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It's not a bad thing by MintStarMari It's not a bad thing :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 11 1 Sunny day by MintStarMari Sunny day :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 23 3 Meme: Cuando nos quitan la luz by MintStarMari Meme: Cuando nos quitan la luz :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 3 1 Art trade: Gold by MintStarMari Art trade: Gold :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 10 3 Draw This in Your Style: Spaicy by MintStarMari Draw This in Your Style: Spaicy :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 13 3 Point commission: Team Jurassic by MintStarMari Point commission: Team Jurassic :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 21 4 Point commission: The Naga's music by MintStarMari Point commission: The Naga's music :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 16 4 Olive the seedrian by MintStarMari Olive the seedrian :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 33 3 Tropical dimension (Redraw) by MintStarMari Tropical dimension (Redraw) :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 60 1 Big five by MintStarMari Big five :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 94 9 Vela Nova by MintStarMari Vela Nova :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 53 3 Let's ROCK by MintStarMari Let's ROCK :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 24 1 Quick valentine by MintStarMari Quick valentine :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 11 0 Violets are blue by MintStarMari Violets are blue :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 58 4
A little haiku
In the cloudy skies
The cold winds touch the flowers
As I hear your name
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Roses are white by MintStarMari Roses are white :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 37 3
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Hearts [B/Light Blue] by RevPixy:bulletblue: Hearts [B/Light Blue] by RevPixy:bulletblue: Hearts [B/Light Blue] by RevPixy
Welcome to my galllery. Please enjoy these artworks both fanart and original. Remember, not all of my art is in the same canon and you can recognize it with a butterfly shaped sig.
Hearts [B/Light Blue] by RevPixy:bulletblue: Hearts [B/Light Blue] by RevPixy:bulletblue: Hearts [B/Light Blue] by RevPixy

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Sonic's thoughts on his 2019 movie
My apolgies for judging it a bit early but I honestly don't think this movie will do well.

To start, video game movies (specially the live action ones) have a very bland and trashy reputation of having pretty bad low scores on critic websites. This movie is a live action remake of the Sonic video games and I already know where this is going (A 44% percent rating at Rotten Tomatoes or lower) but it's not really what the critics will think; It's what gamers will think!

And live action remakes of cartoons have a similar dingy reputation (not all of them though). Remember Dragonball evoution? It's director never read the manga or watched the anime before and then the end result was: The worst film of 2009. And I mentioned it just to justify how inspired the Sonic series seems to be from that manga. Other live acion remakes of cartoons had a similar panning such as:

*The last airbender
*Alvin and the chipmunks
*The first two Smurfs movies (the lost village was pretty much better perhaps because it was CGI)
*Garfield the movie
*Michael Bay's Transformers and TMNT films
*Cat in the hat

So what we can expect? I understand if you don't think the same but I'm sticking with the animated Sonic anime OVA for now.
It's not a bad thing

Yes. I was actually diagnosticed with Asperger's síndrome ever since I wss very little, much like a certain infamous Sonic fan who created a messed up sexually expressive comic. But this does not mean every single Sonic fan with autism has to be like him.

The overall syndrome is not a bad trait, it's just an uncommon thing that gives certain people a more introvert attitude and a particular point of view to their world. For aspies, its just question to bring the best of them and seek help whenever they need it/ Being different is not bad, it's good in it's own ways but sadly, Chris Chan did the wrong things in his case.
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Robot Rumpus: Play in the snow
My secret santa artwork for :iconmegaphantaze:

It's two Megaman 11 robot masters playing in the snow. Fuse Man is doing snow angels while Blast Man is throwing snowballs.

Event hosted by :iconmegaman-secret-santa:
Meditation time
Or in Rock’s case, nap time. His system can barely tell the difference between relaxation and napping XD

Let's say X needed to clear his drive from all the negative data from constant fights and war.
Sunny day
I like how the lightning on her skin turned out but I still suck at backgrounds.

This is Jade, Razor and Coral's daughter. She is wearing an umbrela because she is protecting herself from the bright sun. I had drawn her once before but I'm updating her design and bio now. Also, she's on the ground in this picture but her fins are moving because of the beach's breeze.

Fun fact: Did you know most american cartoons we know and love are actually animated in Korea?
I just don't find this funny
I know I should expect an angry mob coming at me for posting this. 

My most cordial apologies, but I really don't like this meme. I can stand his boom version to an extent but this is not something for me. His design and personality dont appeal me personally and (believe it or not) I have a weird auditive condition that makes clicking noises A FATAL POISON TO MY EARS.

*sigh* First Sanic and now this?

Anyway, I can totally understand if you like this meme but I don't. I'm so sorry.
It's official. Today marks the first anniversary of Stephen Hawking's departure from this world :(

I wonder if he is able to move and speak again in heaven
Meme: Cuando nos quitan la luz
English: When our elecctricity gets stolen

When Venezuela had a 3 day long blackout and its citizens was in the dark and without phone signal.

Spongebob: MADURO!!! YOU *dolphin nouse*!!!!

Tenia que hacer esto. Este fue el peor apagon de mi vida y todo gracias a ese dictador :/
Art trade: Gold
Art trade with :iconapricotthevixen:

It was a bit difficult to draw the gold lines across her body but I enjoyed drawing her. Hope you like it. :heart:
My apoogies for my absence but here in Venezuela we just had a blackout that lasted for like 4 days. the power went out in March 7th to be exact.

My house was no exception and believe it or not, I did indeed survive FOUR consecutive days with no power or phone signal. I did make a productive use of my time however such as reading and doing traditional art. Don't worry, I'm fine.
I'll be honest. It's not as awful as everyone claims it to be but it's still somewhat flawed and buggy. It's in beta state for now I know.

It's only optional at the moment but if it becomes permanent, it's okay. I'll get used to it over time. But only if they consider repairing the bugs Eclipse currently has. I tried it and I wasn't able to browse in my iPad and even my laptop was slower with the browsing. Like I said, I don't mind if Eclipse becomes the standard DA in the near or far future but only as long as the staff makes sure the older users can get used to it and don't lose stuff on the transition. Ok?
Yep, it's time to redraw a lot of things. Everytime I look at my old art, I can't help but cringe :/


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rejeneracion Featured By Owner Edited Feb 27, 2019
muchas gracias por el watch : D
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Muchas gracias por el favorito.
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I reconize you from the Megaman Amino
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hi! i'm your fan your ran children are cute (sash andy chaosol danae diamond pearl jayden millie amaru caribay rudy ruby rachel nuez ren midori alice ivory seth caribay lace and stardust) can i use your fan children? and i make @ mintstarmari
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I feel sorry for what's going on in your home country Venezuela. :(
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