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Cute Cooking

George and Minty Kitty try and bake some pancakes, they look pretty tasty but they make such a mess!!
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OH! so cute! Messy cuteness! It's really good!
LivyBunny14's avatar
You better clean up this big mess kitties o.o ......
Minty-Kitty-Art's avatar
Kittehs never clean up mess!!
Princess-Peachie's avatar
Oh wow super super cuuuuuute!! ;o; :heart: I love all the colours!! Great work on all the little details. :)
Minty-Kitty-Art's avatar
:D Thank you sweets! :hug:
Loli-King's avatar
This is so cute... I might have to buy it~
Minty-Kitty-Art's avatar
:D thank you so much!
mooselubber's avatar
Minty-Kitty-Art's avatar
oh wow thanks! Sorry about your eyes.....:D
Hotaru-Tori's avatar
Oh my god, is that cute!>////< The strawbeere on the green cats head is funny xD I want to eat pancakes.
Daenorius's avatar
My, isn't a lovely couple? Sure, they left the kitchen a mess, but there's no way you could be angry. Look at them <3

...Awww >_<
Minty-Kitty-Art's avatar
Kittehs always make a mess >.< But I still love them!
WolfessKiss's avatar
so cute and light! Love your artwork! <3
VioletLunchell's avatar
awww they're adorable! <3
SilveryLugia's avatar
Awwwwww!!! Cute kitties! *w* X3
FAV+ ^_^
RedRuby1313's avatar
Somehow this reminds me of "samwhich cooking" and another game which I forgot the title of...
pandawish's avatar
Very cute! Makes me want to make little cookies.
omygoodness there so cute I almost died!!! THEY're ADORABLE!
twilightmoon86's avatar
This would be such a fun coloring page! :D I almost wish this was black and white so i could print it out and color it! :D heheh! Though i totally love this and how you colored it! so cute! :D love love love this :D
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This is so frikken cute! I really love their eyes! xD
Their so adorable!
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ChibiWorks's avatar
Argh, too cute!!! :heart: I love the little paw prints everywhere.
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