TP: a momentary reprieve - FOR MASEIYA
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© 2011 - 2019 Minuiko
This is my very belated wedding present for *Maseiya, whose birthday was also yesterday (I'm just late for everything, haha). Love you Steph! <3 Hope you like this :)

Kel, Dom (c) Tamora Pierce
Art (c) Minuiko
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I love Kel's expression! I am a dummy!   It really goes with her confident attitude.Nod 
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LynnytheFool|Student General Artist
I just wanted to say that I am never disappointed by your work whenever I look through it and I look forward to anything you post in the future. Thank you so much for drawing these lovely pieces of art. 
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DelenaStar|Hobbyist General Artist
Nice detail on Kel's face. Love it
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so I've been flipping through the Kel and Dom tag, and I keep coming across you pictures! They're so good! I love how Dom is suuuuuuper attractive and Kel is tough but cute at the same time, ja? Haha anyways, congrats on these great drawings! :)
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very cute and i love your drawing style :)
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Love your art!!! Such a cute pairing!!
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:happybounce: I am content.
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PandaProtector|Hobbyist General Artist
I love the piece of head in the lower left corner. XD
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I like your art!
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*squeals happily*
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illueia|Hobbyist General Artist
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Words cannot express how much I love this! :woohoo:
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This is so pretty.
Yay! Kel and Dom! Together!!
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platipii|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just had to look at it and guess it was little, ol' Dommy. c:
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oooh nice! :)
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This drawing just made my horrible clean-up day more bearable. The body language is absolutly fantastic!
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So cute! I love these two, and I like the friendly atmosphere here, great piece!!!!:D
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Ooooooo! Dom's in luuuuv! Just kidding - they look very natural and friendly. Great expressions and clothes , and thank you for doing them!!!!!!
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flummo|Student Writer
Agree with ~xox-heart and what you said in reply up there. Wish I could join that fanartist-base but at the moment my drawing skills are way down there. ._. I'm really glad we've got you, *Maseiya, ~sivvus and the smattering of others around here on dA. :D But anyway aghh this is so pretty. I'm more for the Kel-Cleon pairing though, despite and probably because of the fact that it was so short and bittersweet. :heart: Would probably be more for this pairing if we'd actually seen more of it happen.

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Maseiya|Professional Filmographer
Ahhhhhh my goodness :iconexcitedlaplz: Everything about this is just perfect...! Your drawings have gotten even better since the end of summer--the way you draw hands and body language has such a pleasing, dynamic personality... it's like watching really good actors on screen. ^^ We're going to print this out and frame it soon~ Matt says thank you very much for the awesome art!! xD

Gah why are your lines so clean and beautiful OTL

Shiny armor is mesmerizing!! @v@

Kel is so badass, and I love love looove how Dom is looking at her x3

THANK YOU GRACE <3 <3 Best wedding present ever!! :XD: :love: :heart: :glomp:
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oh god! it makes me want to pick up the books and read again <3
its beautiful~~~~
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I'd assume that's right after a joust? :-P
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kunoichimistress|Hobbyist Digital Artist

My soul just squealed :iconyayzplz: :iconexplodingplz:

I LOVE THIS. The way they're behind the wall and just having a conversation, just the two of them :D But in a fond, casual way X3

They're expressions are great. LOOK AT THOSE LASHES ON KEL.

You're stuff always makes me happy on eight levels :)

Fantastic work as always Minuiko <3
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