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ttyc7- the return of the purple bear part 2

Golden friendship series 2 throught the years grawolfquinn style (Goldie x oc) chapter 7-the return of the purple bear part 2. In this chapter, goldie comes face to face with shadow freddy after 5 years. Tana then finds out the truth about why goldie was locked up for 10 years and why freddy hates him for it. And after shadow freddy hurts tana, goldie challenges him in a fight. During the fight, goldie gets hurt trying to protect tana. And let's just say, shadow freddy is gonna have a 'bad time'......... What will happen next? Find out in the chapter........ Disclamer: there'll be some blood, curing and some tears in this....... You've all been warned....... Hope you guys enjoy the show💜💙💜💙 *meanwhile with buckyand lylla* "Bucky, do you think that goldie or adrian have any lucky with finding tana or if their okay.....?" She asked in concern. Bucky turned over to his bunny girlfriendand saw that there was fear in those big pink eyes that he loves so much. He then


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