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The Black Death Come

Teeth and claw,
Horn and maw,
The Black Death come, eyes alight,
The Black Death come, by land and by flight,
The Black Death come.
Diaboros the famine, Cairne the war,
all come’s crashing, forever more,
Itiantus the pestilence and Maxence the death
bring world’s end forever more.

^ My fail poetry
Done inbetween working on commissions. Another new OC of mine, another one of my demons but this time the head demon known as Ikyu Krashal which translate from demon tongue to "Black Death". Yeah, I've bothered to create a whole language for these demons. Ikyu is self proclaimed ruler of all demons and thus has control of Maxence, Romano, Rory and Tobias. And believe it or not, Ikyu is a she. Yum yum yum.


Ikyu Krashal © =posscat
Art © =posscat
Media; photoshop CS2
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© 2010 - 2021 MintyMaguire
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Ooh, I like the expression.
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:icondragonspif: Congrats and fantastic job!!! Your art made it to the Excellent Art Folder of :icondragon-fanatics: Dragon-Fanatics.

:iconthe-artistic-a: (Founder)
Amanda Rose Wanner
MintyMaguire's avatar
Oh wow <3 Thank you 8DDD
Schadenfruede's avatar
..This is awesome.
MintyMaguire's avatar
Why thank you C:
drakhenliche's avatar
Very nice. He suits his name!
MintyMaguire's avatar
Thank you indeed 8,D
Although he is infact a she 8,D
drakhenliche's avatar
Ah, my mistake - I somehow missed that. 'tis a great picture and a fearsome countenance, anyhow ^^
MintyMaguire's avatar
Thank you very much anywho 8D
shadowwolf9's avatar
Wow. Really cool design. I like the glowing eye. Great work!
MintyMaguire's avatar
Why thank you ;D
liam-ascendancy's avatar
realy realy realy good :D xox
MintyMaguire's avatar
Thank you indeed C:
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MintyMaguire's avatar
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excuse me, fail poetry? What are you talking about, it fits in with the picture! (which is awesomely done with every small detail from the wrinkles/scales on the dinosaur to the snow)
Xlthuathopec's avatar
Tis a dragon. Just pointing that out.
StoryTellingChoir's avatar
I know that. I'm just saying dino =D
Firestorm-the-Poet's avatar
:wow: Wow! This is fantastic! I love his one blue/glowing eye. :D
MintyMaguire's avatar
Ahahah, thank you. But it's a her (:
Firestorm-the-Poet's avatar
^^; Sorry, I totally missed that in the description ^^;
MintyMaguire's avatar
It's fine (:
Thank you.
HellWyvern666's avatar
Hoooly hell! I just don't understand how can people draw such amazing things! Truly wonderful.
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