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Art Trade - Kaze Dragon Girl



My (quite overdue) half of an art trade with :iconcasmailee:

We agreed to do an art trade of dragon girls; she drew me a water dragon, and I drew her a wind dragon. This is what i came up with~

While I like how the dragon girl herself came out, I have mixed feelings about the background. I went very heavy on the purple because purple seems to be associated with wind. The lightning bolt horns allude to lightning, of course, which I tend to view as the same element as wind. And the purply strands looping through the picture are meant to be representative of wind blowing. Which were actually fun to color. =3

Well, at any rate, I hope you all think it turned out ok. ^^

To :iconcasmailee: with much :heart:
Please forgive me on the lateness of this picture. T_T And thank you very very much for your half of the art trade; it was absolutely beautiful.

Her half of the art trade (please comment on it!):…
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Very cool! I love the choices of color. The shading's great, as always! :D

This really makes me want to do an art trade with you. X3