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Valek's kink for :iconatelier-blossom:

There will be an alt version posted in a few days, but for now here's this!

Tagged mature for bondage, sexual themes

Also, you will see his lover Orion eventually, I'm just a lazy lil shit

Also, have a kinky little drabble that this piece was based on:

“Orion? Are you still there?”

Even in the silence, Valek could not hear the demon in the room with him. And with his eyes covered, he wasn't entirely sure Orion hadn't tied him up and left. Wouldn't that be ironic? The thought made Valek squirm against the silken ropes tying him down. Why did he ever agree to this?

“I'm still here, brave hunter,” the demon purred, caressing the tiefling's face gently with his fingertips. He took a moment to appreciate the sight of his lover wrapped up like a pretty present on the bed.

“Then at least make some noise for my benefit,” Valek snapped, irritated now rather than frightened. His tail, which usually flicked about and betrayed his emotions, strained uselessly against its silken restraints.

“Hush,” Orion soothed he younger man, touching a finger to Valek's lips. “If you insist on being loud, you will draw attention to us. You wouldn't want your party to run in and see you like this... would you?”

Wasn't that what their relationship was, anyhow? Secret trysts in the moonlight? Hurried kisses and touches exchanged before the party could catch on? Their entire relationship was built on secrecy and the thrill of being caught.

Valek's cock twitched involuntarily at the thought—a fact that did not go unnoticed by the demon.

Valek could hear the smile in his voice when Orion spoke next. “Oh? What's this? You WANT to be caught? You want to hear their shocked gasps at you coming undone by my hand? Send that uptight little paladin of yours into shock when he sees what a mess I've made you?”

Valek did not answer Orion, but he didn't need to. The organ between the hunter's legs was more honest than he ever could be.

Orion could not help the hardening of his own cock as he thought of defiling the tiefling in front of his friends. His possessive nature made the thought of claiming his lover before others more appealing than it should have been.

“Well, if that's the case,” Orion murmured, purposely brushing his lips against Valek's ear and keeping his voice low and sultry as he did so.“I guess I'll have to make you scream loud enough to draw their attention.”

Valek's eyes snapped open as he awoke with a start. Sun was streaming through the little window of his room at the inn. He glanced about the room; making note of the change in scenery. No church, ropes, no Orion, either. It had all been a dream.

The intense feelings he had, however, were very much real. One glance under the covers told him that much. “Damn dream demon,” he sighed, contemplating whether or not he had time to deal with the issue before the party came knocking.  

Valek's Kinks:
Green tick 2 Bondage
 Green tick 2 Exhibitionism
Green tick 2  Breath play
Green tick 2 Biting/Marking (the neck especially)
Green tick 2  Temperature play
Green tick 2 Frotting
Green tick 2 Master/pet/slave
Green tick 2  Power bottoming 

Orion (his demon lover)
Green tick 2 BDSM (pretty much game for anything)
Green tick 2  Blood play/guro
Green tick 2 Vouyerism
Green tick 2 Biting/Marking
Green tick 2 Exhibitionism
Green tick 2 Orgasm denial/edging (he likes to do this to others)
Green tick 2  Pleasure control/denial 
Green tick 2 Begging/Humiliation

...AAAAND there's so much more but I'm once again lazy 

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DissolvedInk Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
So pretty ~
mintysoup Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you! It's one of my favorites so far!
dragondoodle Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:giggle: Nice.
mintysoup Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you~
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