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Emoticon Gallery Guideline

Emoticon (smiley)

A smiley or happy face (☺/☻), is a stylized representation of a smiling human face, commonly represented as a yellow (or any other color) circle (usually 15x15pix but bigger are allowed aswell) with two black dots representing eyes and a black half circle representing the mouth. "Smiley" is also sometimes used as a generic term for any emoticon.
Emoticons are often used to alert a responder to the tenor or temper of a statement, and can change and improve interpretation of plain text. (source Wikipedia )

Emoticons are pixel art and are created through graphic softwares, where images are edited on the pixel level.
An emoticon is a pixel representation of an action or emotion, it can be static (unmoving) or animated (moving).

What should :bulletred:NOT:bulletred: be posted into the emoticons gallery :

* self portraits and  pictures of any kind,
* digital or traditional drawings or paintings of any kind,
* photomanipulations,
* pixel arts that does not comply with the definition of an emoticon,
* sculptures, carvings, origami etc.,
* deviantART related submissions as stamps, ID's, desktop screenshots etc.,
* any kind of animations that are not emoticons related,,
* poetry, prose.

Emoticon Gallery

"Emoticons, also known as "emotes" or "smilies" intended to represent facial expressions, actions, or situations."


"Animated emoticons are small animated images used to express emotion or action."

Animated emoticons con be either big or small, complicated or easy, with background or not, but the must be animated. Even the smallest animation ( like eye blinking ) categorises this emoticon to the animated emoticons gallery.

Examples :

Lightning Bug by HsssN Massive emote squish by Droneguard Bike Emote by KimRaiFan My Milkshake by Koomba
Death ray by CookiemagiK Sailing Cut-Out Seas by de-Mote THE BLOB by DEVlANT :droplet: by SparklyDest :LoveYourLimitations: by Ugghhzilla


"Static emoticons are small unanimated images used to express emotion or action."

Static emoticon cannot contain any animation !

Examples :

My Great-grandfather by Davidgtza2 Piaaaaaaaaaaaaaano by prolific-stock :thumb115785618: :thumb127396460:   Some new emotes. by Teddy33 rose - revamped by mintyy Distance by Synfull 8B :icon8buckplz: by blunaowl

Packs & Large Format

"Large format emoticons such as those used in some messenger services and packs of multiple emoticons."

Any packs with some emoticons in the, or emoticons in BIG sizes or with complex backgrounds.

Examples :

Emoticon Starter Pack V 3.0 by Wooded-Wolf Y o l k s - 2 by Bad-Blood Volcano Ride by LeoLeonardo CHESS WARS by PoisonTouch

To prevent posting your work into the wrong gallery please read their descriptions.

If it does not help you ask for help. There are many deviants around who will help you.

Thank you for reading

Your Emoticon GM


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Great article, full of neat, useful information for many Deviants, including myself. :nod:
Twoohten's avatar

I browse on newest added, but it gets depressing how many miscats there are sometimes. :ohnoes:
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Nice article! :highfive:
neon-ness's avatar
:clap: That was very well-said!
...I want to make some emoticons but they look so hard. :(
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You have the best editors.
JulienPradet's avatar

I would just add that hsn's emote, joel's one or DEVlANT's one should be in the large format emotes. As they aren't expressing a feeling, but more like a little story. And giving some small canevas for the animated would have been great, so people can imagine that it's really for emotes which are expressing feelings, and it can be small, etc.
At least, that's how I understand the animated categorie. I might be wrong ^^
mintyy's avatar
Well yeah they could be in Large too :dummy:
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well this is true more deviantsd post at emoticons category gif pictures and this is totaly incorrect but what are you say i aproved:D:la:
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"Animated emoticons con be either big or small, complicated or easy, with background or not, but the must be animated."
either "but must me animated", or "but they must be animated"

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Glad you took my suggestion :giggle:!
wisekidk's avatar
Well said :iconclapplz:

I'm afraid that when I first started making stamps I put them into the emote gallery. Sorry. but it's all fixed now :iconteheplz:
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