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Commission for NanashiFox

By Minuiko
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Aang and Daine interacting! Commissioned by ~NanashiFox. Skysong was the best part of this tbh :D

Aang, Hawky (c) Bryke
Daine, Kitten (c) Tamora Pierce
Art (c) Minuiko
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© 2012 - 2021 Minuiko
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I love Kitten in this picture! You make her look so cute! *Smothers Kitten* opes! Kitten is one of my favorits.
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I love this, They would probably have been great friends.
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What show is Daine from?
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She's from a book series, actually: The Immortals, by Tamora Pierce.  Basically, she has a very rare type of magic that lets her communicate with, heal, and even transform into animals.
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wow! great design! Love Daine and Kit, you drew and colored them AMAZINGLY!! :D
I don't know much about the other character, except that he is an Airbender(?) But he and the hawk are excellent, too. Hmm, I did not know that he had anything to do with animals. I think I'll have to look into it now, maybe watch the movie?
:) Great work!!
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I love this crossover!
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Aw, this is so sweet. <3
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korra screwed around with her powers and created a time rift. that's totally how this came to be
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YES. Oh my gosh, yes yes yes yes yes yes AHHHHHHHHHHH
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Aang and Daine all at once! #justdied XD
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I really love the atmosphere that you created! I love mini dragon, so cute :D I love the mature Aang.
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I just started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender bc of your art, and I like it so far. I instantly thought of this when Aang said 'I have a way with animals' :D
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Dude. You just killed me happy^^
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I intern across the street from where Tamora lives! (:
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Where's that? I'd love to know^^
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(Hawkyyyyyyy! <3)
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(on second thought it should really be Momo there haha...)
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c: <3

(most possibly; by i love birds and shall not judge which animal is put there. i'm an orinthomaniac! c: ... /KEEP HAWKY :'D)
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Thank you for doing such a great job. All the little added touches (Kitten, Hawky, the colors involved) just make my little geek and art heart sing with joy.

Keep up the great work!
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