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oh hey my characters i guess by MinunButPichu oh hey my characters i guess :iconminunbutpichu:MinunButPichu 7 3 Bunch of Sprites Fighting by MinunButPichu Bunch of Sprites Fighting :iconminunbutpichu:MinunButPichu 2 0 Some Bodies I Made hhh by MinunButPichu Some Bodies I Made hhh :iconminunbutpichu:MinunButPichu 6 2 My Style, Your Style - Coffee! by MinunButPichu My Style, Your Style - Coffee! :iconminunbutpichu:MinunButPichu 0 0 2019, Here We Come! by MinunButPichu 2019, Here We Come! :iconminunbutpichu:MinunButPichu 8 3 Good funny by MinunButPichu Good funny :iconminunbutpichu:MinunButPichu 0 0 Adobe Animate bacc by MinunButPichu Adobe Animate bacc :iconminunbutpichu:MinunButPichu 4 0 Three Detectives by MinunButPichu Three Detectives :iconminunbutpichu:MinunButPichu 2 0 EBAF For TROC by MinunButPichu EBAF For TROC :iconminunbutpichu:MinunButPichu 1 1 Meet Shammy - 2015 Character by MinunButPichu Meet Shammy - 2015 Character :iconminunbutpichu:MinunButPichu 1 1 Action Arena Episode 1 is Out! by MinunButPichu Action Arena Episode 1 is Out! :iconminunbutpichu:MinunButPichu 0 0 Minun OC Artwork by MinunButPichu Minun OC Artwork :iconminunbutpichu:MinunButPichu 2 3 My Characters in the og BFDI Style by MinunButPichu My Characters in the og BFDI Style :iconminunbutpichu:MinunButPichu 3 0 Rubik's Cube hella weeb by MinunButPichu Rubik's Cube hella weeb :iconminunbutpichu:MinunButPichu 0 1 #172 by MinunButPichu #172 :iconminunbutpichu:MinunButPichu 3 0 Object Show Rankings by MinunButPichu Object Show Rankings :iconminunbutpichu:MinunButPichu 0 4


Jordan The One (Updated) by Timenzing Jordan The One (Updated) :icontimenzing:Timenzing 10 2 The Red Ship!! by Timenzing The Red Ship!! :icontimenzing:Timenzing 7 2 FREE Bouncy Gengar Icon by Kattling FREE Bouncy Gengar Icon :iconkattling:Kattling 2,587 278 FREE Bouncy Rowlet Icon by Kattling FREE Bouncy Rowlet Icon :iconkattling:Kattling 730 31 FREE Bouncy Treecko Icon by Kattling FREE Bouncy Treecko Icon :iconkattling:Kattling 452 9 FREE Bouncy Oshawott Icon by Kattling FREE Bouncy Oshawott Icon :iconkattling:Kattling 416 11 FREE Bouncy Mareep Icon by Kattling FREE Bouncy Mareep Icon :iconkattling:Kattling 652 17 Champion Cynthia 2019 by LucarioShirona Champion Cynthia 2019 :iconlucarioshirona:LucarioShirona 140 6 Aqua the Vaporeon 2019 by LucarioShirona Aqua the Vaporeon 2019 :iconlucarioshirona:LucarioShirona 40 9 Gang of Bandits by Boomercrazy43 Gang of Bandits :iconboomercrazy43:Boomercrazy43 3 2 Error Button by Boomercrazy43 Error Button :iconboomercrazy43:Boomercrazy43 7 1
To the Skype memers and TROC members (serious)
I really hope I don't come across as whiny or white knighting or anything, but this is urgently important to me and HHJ.
Can you actually please stop mocking HHJ and putting his stuff on shitposts/TROC entries?
Seriously, he doesn't deserve to be made fun of like this. He didn't do anything wrong, and plus, he's actually legitimately angry, sad, upset, confused, and demotivated because of this. It's one thing to innocently tease someone, but this has gone too far. When he tells you to stop, STOP. He doesn't need to be mocked because he's making a show about talking animals. I honestly don't get you guys. Why do you enjoy picking on HHJ? He's a wonderful person who works so hard, he's mature for his age, he's the perfect blend of silly, sarcastic, and serious, and now he's depressed and we're all worried for him...
I can't go on, I'm fucking disappointed in you. I usually don't swear like this in public, but you need to get it through your fucking skull. HHJ clearly gets upset by
:iconfairiez4berriez:Fairiez4berriez 2 19
Geno Ultimate Render by Nibroc-Rock Geno Ultimate Render :iconnibroc-rock:Nibroc-Rock 643 50 Mood by temonymous Mood :icontemonymous:temonymous 7 5 Action Arena 2: Poison's Lament (ANIMATION IN DISC by Boomercrazy43 Action Arena 2: Poison's Lament (ANIMATION IN DISC :iconboomercrazy43:Boomercrazy43 2 4 Hey!bale by Boomercrazy43 Hey!bale :iconboomercrazy43:Boomercrazy43 6 0


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Patrick Flynn
United States
Hullo, I'm MinunButPichu, but call me Minun...or Pichu. I do make object show stuff, but I'm not too big with the community. I'm trying to get better with visuals. Fan of Earthbound, Pokemon, and Smash Bros. Pichu main, lol.

Talented People:
:iconjimmyturner96: :iconrealworldanimations: :iconteeheeve:

F r e n s :
:iconlawgiwrites: :iconspade-jester: :icontheattackinggem: :iconboomercrazy43::iconmasterofshadow14: :iconnickthetrickstar: :iconscuttlebuggies: :iconleafyisaleafeon: :icontreeanimations: :iconultrajacob2016: :iconpufferfishmaxstormy1: :iconzanimationsstudio: :icontimenzing: :iconthatlucasjohnstonguy: :iconthepinkbunnyempire:

Eevee's Stamp by Szkot-aye Pichu by KiranStamps MOTHER stamp by Nannotech EarthBound:Fuzzy Pickles stamp by MythicPhoenix

Favorite Mons:

#492 Shaymin - Land Forme by Pokemon-XYZ #492 Shaymin - Sky Forme by Pokemon-XYZ Meowstic-m by CreepyJellyfish Whimsicott by CreepyJellyfish Ampharos by CreepyJellyfish Mewtwo by CreepyJellyfish Eevee by CreepyJellyfish Alolan Raichu by alolan-sprites Marshadow #802 by pokemon3dsprites Minun by CreepyJellyfish Victini by CreepyJellyfish Dialga by pokemon3dsprites


oh hey my characters i guess
You should recognize most of these d00ds from AA, but there are a few new ones.
Bunch of Sprites Fighting
Yeaaah, not feeling the OSC anymore. I might upload a video regarding the departure, but here's this! I love sprite animation, and it's what I plan to do in the future!

Sprites belong to rightful owners.
Some Bodies I Made hhh
Aw hecks yeah

Joycon Twins, Heart Card, & Muffy.

Heart Card is owned by TippersWallaby, and Boomercrazy43 gave me the idea for the Joycon Twins.
My Style, Your Style - Coffee!
Obviously I've seen this everywhere, so why not. Could be fun. - If you want to use the body I used, here you go. I'd prefer you to make your own though as that's more of "your style." Idk, could be a me thing. The body was made by the talented UltraJacob2016.

Hiya. If you didn't know, i'm making a show named Action Arena. 

Listen, I've had a lot of cancelled projects in the past, so I took everything great from the past projects and put it into one "mega collection" if you will. 

The best characters from these projects have returned, the best 15. Episodes will come out monthly as animating for AA is quite simple. Episode 1 is 75% done, and should be out this month! 

I hope you guys will enjoy it :D


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