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Waxine! She's a candle gal! peppy and silly don't worry shes completely white and soft underneath all her clothes
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That's actually a really cool design. Curse my OCD-brain for not letting my come-up with cool abstract stuff like this.
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an absolute unit
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What does that wick look like when she's embarrassed?
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maybe blue or somethin
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No lie, she’s super cute but this is very impressive character design. Simple but recognizable, good colors without going too garish, good complimenting colors without being outlandish, and a great use of neutrals. 
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My god, this is super cute
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OWO I'm in love!! >w <
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How do you make a candle attractive
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Damn boy, this candle is THICK.
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Mii Gunner juice?
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You are one of the dude's that's using the talent god gave 'em  for good.
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Stop making such good chars that you rarely, if ever, draw.
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yeah your right ill stop makin em
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That's not what I meant. I meant that you should use the chars you make more often rather than just making a series of OCs that are forgotten, like Flavia.
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No that's Litwick
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Oh my gosh this character is so CUTE can I doodle her?
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Sure! Go right ahead!
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oof i love simple faces and pale skin
and you put the two together yeee
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I actually really like pale skin too haha
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Such a cute little thing.
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