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Ref: Valek by mintysoup Ref: Valek by mintysoup
For :iconatelier-blossom:

You can also see the uncensored version on my NSFW twitter, thephantomslair  (18+ only, please) 

---------- Basics -----------
  • Name: Valek

  • Age: 19

  • Race: Tiefling

  • Gender: Male

  • Orientation: unknown/undecided (he's still figuring it out)

  • Height: 5'8”

  • Weight: none of your business lmao

  • Skin: red

  • Hair: white

  • Eyes: Black

  • Horns: Curved up, V shape

  • Class: Demon/Monster hunter

---------- Stats -----------

  • Strength: 13

  • Constitution: 17

  • Defense: 15

  • Dexterity: 17

  • Intelligence: 16

  • Charisma: 11

  • Wisdom: 16

  • Luck: 9

---------- Strengths/Weaknesses -----------
tick Quick and agile
tick Able to think on his feet
tick Well-versed in monster lore and anatomy
tick Honest 
tick Passionate
tick Used to combat, so he's gotten quite good at it
tick  Excellent night vision

x Unlucky as all hell. Constantly fighting/running for is life
x Not good with people. There's a reason his charisma score is 11
x Stubborn, not one to work well in groups
x Cocky, proud
x Easily flustered
x Naive 
x Easily gets carried away by passions/desires
x Impatient

 :colont: Monsters, especially demons seem to be drawn to him. Which can be good if he's trying to lure a specific monster, but it usually results in more problems than anything 
 :colont: Bonded to the demon Orion via curse mark. He is able to sense when the demon is near thanks to the mark on his back. But Orion is also able to keep tabs on him as well. 

---------- History ----------- (Long text ahead ;3; )

Valek's demonic appearance is the result of an affair gone wrong between one of his ancestors and a particularly charming demon. His ancestor, a lady by the name of Meribeth, fell in love with said charming demon, not knowing of his true nature. She thought him a mortal man, and loved him as such.

Feeling confident in Meribeth's feelings for him, the demon revealed to her his true nature. This revelation was met with shock and disgust, severing their affair abruptly—and the demon's heart. The demon, who had done his best to be good and kind for the woman he loved, decided to stop pretending he was a man and not the fiend he truly was. In his anger and spite, he cursed Meribeth and her descendants; marking them with the demonic features she had so despised. If she would not love him as a demon, then she would live out the remainder of her life being treated as such. She, and her children, and her children's children, would all bear the marks of her betrayal.

Enter Valek, a tiefling monster hunter trained by (but not an official part of) the clergy. He seeks out knowledge on the demon who has done his family wrong, to destroy him and end this curse once and for all. And perhaps, become human and not the physical manifestation of a scorned lover's grudge?

The clerics were kind enough to look past Valek's unorthodox appearance and accept him as a valuable monster hunting asset. His lineage gives him an affinity for sensing demons and most things supernatural. Demons are drawn to the boy like a flame, for whatever reason. And he has no problem burning them when he encounters them.

One particularly charming demon is also drawn to Valek and his family—over the years, the scorned demon lover has kept tabs on the descendants of the woman who abandoned him. He finds particular joy in meddling in their affairs—especially those of Valek, a man who has the stones to hunt him, a demon lord! He whispers to Valek and taunts him in his sleep, never letting him forget his presence. He teases Valek when they finally meet face to face—and continuously throughout the chase.

The demon could have easily killed the hunter many times over, but he does so enjoy the chase! He does not wish this one to die so soon. He has even saved him from certain death once. Surrounded by an undead legion and facing certain doom, Valek is (mercifully?) saved by the demon with a remark of 'this one's fate belongs to me, I will not allow anyone else to touch him.'

And Valek, entirely consumed by the hunt and quest for vengeance at the beginning of his journey, feels his priorities start to shift... his resolve to waiver. His anger ebbs some and instead of the usual threats and curses, Valek and the demon engage in playful, dare he say... flirtatious banter? And Valek knows that the demon could have ended his life many times over, but has spared it. And Valek had done the same for him; allowing the demon to escape before the rest of his party arrived.  

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Aridaen13 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nvm I thought it was a girl
mintysoup Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
lmao nope, he's male c: 
Aridaen13 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks more like a mans chest then a woman's
ezmer2dragon Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is the 13 on the d20 supposed to mean something 😜
mintysoup Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Well A: it means I was too lazy to add the rest of the numbers and B: yes, it does imply something =P
dragondoodle Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love his design! :love:
mintysoup Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you! I had a lot of fun with it :heart:
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