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So you guys know im not good at keeping up my promises on free art, BUT
if you want a whole finished drawing guaranteed i can't suggest enough that you enter my raffle!
there will be two prizes
All the info here:…
Dont expect any grand work, my computers been dead for months, I'll just do a doodle or two on paper
Feel free to leave a comment!
Idk, i'm kinda too busy with school rn to really be active, so ima just completely disappear (even more than i have recently) for like, a month maybe? i'll be back for crimas or smthing
So yeah i'm in need of some practice so i'm opening up headshot requests 
Give me a ref in the comments and also feel free to tell me how you want me to draw them
(pixel, painting, monochrome colored doodle, normal colored doodle, colorless, lineless etc. ect.)
i'll try to do them all 
(no promises)
one year closer to death
Not stealing this from anyone definitely not *sweet drup*

Anyway i'm really interested if anyone has some criticism on what i could improve on!
If you do i'll be glad to hear it!