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I have a very low tendency for hating cartoons. I admit I sometimes make anti stamps of pairings and sometimes characters but I don't do hate art. I am a sane hater who never says "BAWW, CANCEL THIS SHOW! IT SUCKS!" and forgive me if I was a rabid hater last year.

Edit: Oh wow, I didn't expect this stamp to get so many faves. Thank you all.
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(Cough) Johnny Test and Teen Titans Go hatebase, who ruined lots of franchises for no reason while they acting like a new generation Sonic the hedgehog fanbase and Barney the dinosaur hatebase as well.
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As much as I love seeing hate art on crappy sucky cartoons that I hate and detest (even just as much as many people do, including the ones at, I never do these types of arts since my channels are mainly all about video games, anime, and reviewing movies and I would ONLY do fan arts of my favorite video game franchises. :shrug:

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SwaggieVortex733VAHobbyist Digital Artist
Me too! I despised finding hate art of kids shows..
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MintStarMariProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah, it's pretty annoying
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SwaggieVortex733VAHobbyist Digital Artist
Especially hate trollfics of Dora and Wonder Pets
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As much as I dislike Teen Titans Go!, I do agree that the Hate Art is getting old.
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masoniconHobbyist General Artist
I hardly does Hate Arts of anything I hate
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lynnqueenofsportsHobbyist Digital Artist
ugh im so  tired seeing immature  ttg hate art on DA..... (i used to hate ttg and i now moved on)
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Varian4evesHobbyist General Artist
I remember some imbecile on DeviantArt who kept drawing pics of the Loud siblings getting murdered. And then another who drew hate art of the administrator of the Loud House wiki. He's not a character, yet that ignoramus drew hate art of him because he was blocked from the wiki. Stupid.
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MintStarMariProfessional Digital Artist
O_O I guess he got blocked from the wiki because he spammed hate about the show or something
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Varian4evesHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, something like that...
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AustinDaviesHobbyist Artist
I agree, but I used to.
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I agree so much, there is way too much hate in this world and it is sad.
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citytoonHobbyist Traditional Artist
I used to do it but no longer doing it
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DanTEHMan2001 Traditional Artist
Hate art is horrible.
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I will admit that I have done "critique" art (mostly on episodes I don't like of shows I do), but never hate art.  I feel that there has to be some line between actually criticizing the show, and "taking it too seriously".  Of course, there are those people who don't get that.  And no, I'm not talking about Mr. Enter; he's seemed to improve from his past mistakes as far as I'm concerned.  But someone once commented on my picture which made fun of the "Hey Arnold" episode "Arnold Betrays Iggy" just to mock me for "taking an episode too seriously".  They later claimed they were only joking about the episode's ire "getting too old", but too little too late.  Really, I had had enough by that point of those sorts of comments, so that's why I initially blocked this person.  Was it extreme to do so?  Perhaps so.  But their comment was the last straw instead of the only one (and somehow, I just know they'll come here to reply).

Look.  I don't like certain episodes of TV shows, and feel the need to criticize them.  But I draw the line at wishing death upon a certain character, let alone the writers.  That's just wrong!  They have lives, too.  And yes, I know that Enter had previously attacked writers, but he had since owned up to it (though some people won't forgive him for it, believing that "the damage is done", almost as if they're holding onto it like a grudge... man, I just know I'm going to get yelled at, or even trolled, for saying this :( ).

Back to the initial subject; I won't draw hate art of shows like "Teen Titans Go!", the 2016 reboot of "The Powerpuff Girls", and so on.  Besides, I just plain dislike the shows themselves, rather than actually hating them, because it's all a matter of having a different opinion.  And even stuff I do hate I won't draw hate art of because it only adds fuel to the fire.
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YagiMatsuHobbyist Digital Artist
Same here. I don't understand why some people make hate art; it only hurts someone else's opinions on that character or the fandom they like. It's one thing to make anti-stamps of ships and characters, which are totally fine, but if it is hate art of characters just to hurt other's feelings and to just be plain out cruel, then that is just wrong. I'm a sane hater as well that if I hate a show, I won't get all rabid about it, either. I just calmly state why I dislike it and I do respect the people that do like it. :)
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TheGothEngineStudent Digital Artist
Daniel Dell made some of his hate art
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Me neither! we have so much in common!
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TwilightSparkleJohnHobbyist General Artist
I don't do hate art! Because in the words of the YouTuber: DrewPicklesIsSwell1957, it's not cute, it's not cool, it's not creative, it's f***ing retarded! Both he and I would find it not only a waste of time and creativity, but it makes the artist look like an immature 12 year old. Hell, 12 year old's are more mature than the artists that make hate art on the cartoons they don't like.
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Yeah, I don't like PPG 2016, Rugrats or Caillou, but that doesn't mean I should spam hate art of them.  It just makes you look like the immature one. 
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PokeGirlRULESHobbyist Filmographer
I don't do Hate Art. It's kinda immature.
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