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For :iconatelier-blossom: 

Tagging just in case! But there's really nothin to see here? So I hope this is OK

For those of you 18+ who would like to see the uncropped version of this image, you can find it on my NSFW Twitter, @ thephantomslair

Valek and his demon lover Orion sharing an intimate moment (though you really cannot see Orion in this image)

I promise you'll see more of Orion in future challenges~ I'm working on the ref now :heart:

Have a little story to go with this bc I am a big gay sap. 


He wasn't supposed to be here. This was not how this scenario was supposed to play out. He was not supposed to relish the feeling of the demon's skin pressed to his. Not supposed to enjoy his warm, his tender touch. He was not supposed to fall in love.


Valek wondered how this had happened. In the beginning all he wanted was revenge. To slay the demon that cursed his family line and live a normal life. As time wore on, Valek became enamored with Orion; merely wishing to see him again. The thought of slaying the demon nearly forgotten during his pursuits.

Threats had turned into subtle flirting, turned into blatant admission of desire. Valek had fallen for the demon's wit and charm—he had been captured, hook, line, and sinker. His heart now beat quickly not with the adrenaline rush that accompanies a hunt, but with the joy that accompanies seeing a loved one.

'Oh what a fool I am,' Valek thinks to himself, staring at Orion above him. 'To be in love with a demon. How hypocritical. He is the furthest thing from a good person.'

Shameful, he thinks, but when he looks into the other's eyes and sees a similar love reflected there, he can't find it in himself to care. Not now.  

    Orion was definitely not a good person... but hearing those pretty little lies whispered in his ear in that silken voice, Valek was inclined to believe them. Just for tonight. 

I wrote that snippet bc I imagine the two having shared physical intimacies prior, but this is the first time Valek admits to himself that he's grown fond of the demon.  Valek knows it's wrong to love Orion--it goes against everything he stands for as a hunter. BUt by time he rationalizes that fact he's in too deep.

:bulletred: Songs I think fit Valek and Orion's relationship: :bulletred: 

"Dream Here" by Oopmh! (Or Traumst Du of you're feeling some German tunes)…

"Bed of Nails" cover by Van Canto…
dragondoodle Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very sexy :nod:
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