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holding hands

The idea was other but ... xD

Oh well, nevermind :aww:

When using zikes the code is :holdinghands:
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I've looked at more of your work and you excellent work.As for these little guys I really think you've done an excellent job creating them.These little cuties are definitely showing their love and they do make an excellent creation for Valentines Day!! I've seen lots of emoticons something similar to these but not as good as yours and I have to say that so far you've created the best love emoticons on this website.I hope you keep up the good work,you are extremely creative and you show your creativity in your work.Keep up the good work!! Keep being creative. T
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That. Is. ADORABLE. Love
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Feel the Love? How can't you with all the hearts they're sending off, lol.
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reminds me of :date:
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they look rly in love :]
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Your heart/love art was featured here: [link]

Thank you for sharing your work!! Keep loving! :love:
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aww that's so cute:eager: <3 *would use that all the time if it was an icon on dA*
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I love the animation here, with the shading those emotes look so squishy. :aww:
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This is so cute! :)
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I love the fluidity. :D
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How adorable! I'll definitely be using that in my messenger from now on ^^ They're so.... bouncy!

Thank you for the great work!:hug:
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You have been featured in Feature tiems 2 [link]
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Just to let you know, this emote has been featured in this week's volume of So i herd u liek emotes?? :aww:
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Aww that's so adorable..really romantic,awsome job!X3
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Słooooooooodkie ^_^
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I pretty much blanked out when I saw this. It's so precious! I really like that they're blushing. ;p
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Aw so cute~ I love the squishyness x3
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omg the person below is right XD MAKE A PLZ ACCOUNT OF THIS!!!

Bouncy bouncy :P
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