Summer Wind in theEmoticon and Dolls Community !

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Hello Hello !

I'm was lately terribly busy with my University stuff but I did not forgot about my two beloved communities :heart: !
That's why I was intenisvely thinking about more events to get both communities not only get to know themselves but eachother aswell ! It might sound awkward and weird but it's  very important for me , since the both communites are just brilliant ! Emoticonists aswell as Dollers are  very special and unique so... Why not getting both communities a little bit closer ?

So here I want to present events for both Galleries :

:bulletgreen: Critique Nights - Aswell for the Emoticon aswell as for the Dolls Community (in chats). The first one for the emoticon community is planned for 10th July! and for the Dolls probably week after that so that would be 17th July.

:bulletgreen: Chat Games - And yes, in summer they will be done too! Although they will be slight different as the other ones , but I bet they will be fun aswell! I want to do them for the Emoticon Community for sure , I'm still thinking about the Dolls Community.

:bulletgreen: Contests - And yes! SUmmer special Contest for the Emoticon Community and for the Dolls Community. Aswell one for the both communities together ! Insane? Yeah , might be , but that's  what I am !

:bulletgreen: News articles - Yes an addition for the Dolls community. ore news articles about dolls, dollers  and dolling and for dollers !

:bulletgreen: Featured Chats - Should I explain this one :eyes: ?

:bulletgreen: Something I haven't specified yet...but it is in my head. I'm thinking about it.

As for my non-GM activities. I can#twait for the devMEET in Berlin which will be my main project this summer. It shall be awesome.

The polish devMEET was yesterday. I had fun, and I hope those that came , had fun aswell. Stay tuned for next month's devMEET with more ART !

Thank you for reading ! Got feedback? Comment !


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KatataEtc's avatar
Mintyy mintyy mintyy hai! :la:

awesome ideas!!!
CheekyNana's avatar
Sounds fantastic if you ask me! :love:
Lyricanna's avatar
Always looking forward to chat games =3
XMarleauxX's avatar
I was a little weary about you being too busy to GM the dolls but so far you're doing a great job managing both! :)
Poki-art's avatar
mysle ze ludziom ktorzy korzystaja najwiecej z tych kategorii bardzo sie spodoba :)
Wooded-Wolf's avatar
Sounds exciting - makes me sad I'm not online as much at the minute though :(
Twoohten's avatar
Exciting! :eager:

Good to hear the devMEET went well. :aww:
stuck-in-suburbia's avatar
Wow Minty. I like all these awesome things you are planning, they look like a lot of fun. Awesome job. And they look like a lot. Don't bite off more than you can chew.
SparklyDest's avatar
:eager: These things sound amazing! I can't wait to get started with them! :nod:
Jibodeah's avatar
Oh wow I can't wait for some of these! :la:
You're definitely spreading a lot of positivity and sticky tape here. :worship:
Timothy-Sim's avatar
Just thought i'd say that. You're doing a fantabulous job! Me jealous :|
Droneguard's avatar
It's crazy how time goes so fast. First it's January, next you know it's almost July :faint:
Mirz123's avatar
:nod: Yes, my favorite quote is, "The days drag, the years fly." Sometimes the individual days seem to creep so slow, but before you know it the years are whizzing past. *sigh*
Droneguard's avatar
Especially when your as old as me :lol:
SparklyDest's avatar
I am as old as you...and the years are truly flying by. :B Aging sucks. Although, I don't want to give up the knowledge....
Droneguard's avatar
Mirz123's avatar
:giggle: Honey, I beat you by 10 years. ;)

Droneguard's avatar
I feel much better now (kidding of course ;P)
Mirz123's avatar
:giggle: I know. It's hard to be the "old one" amongst a lot of kids. At least you have the benefit of having been here for the past several years. You have "tenure". I just have to hobble along feeling out of place and acting like it doesn't bother me (even though most of the time it doesn't).
Droneguard's avatar
As long as you feel young on the inside it's all good ;)
mintyy's avatar
Yeah... But I hope it will be a great one :eager: !
Droneguard's avatar
Of course it will, I mean the weather is finally going well. Almost 30°C here, downside is my hay fever is at it's top now :sneeze:
mintyy's avatar
Haha's hot, and I hope our communite wil get as hot as the weather :eyes:
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