NEIL was someone who could take me out of my mind, someone I could run away with.
WILBER, the boy next door the perfect man that's always been over looked due to default. Someone who could make me feel like someone else someone good, just with a smile and a flare of the nostril.
With his missionary ideals and unconscious idle promises of a future that could never be. We were adults yet we would play house, I would bring him a beer and the paper.
I was your secret wife, but I never told y
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American Mcgee's Alice by Minusonereject American Mcgee's Alice :iconminusonereject:Minusonereject 0 0 Chitown Euphoria by Minusonereject Chitown Euphoria :iconminusonereject:Minusonereject 1 2 Accidental Discharge by Minusonereject
Mature content
Accidental Discharge :iconminusonereject:Minusonereject 4 11
My Freaken Eye Ball by Minusonereject My Freaken Eye Ball :iconminusonereject:Minusonereject 4 6 zombie chicks by Minusonereject zombie chicks :iconminusonereject:Minusonereject 3 6 Peace by Minusonereject Peace :iconminusonereject:Minusonereject 2 3
Bitter Sweet Roads
I've gained my piece of mind, and for a short moment I am truly content
and that my friend is worth a life time of waiting, and so are you
previously I sought to heal my sins to be clean and repent
I kind of hope you'll understand that now I may be dirty but I'm true
oh, I can't be the perfect woman, but you know inside that's alright
oh, the white bride and the red harlot inside cause me no more strife
oh, I can fly through your mind and tell you things you never knew
oh, I can force you to realise your dreams and chase you to pursue
Only till you see, the way is never paved for you will you seize to panic
Reality bends and changes, situations too followed by most people
I can't tell you who you are, I can tell you that now you are completely static
One second we are kings then another we are left to die weak and feeble
oh, I can't be the perfect woman, but you know inside that's alright
oh, the white bride and the red harlot inside cause me no more strife
oh, I can fly through your m
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WIP- Death for contest - color by Alseid WIP- Death for contest - color :iconalseid:Alseid 6 6 Bad Egg by ursulav Bad Egg :iconursulav:ursulav 1,124 225 voltaire by lithiumpicnic
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voltaire :iconlithiumpicnic:lithiumpicnic 2,399 313
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Current Residence: Vancouver BC
Favourite genre of music: all but r&b
Favourite photographer: me
Favourite cartoon character: Ariel, Sailor Moon, Golden boy, Untalkitive bunny, the last unicorn,
Personal Quote: Dont Listen to me, listen.
"I can't criticize what I don't understand.
If you want to call this art, you've got
the benefit of all my doubts


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Hey Mya? Gess hoooo!
None other than a miniature Obis! The Greg version! I'm commenting just because I can. And as to how I got your DA name, it's not exactly a long story, but one that I'm too lazy to tell right now. I think your pictures are pritty, and that you should end up posting more. Look at my stuff, it should be amusing. And would it be bad to ask you to look at my stuff?

This has gone on too long. See ya Mya!

Dude, you totally signed up for a DA account on my birthday. HIGH FIVE.
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gday :D
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