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l + Mint's life + l Part 8 by Mintoria l + Mint's life + l Part 8 by Mintoria
"Since my parents went to go drop Glaze off at my grandparents house, i decided to play in my backyard, and by play i mean draw"

Mint: *Drawing stick figures of her family, until something hops onto her paper, messing her up* Hey! *Drops the pencil from her mouth as she stares at the animal* Oh... you're a bunny. *She slowly and gently pet the back of it's head* Aww... 
Bunny: *Quickly stomps the ground with one of it's legs*
Mint: You're so cute! *Pulls the bunny into her arms, hugging it gently - suddenly a large glow clouded her vision as she stood, wondering where it came from*
Bunny: *Slowly hops up to Mint's flank, placing his paw on the new cutie mark*
Mint: *Turns her head to look at it and screams in surprise* OH MY GOD! MY CUTIE MARK! *Hops up and down in happiness, her eyes willing up with tears* I can't wait for mama and dada to get home, they'll love it!

a few hours later...

Mint had decided to keep the bunny, so she took it inside - now it was sleeping soundly on the couch beside her until the door unlocked and opened

Leafy and Frosting: We're homeeee!
Mint: Mama! Papa! *Hops off the couch and runs up to them, a winning smile on her face* I got my cutie mark!
Leafy: OH MY GOD, BABY! GOOD JOB! I'm so proud of you! *Hugs her tightly*
Frosting: How did you get it, little lady?
Mint: I was drawing and then i found a bunny! He hopped onto my paper and i hugged him and got it! He's sleeping on the couch, can i keep him?!
Leafy: Of course you can sweetie, he helped you get your cutie mark after all.
Mint: Yay!

To be continued....

PART 7:  l + Mint's life + l Part 7 by Mintoria

// Base by: RainbowShine-Mlp //
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