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Commission for kytesandfairies: Daine + Numair

Commission of Daine and Numair having a romantic moment! For ~kytesandfairies :)

Daine, Numair (c) Tamora Pierce
Art (c) Minuiko
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© 2012 - 2021 Minuiko
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Aww it's *this* scene. Love it

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This is probably my favorite couple in all the Tamora Pierce books. :3
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i know this is old but i just reread the books for the sixth time and JUST DEAR GOD THEY'RE SO CUTE I CANT HELP MYSELF
alanna-sama's avatar
I absolutely adore these two. This series here was the first of her series that I had read. I actually re-read book 4 three times the first day that I read it.
katsfeet's avatar
Stop. This was my all time favorite book when I was 13, and I would read this scene over and over. You've seriously just made my day.
maddypatty222's avatar
What book is this?
Pearlwing2001's avatar
wow just amazing!!!!
DelenaStar's avatar
Is this supposed to look like one of the scenes? I'm trying to figure out which scene it is, which SHOULD be easy, since I just finished the series an hour or so ago.

Either way, absolutely gorgeous!!
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so cute! TT-TT
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These two were a beautiful couple. I love reading those books
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I think she should have been with Kaddar she wood have made a great empress. Not Numair he is 13 years older and I all ways felt like he was more like a father to her not a lover! 
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dlakfjdsklfjas OH MY GOD

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I am in love with this couple, this picture, Tamora Pierce, and this artist! :D :D :heart:

Daine and Numair are my two all-time favorite TP characters (and novel characters in general!).
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Aww they're my absolute favorite couple from Tamora Pierce <3
Bilbo-Freehobbit's avatar
This is really amazing! Ahh their relationship makes me so happy
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This was my favorite couple I think so far from Tamora Pierce's books... the only one that could top it, is if she has Tris and Briar become a couple :D
SkyePenderwick's avatar
Really cool! They are one of my all time favorite couples
Leaffire98's avatar
that is an amazing piece of artwork!! you are a very talented drawer!!
Talonwhisker's avatar
Love love love.

I cannot possibly love this picture more then I do, aah.
SkysongMA's avatar
I love this... Beautiful work. I love the background and the detail you put in the leaves. And you portrayed the characters splendidly!
Very beautiful!!
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