Comment some human OC's and maybe you'll be lucky enough to be apart of the picture i'm making! c:
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By Mintoria   |   Watch
Published: January 25, 2018
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Green-Night-StudiosHobbyist Digital Artist
Do fan-characters count?
Because I'm really happy with this girl of mine:
Fem Hunter reference human
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all human ocs?
or normal ones?
Bungou Stray Dogs oc ~ Akira Akiyama ~ snow fox

gotta make a new one  lil ~
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ShadowxKukikuHobbyist Traditional Artist
Here's mine!!

Sketchy Tune (Equestria Girl) by ShadowxKukiku
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PixieKnight-ArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Well not really human but guess close..? I got another one if this isn't a likeing..

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DemonicSillyKittyHobbyist Traditional Artist
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ApparatartiStudent Traditional Artist
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MLP-HeartSong-FiMHobbyist General Artist
Human HS 2k17 by MLP-HeartSong-FiM or  Royal Guard/Hero/Warrior Nightwish! by MLP-HeartSong-FiM  
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Alexander- Human by HaleyMatsu I have several, but I guess Alex? Lol
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Grey--PawHobbyist Digital Artist
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ColorTwistdrawsHobbyist General Artist
She isn't quite human, but I hope this works ^^…
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mia-the-mewHobbyist Artist i have this n ew bab X3
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JayseyHobbyist Digital Artist
Ohh sounds interesting heres one of my Ocs ^^

Tony by Jaysey
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