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edi tries out new hairstyles

shimmy (over at tumblr) mentioned edi molding her hair for REASONS and it got in my brain

so here have some super humanized edi being anime and all chipper it’s how she gets when she’s alone with joker that is my headcanon this turned into jokeredi fluff very quickly send help
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I was searching for hairstyles and came across this gem. I love it!

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The old trilogy had a heart and soul. The new games, if anything even comes out after Andromeda, is nothing but real-life politics shoved into a mediocre plot with forgettable characters.

I miss the TRUE Mass Effect and its cast.

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The top left and top center, they win everything! <3 

So awesome.
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I wish EDI had had actual hair. I have no idea how that solid metal hair shape was able to go unnoticed on mars. 
Except she does. Quoting:
"For defence, I set it to cohere into a solid piece. However for infiltration purposes it can be parted into individual strands. " 
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really??? I don't remember that. that is better i guess. but that means cerberus has way too much money and free time on their hands.

She even said she can't do anything with her hair when it's wet...
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Kadin's hair... I never really put any thought into that
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is how it naturally reacts to the electricity generated by his biotics. that is what he said in the first game to joker I believe. also, he is Canadian. don't know if it is relevant but it may as well be.
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True, true, I just wish Mass affect 3 was available on steam. Then I could shout at kaden on the PC
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Last I checked (Yesterday) it was.

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on the PC? well, theres always Origin... 
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Do not speak if that forsaken engine.
The "asari infiltration unit" is so cute! The smile <3
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This is adorable!
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This is so great!
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Well, the Dr. Eva platform was designed for infiltration, was it not?  Being able to change things on the fly would seem a critical design parameter.  Almost a shape-shifter.  The asari infiltration unit really made me laugh, though...and "Rawr" is so cute I had to use it myself.  Brilliant work!
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haha, I love EDI so much, so jealous of Joker lol
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I saw this on pinterest and it's one of my favourite Joker X Edi comics! Awesome job. Love her face when she's trying to do Kaiden's hairstyle. 
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I have no Idea how I found this but i'm glad I did, this is adorable.
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