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i have never done one, but what the hey. i think i'll try it tonight, figure out picarto. 9cst sharp.
so, while back i had some of my miraculous ladybug art in a welovefine contest, and one of them was a finalist, which was super awesome. if you want to pick one up, they're over here, available in men's and women's sizes. 
when someone goes "i'm pissed off about this thing," do not tell them "well here's why I think you should feel this way about it instead." 

just like a friendly tip. 
god i feel old
ok didn't think I'd get so many so i'm gonna close it up right now. 

I've got, 


I'll get right on them : D 

actually i have to go somewhere right now, so anyone I haven't replied to yet, I will in a bit sorry, got to dash. 
anyone want to do some with me? i've got nothing on my plate atm, i'd love to do a couple. 

i’ve got a few miraculous ladybug pieces in a welovefine contest. If you wanna vote for them, that’d be super cool : D 

herehere, and here <3

look what cartoon network just shared on their tumblr 

i might be freaking out just a little bit
there's been a kinda weird number of new watchers the past couple days, and that's cool, hi there, thanks for the watch, but do ya'll mind if i ask where this is coming from? how'd you find me? 
final grades are posted i passed everything, im officially a college graduate heck yeh

 anyway may the fourth be with y'all
I finally finished my bachelor's and graduated over the weekend. sort of. see, the commencement ceremony took place the weekend before finals, so, none of us are even sure we passed all our classes and are done. but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we walked. 

either way my (hopefully last) semester is over and it's to the job hunt for me. I'll have a little bit more time for art for a while, at least until i actually get employment. 

huzzah /throws confetti
so this is why im not drawing any more miraculous ladybug, probably ever. 

uggggggghhhhh by mintycanoodles
and this is far from the first time. 
that's pretty cool. thank you all! 
wow so almost a whole year since i last did a journal. whomp. i dont talk much. but I've gotten a bunch of new watchers recently, so, hi there new folks. 

I'm generally more talkative on my tumblr  so hit me up over there if you want. 

aight thats all
its not worth it. don't do it. I can't help myself sometimes though, I have to go back and periodically remind myself of what an embarrassing 13 year old I was. holy shit. holy shit. who are you?? 

Anyway. So im kind of hitting a slump here, not sure what I want to be drawing, but I want to be drawing something. I'm curious - what would you guys like to see more of from me? I'm always open for commissions, prices listed on my about me section, but would anyone be interested in a couple requests? hit me up. 

Hey guys,

Mon Sep 1, 2014, 4:56 PM

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So as you may have noticed I'm making an attempt to be more active on here. Things are going to be changing for me soon, I'm moving to a new place and I'm currently jobless so money is a bit tight. If you like my art and are interested, I've opened up point commissions at I think a cheap price, I have no idea, never done them before. I've also got cafepress and zazzle stores open that I'll putting my designs up on. links are below, along with one to my tumblr. 

As for other projects, I used to have my hands in a couple webcomics way back in the day, but I'm currently working on revamping Alec in Wunderland, a genderbend of Alice in Wonderland I started a couple years ago. I'll be redrawing what I have, revamping character designs and rewriting the story. I have no current ETA on that, but it's a solid eventually. As for the other one, Jack n Jill, that one's pretty solidly on the shelf for the time being. I may come back to it someday, but Wunderland is my focus right now. 

I think that's all as far as news goes, so yeah. I don't often do journals anymore, I know, because I'm awful with communicating and I'm working on that. 


because I'm a piece of shit ngh and I'm more active on tumblr
nano did not work out. 

I am literally doing nothing but sitting in my room and playing shit mmos all day waiting for summer to end so my life will get back on a regular schedule of classes and stress

seriously this is not good for me to have this much free time I think I'm going to accomplish so much but in the end no i turn into the laziest shit ever 

if anyone is still watching me and still cares I probably will not be doing anything of interest in the foreseeable future I feel like a failure I know

actually I may have something coming up

something of the comic persuasion


not likely

but possibly

I swear I'm not dead. At least, not entirely. Just busy. Right now I'm working on nano and which'll hopefully last through July.